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Ann Barnhardt Responds To Your Comments

Home - by - November 22, 2012 - 01:48 America/New_York - 24 Comments

Ann is reacting to comments made HERE.

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Part 3
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  1. BC

    November 22nd, 2012

    She is right, but I think she is going about it all wrong.

    By not paying her taxes, the left will paint her as Timothy McVeigh, or a religious, rattlesnake slinging, tambourine whacking nut that should be in jail.

    I think she would be better served, taking the Ken Ham approach. Now there is a dude with some balls.

    I am sure that Ann knows who he is, and my guess is she agrees – I will try to post a link without posting the vid.


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  2. BC

    November 22nd, 2012

    …here is a better Ham vid for Ann


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  3. Blinddog

    November 22nd, 2012

    Patches? C’mon BFH, we need armbands!

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  4. Mr. Happy

    November 22nd, 2012

    I like this even better than the first interview.

    Thank you both for doing this.

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  5. Tabby

    November 22nd, 2012

    Ann, you kick @ss!
    I think you’re awesome but if you call yourself ugly again I may have to start believing those fools calling you crazy!
    Barnhardt is a modern day folk hero & has more fans than she knows! Sending luv n’ prayers from Az to ya girlie, keep showing em what real rebellious girl power looks like! :)

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  6. Tabby

    November 22nd, 2012

    Ann if you see these posts, please let us know how you’ll react / proceed if this bill manages to pass.
    (I’m only at pt 3 of this now so hope I’m not asking prematurely. If you already addressed that, forget I said anything!)

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  7. sTevo

    November 22nd, 2012

    This is why I like Herman Cain, even though he couldn’t win the primary.

    9% is enough tax to collect and if the Gov cant function with that, then it should shrink.

    It is out of control.

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  8. Anonymous

    November 22nd, 2012

    One suggestion to Ann

    If you’re going to take the route of the martyr or Joan of Arc, don’t be spewing rage and contempt and hatred at 99.9% of the populace, even if it is deserved That robs any self sacrificing gesture on your part totally meaningless, as the vast majority will simply say you deserved it.

    These courageous martyrs of the past that you idolize didn’t spew venom at the crowds cheering their fate. They went silently and courageously to their fate, with dignity and grace, and in the process they no doubt shamed some of those anonymous faces in the howling mob. If they had shrieked hatred and venom at the moment of their demise they would have let these same people off the hook.

    You have courage, Ann, lots of courage .. but you are totally lacking in grace. You won’t be doing God’s work if you don’t combine courage with grace

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  9. old_oaks

    November 22nd, 2012

    Part II at about 5:15 Ann gets to the heart of the matter why I think she should settle and move forward.

    Ann’s role shouldn’t be a martyr, it should be a teacher.

    THAT is where kicking the hornet nest will make her effective! Not fighting over some petty issue that she’s just now stumbled on after years of paying into the problem.

    Bottom line:

    Will she be effective in getting people to raise their deductions and stop filing? NO.

    Will she be effective at getting people to realize they can do without the job that nets the income that pays the government? Probably… Will she be effective at getting people to minimize personal belongings and wealth? Probably… Will she be effective at getting people to redirect their excess to charities thereby avoiding taxes? Probably… Will she be effective at getting people to barter within a counter-culture thereby avoiding the government? Probably… Will she represent a minority that combined has more power than her single soul? Probably.

    I’ve been doing pretty much what Ann is trying to achieve for the past 5+ years. The difference in my prior life compared to today isn’t as far along as Ann is trying to take hers. But I have revolted and successfully removed 85% or more of my “capacity,” without going to jail.

    Ann needs to work to convince others to do the same, they can do it if they put their mind to it… I know I’m a lot more happy today being closer to what I think is right rather than working non-stop for what I think is wrong.

    Baby steps, Ann, baby steps. lol!

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  10. Dagny

    November 22nd, 2012

    Thank you BHF.

