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Conservatism is Conservationism

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The Imaginative Conservative -

…the cause of the environment is not, in itself, a left-wing cause at all. It is not about “liberating” or empowering the victim, but about safeguarding resources. It is not about “progress” or “equality” but about conservation and equilibrium. Its following may be young and dishevelled; but that is largely because people in suits have failed to realize where their real interests, and their real values, lie. Environmentalists may seem opposed to capitalism, but—if they understood matters correctly—they would be far more opposed to socialism, with its gargantuan, uncorrectable, and state-controlled projects, than to the ethos of free enterprise. Indeed, environmentalism is the quintessential conservative cause, the most vivid instance in the world as we know it, of that partnership between the dead, the living and the unborn, which Burke defended as the conservative archetype. Its fundamental aim is not to bring about some radical reordering of society, or the abolition of inherited rights and privileges. It is not, in itself, interested in equality, except between generations, and its attitude to private property is, or ought to be, positive—for it is only private ownership that confers responsibility for the environment as opposed to the unqualified right to exploit it, a right whose effect we saw in the ruined landscapes and poisoned waterways of the former Soviet empire.



  1. RANDO

    November 24th, 2012

    1) In the future, if natural resources are exhausted, landfills and junkyards will become resources.
    2) Don’t piss where you eat.

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  2. Anne

    November 24th, 2012

    Rush Limbaugh said a long time ago that when the Soviet Union collapsed, Communists in thr USA infiltrated and usurped the environmentlist movement, using it to mask their subversive activities. Makes sense. Think about it; who is more of a socialist than a greenie, or visa versa?

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  3. grayjohn

    November 25th, 2012

    I knew about conservation before it was a cause.
    I was a Boy Scout. We were leaving no trace before that was cool too. Boy Scouts were conservationalists, they just weren’t assholes about it.

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