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Read and Learn, Idiots

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Times Dispatch

Gun-related violent crime in Virginia has dropped steadily over the past six years as the sale of firearms has soared to a new record, according to an analysis of state crime data with state records of gun sales.

The total number of firearms purchased in Virginia increased 73 percent from 2006 to 2011. When state population increases are factored in, gun purchases per 100,000 Virginians rose 63 percent.

But the total number of gun-related violent crimes fell 24 percent over that period, and when adjusted for population, gun-related offenses dropped more than 27 percent, from 79 crimes per 100,000 in 2006 to 57 crimes in 2011.

The numbers appear to contradict a long-running popular narrative that more guns cause more violent crime, said Virginia Commonwealth University professor Thomas R. Baker, who compared Virginia crime data for those years with gun-dealer sales estimates obtained by the Richmond Times-Dispatch.



  1. Doc

    November 25th, 2012

    Regardless, it’s still a priority for ANY dictator to unarm the people he intends to rule over!

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  2. DavVA

    November 25th, 2012

    I feel safer in my little neck of the woods. When I see somebody carrying, warms my heart

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  3. FreeMan & Sarah Intend to Defend

    November 25th, 2012

    Bet they can sleep with their doors unlocked soon.

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  4. BCAich

    November 25th, 2012

    There have probably been many forwards of this to that “D.F.”, (no that is not her initials), Feinstein.

    But it’s not about a safer society, it about her and her scaly ilk wanting to decide what is to be our due.

    ~As dictated by her and the usual suspects.


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  5. Nutjob

    November 25th, 2012

    Bet this will never make Headlines at MSNBC or CNN

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  6. [...] Guns, Less Crime, Virginia Edition Nov 25 News, Politics Please follow the link to the story on iOwnTheWorld.com. The theory has been proven time and time again, where states and localities allow the lawful [...]

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  7. Carlos The Jackal

    November 25th, 2012

    “An armed society is a polite society.”
    Robert A. Heinlein

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  8. Left Coast Dan

    November 25th, 2012

  9. tenmegaton

    November 25th, 2012

    Don’t matter. Got guns and gonna keep em.

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  10. jclady

    November 25th, 2012

    Great end to the article explaining the left mindset to a tee:

    “Instead of trying to figure out why are these people committing crimes – and using the most effective tool to commit those crimes – they focus on the tool,” he continued. “So the gun is causing the crime.”

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  11. Unruly Refugee

    November 25th, 2012

    There are gunshots heard every day around where I live, either hunters or target shooters. And the number of people mugged, raped, robbed, or murdered is ZERO. Of course the number of freeloading African looking Americans is also zero, so that just might have something to do with the crime rate too.

    And if you want to know what neighborhood I live in, you are out of luck because the minute I post it 0bama’s goons will schedule a bus load of Somali refugees to move in and change things in his favor.

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  12. Wyatt, Insensitive Progressive Jerk

    November 25th, 2012

    In the article, a gun control advocate pooh-poohed the study by saying that violent crime in general is decreasing, so the fact that gun sales have increased means nothing; in other words, increased gun sales do not lead to decreased violent crime. But, if violent crime is decreasing anyway, and there is no correlation between increased violent crime and increased gun sales, then what difference does it make whether or not guns are outlawed? The gun control advocate just gutted his own reason for his position.

    The only reason to outlaw guns is because of violent crime, which even gun control advocates concede is diminishing. And, I would like to see whether or not violent crime is increasing or not in cities with strict or absolute gun control.

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