    I’ve written she is one OF the most important people in America, not THE. But I have to admit thinking she might be THE most important person alive in the U.S.A. because she is going ALL-IN on Jesus-Christ. She is doing it. As such, she is becoming a saint. So you read me right.

    And it does not smell like she is going to fold doesn’t it? She is not bluffing. This is a very inspiring ALL-IN bet she is making. And she is totally convinced she is making the right move.

    Many leaders of brigades and battalions of CW2 will take her as their Saint Patron if she succeeds, if she does not fold.

    Bravo Ann! Go Girl! Keep the Faith !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. Dagny

    November 22nd, 2012

    There is no way on earth Ann could pay her taxes. She has no capital left whatsoever. She’s waged it all on Christ.

    If Ann succeeds, if she does not fold to satan, she will become a SAINT, and her influence will be very powerful.

    Soldiers being healed in the battlefield, leaders being immune to corruption, etc…

    Folks, the only question for us, regarding Ann, is : how can we help her becoming a saint? How can we help her winning her bet?

    Imagine this: if she stays strong and wins, she won’t forget us on earth, and might work mysteriously to help us win the war against socialism and islam. And even help us save our souls.

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  12. Dagny

    November 22nd, 2012


    Google ‘ferocious love’

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  13. Dan Austin

    November 22nd, 2012

    @BFH – Your heart is in the right place when you ask for a symbol.

    There already IS a symbol:the American flag. Turn the flag upside down. People will ask, “Why did you turn the flag upside down?”. You can reply, “There are over 60 million reasons why. How much time to you have for me to explain the answer to your question?”

    Prepare in advance. Have the answers ready. Be articulate and succinct.

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  14. Bastiat Fan

    November 22nd, 2012

    BigFurHat: I have a design for the 3 percenters concept, but I’ve lost your email. Send me a message and I’ll share what I’ve come up with if you’re interested.

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  15. FreeMan & Sarah Intend to Defend

    November 22nd, 2012

    She is taking the high ground with no backup. Hero’s blood is in her.

    This peaceful revolution isn’t cutting it.
    I do not know what the right move is. They are ready for this kind of thing. The IRS gets off on this stuff.

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  16. norman einstein

    November 22nd, 2012

    I dunno…this just depresses the hell out of me.

    Ann’s objectives are noble, but I can’t agree with her methods.
    What good is she going to be to anybody, including herself, if she rots in prison?

    And I say this as somebody who has admired Ann for a very long time, back to when she posted as ‘I Am Dagny’.
    If I had my “druthers”, some rich bastard like Limbaugh would just pay the feds her back taxes, fines and whatever, and clear her account.
    Ann can do more…much more…by having a voice, and continuing to run her blog and post her videos.

    I can sort of understand why she’s doing this, though.
    As she said, her life has been turned upside down since she posted that “Koran-burning” video and she’s got to be under tremendous stress.

    Love and prayers go out to you, Ann.

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  17. [...] Ann talked about her tax strike with BigFurHat. And today, she responded to a few comments of the iOwnTheWorld [...]

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  18. GruntOfMonteCristo

    November 22nd, 2012

    You’re right, Ann. I’m too stupid to understand τέλος, or martyrdom or getting to heaven or any of the other Catholic concepts you mentioned. But how do you know that again? Because, I don’t remember you ever going shooting with me.

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  19. GruntOfMonteCristo

    November 23rd, 2012

    For what it’s worth, Ann, many of us think you’re dead on about being morally bound to stop supporting this regime. Some of us are taking similarly drastic action. I’m one of them, despite your bizarre opinion about what’s important to me. WTF was that? But if you can’t defend your choice of action, after a year, without being this incoherent, maybe you should reconsider your pied piper role in this.

    You claim that you’re forced to take the masculine role here, to lead the way, until the men get the message, but you failed to mention the obvious male example of your choice, Lt. Col. Lakin, whom you know. I had to think long and hard to convince myself you weren’t purposely leaving out examples like him to protect them from exposure, but it’s pretty clear now that you really think you’re just all that.

