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The Politically Correct Guide to Racism for Idiots

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Clear cases of Racism against Black Democrats:

  • Criticizing President Obama’s ineptitude
  • Criticizing President Obama for black unemployment and poverty going up, wages and political influence going down during his presidency
  • Criticizing the girth of domineering health food activist Michelle Obama
  • Criticizing UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s less-than-honest statements about the Benghazi scandal
  • Criticizing Reverend Al Sharpton for anti-semitism
  • Criticizing Reverend Jesse Jackson for dropping the N-bomb and saying he wanted to cut Obama’s n*** off
  • Criticizing Jesse Jackson Jr. for allegedly trying to buy a Senate seat
  • Criticizing Maxine Waters for telling the tea party to “go to hell”
  • Criticizing Hank Johnson for saying the island of Guam could “capsize”
  • Criticizing black caucus chair Emanuel Cleaver for calling debt compromise a “satan sandwich”
  • Criticizing Keith Ellison for obvious ties to Islamist organizations
  • Criticizing Diane Watson for opposing interracial marriage
  • Criticizing randomly elected Al Green for saying “take back the country”
  • Criticizing Sheila Jackson-Lee for championing women’s rights, like in Rwanda, China, Algeria, and Afghanistan
  • Criticizing Bobby Rush for describing his meeting with communist dictator Fidel Castro “almost like listening to an old friend”
  • Criticizing Barbara Lee for characterizing voter ID laws (which they have in Europe) as a racist plot


  1. grayscape

    November 25th, 2012

    They could add:

    - Wilson segregated the military.
    - Dems have never allowed a black person to chair the DNC (Repubs have done it 3 times).
    - Dems have opposed all civil rights legislation since the civil war.
    - Dems tried several times to repeal the 13, 14, and 15th amendments.
    - Dems have opposed making the 1965 Voting Rights Act permanent everytime it comes up for vote.

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  2. Gracie

    November 25th, 2012

    Excellent article. I’m keeping this for future arguments. The left suffers from amnesia quite a lot.

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  3. serfer62

    November 25th, 2012

    Damn! I scored 100%!!!

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