    You claim your primary job is getting Ann to heaven, and I believe you. But when I asked you about 2 different options that would allow you to remove yourself from the moral dilemma you face, your response is “that won’t work,” meaning that it won’t help to free America. Excuse me, but I thought you were making a choice that, by definition, will not help free America while you rot in prison, helpless, and what does that have to do with your primary job again? I thought your job was getting Ann to heaven? Why don’t you respond to that instead of criticizing something already made moot by your choice?

    And let me be clear, Ann, you have made it thoroughly apparent by your answers that you have not done due diligence in evaluating your alternatives, possibly because you’re so offended by how “chickenshit” they are that you didn’t feel like it. Maybe you’re too young to recognize one of Satan’s favorite distractions there, or maybe you’re right about those being just chickenshit options. If you knew half the warfare history you claim, even of our own revolution, you would be much more reticent, I think.

    I know you don’t give a rat’s ass about my opinion, and more than likely you won’t even read this, but I think your choice is the real chickenshit choice. And more than that, I’m concerned that in a year you will be sitting in your cell watching a monitor with CNN coverage of things going on that you didn’t foresee because you allowed your whole vision to be filled up by the idiot chattering voices of your inbox, and only then see that the Enemy tricked you, through the outrage of your own disgust, into seeing absolutely no hope where it might actually lie, and see your salvation through a false choice. Because the voices you need to hear are the quiet ones you’re forced to seek out, not the ones who clamor for your attention. For the last year, I assumed you were doing that behind the scenes, and that you had good friends, all over, advising you. I see now that I was wrong about that. You really are virtually a one-woman operation, and you seem to be too inexperienced to know that that’s not the way God makes saints.

    You’ve already stopped listening, I’m sure, so I’ll stop talking, but don’t think for a second I’m saying this because I don’t understand your brilliant concept of telos. You’ve spent hundreds of thousands of words over the last year making that motivation clear. I get it. You’re trying to get other souls, and yours, to the finish line. Good. But I hope you have put yourself in the proper state of grace, so that God’s will for you here is unclouded. Maybe you have. But one thing you seem far too willing to do is demand that your choice be the only answer for everyone else. I hoped that your answer about “callings” might show a little more insight about that. I was wrong again. You keep telling people about God’s Truth, Ann, and you’re right to do so. But I would be very cautious about telling other people to follow your lead when the Holy Spirit is a competent voice in their own hearts.

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  20. Katechon

    November 23rd, 2012

    @Grunt of Monte Cristo

    To understand the POLITICAL implications of Ann’s experiment here, we need to think the end of the State and the end of history at one and the same time.

    Walter Benjamin, in the “Theologico-Political Fragment,” suggested that “The order of the profane should be erected on the idea of happiness.”

    BFH astutely asked Ann about happiness.

    Ann replied that her definition of happiness was probably different than BFH’s.
    The definition of “happy life” remains one of the essential tasks of the coming thought (the tasks of those who will rebuild a new American Republic) — and this task should be achieved in such a way that this concept of happiness is not kept separate from God.

    The “happy life” on which theologio-political philosophy should be founded cannot be either the simple fact of being alive that Caesar posits as a presupposition so as to turn it into its own subject (and taxing it, as in ObamaCare) or the extraneity of science and of modern politics.

    This “happy life” should be a “sufficient life” that has reached the perfection of its own power and of its own communicability — a life over which Caesar no longer have ANY hold.

    In this discussion with BFH, Ann talked about the de-realization of the REAL, suggesting for instance that 9/11 is now perceived as a movie rather than as a real event, with real-world implications. The experience of the common folks now does not have any objective content and cannot be formulated as a proposition referring to a state of things or to a historical situation. She is right about this. The real is virtualized, and the fake is perceived as REAL.

    Ann wants to fight this. Therefore, her living experience should be constructed, — from a terrestrial, political perspective — as an experiment concerning the matter of thought, that is, the power of thought, an experiment de potentia intellectus, sive de libertate.

    What is at stake in Ann’s experiment is not at all communication intended as “telos” and specific goal of human beings or as the condition of politics. What is really at stake is the only possible material experience of being alive, free from Caesar. That is why the first consequence deriving from Ann’s experiment is the subverting of the false alternative between ends and means that paralyzes any ethics and any politics.

    Another consequence of Ann’s experiment is that, above and beyond the concepts of appropriation and expropriation, we need to think, rather, the possibility and the modalities of a free use. Thinking common and individual sovereignty with Christ –above and beyond Ceasar’s sovereignty.

    We can not understand what Ann is doing within the Marxist dialectic of proper and improper, freedom and jail.

    What do we have in common with her? What does she have in common with us? If we take this commonality as a point of junction between the proper and the improper, between freedom and jail, then we go above and beyond expropriation or appropriation, and we go straight to the essential political problem: “How does one use one’s freedom?” What is freedom?

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  21. Katechon

    November 23rd, 2012

    Only the Messiah himself consummates all history, in the sense that he alone redeems, completes, creates its relation to the Messianic. For this reason nothing historical can relate itself on its own account to anything Messianic. Therefore the Kingdom of God is not the telos of the historical dynamic; it cannot be set as a goal. From the standpoint of history it is not the goal, but the end. Therefore the order of the profane cannot be built p on the idea of Divine Kingdom, and therefore theocracy has no political, but only a religious meaning. [...]

    The order of the profane should he erected on the idea of happiness. The relation of this order to the Messianic is one of the essential teachings of the philosophy of history. It is the precondition of a mystical conception of history, containing a problem that can be represented figuratively. If one arrow points to the goal toward which the profane dynamic acts, and another marks the direction of Messianic intensity, then certainly the quest to free humanity for happiness runs counter to the Messianic direction; but just as a force can, through acting, increase another that is acting in the opposite direction, so the order of the profane assists, through being profane, the coming of the Messianic Kingdom. The profane, therefore, although not itself a category of this Kingdom, is a decisive category of its quietest approach. For in happiness all that is earthly seeks its downfall, and only in good fortune is its downfall destined to find it. Whereas, admittedly, the immediate Messianic intensity of the heart, of the inner man in isolation, passes through misfortune, as suffering. To the spiritual restitutio in integrum, which introduces immortality, corresponds a worldly restitution that leads to the eternity of downfall, and the rhythm of this eternally transient worldly existence, transient in its totality, in its spatial but also in its temporal totality, the rhythm of Messianic nature, is happiness. For nature is Messianic by reason of its eternal and total passing away.

    To strive after such passing, even for those stages of man that are nature, is the task of world politics, whose method must be called nihilism.”

    - Walter Benjamin, Theologico-Political Fragment

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  22. Bad Brad

    November 23rd, 2012

    Monkey Boy: You get that woman yet?

    As far Ann’s plight, what’s the impact 2 years from now? Nada.

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  23. Katechon

    November 23rd, 2012

    “[...] the government cant make you do anything. There is always an alternative, and at a certain point, the alternative of non-compliance is not only available, it is REQUIRED.

    Read the Declaration:

    But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

    It is our right and our DUTY to throw off this government. It is not legitimate and does not possess the consent of the governed, and thus has NO AUTHORITY. This is not to say that this government does not have power: yes it still does have power, but it has NO AUTHORITY. At this point, the only way it can continue to operate is by means of violent coercion, namely property confiscation, imprisonment and execution.

    This is YOUR country: thieving, murdering criminals running utterly amok, holding their power only through violent coercion and the threat of violent coercion. And it could all be brought to a screeching halt tomorrow if We The People would just turn that intellectual corner and realize that the unjust laws of an illegitimate government need not and should not be followed. They have no power over us. We have power over them, because they derive their JUST powers from the consent of the governed. Withdraw the consent, and the power is gone. Anything remaining is therefore, by definition, UNJUST, and thus must be abolished thrown off, to use Jeffersons words.”


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  24. Katechon

    November 23rd, 2012

    Oh Ann, you can’t do any good in prison, and leave the pointless martyrdom to the muslims.

    HOW. DARE. YOU. How DARE you piss all over the true Christian Martyrs. How DARE you call their deaths pointless and how DARE you equivocate the deaths of these saints to the murderous suicides of pagan musloids.

    Why dont you turn off your precious TV for a few minutes and actually READ something? Like the biographies of the saints, for example? Or even just the Bible.

    Do you not realize that St. Paul wrote a goodly portion of the Epistles from prison? Do you not realize that St. John the Beloved spent most of his life either in prison or in remote exile? Do you not realize that eleven of the twelve original apostles were EXECUTED along with St. Paul? Only John died naturally in old age. Why dont you tell me about the massive waste their lives were. If they had only lain low and watered down the Gospel, they could have lived long lives and accomplished so much more. Is that right? Isnt that your argument? Well, why dont you just make that argument for Our Lord while youre at it? There are plenty of leftist pseudo-theologians running around saying exactly that. Jesus was a fool to have only led a three year ministry. If He had just been more politically savvy, He could have lived for decades  and then think how much He could have taught the world! The Incarnation really was a waste in terms of earthly accomplishment. Right? RIGHT?

    St. John the Baptist: Beheaded
    St. Stephen: Stoned
    St. James the Great: Beheaded
    St. Philip: Crucified
    St. Matthew: Impaled on a halberd
    St. James the Less: Clubbed to death after crucifixion and stoning
    St. Matthias: Beheaded after stoning
    St. Andrew: Crucified
    St. Mark: Beheaded after being dragged
    St. Peter: Crucified upside down
    St. Paul: Beheaded
    St. Jude: Crucified
    St. Bartholomew: Flayed alive and then crucified
    St. Thomas: Impaled with a spear
    St. Luke: Hanged
    St. Simon: Crucified
    St. Antipas: Roasted alive

    And that is just a few of the more famous Christians of the first century, whose deaths history recorded. Please understand that being a Christian was an assumed death sentence for the first several centuries. Thank God that those men and women werent the milquetoast, fair-weather, pants-pissing cowards that so many of you are today. Thank God that they had real courage and real fortitude and didnt immediately water-down the Gospel into some filthy, narcissistic heresy just so they could stay in the good graces of the governments. Thank God that they actually understood their faith, and didnt regard Jesus as a mere philosophical construct or imaginary friend and actually acknowledged that He is True God and True Man.

    Whether you care to admit this or not, people are responsible for their government. And We The People of the United States of America have perhaps the most personal responsibility for our government than any other nation in history.

    Why? First, because we are a representative republic founded upon a firm foundation of Judeo-Christian law and philosophy. This is the best set-up in all of human history, and it also therefore bestows the most responsibility upon its people for the government itself, up to the very top. The other reason we are the most culpable nation in history for our government is because we are an armed nation. [...] We have let this happen. We have sat by, complacent, impotent and self-absorbed, coveting our personal wealth and possessions above EVERYTHING. And now that there is no denying or escaping what our duty is to God and neighbor, we can only concoct fictions about the omnipotence of the Internal Revenue Service in order to convince ourselves that we arent to blame, and that we have no duty except to ourselves. Because you fools refuse to act to correct your lawless government via the most effective, simple and utterly non-violent method, namely a tax strike, you are guaranteeing hot war, bloodshed and catastrophic suffering.

    The fact is that every single Christian clergyman should have called for a national tax strike on Sunday, January 28, 1973. Why? Because that was the Sunday after SCOTUS legalized the murder of preborn children. Because of that first moral failure, here we now sit, and it is no ones fault but our own. Most of you out there apparently have the capacity for delusion that allows you to convince yourself that you will not be made to answer for any of this, but I do not, and for that I can only say Thanks be to God.
    I fear God, and God alone, and thus I will render unto Him EVERYTHING, up to and including my wealth, assets, freedom and life, if that is what is required to remain in compliance with His commandments. The early Christians went to their death rather than offer a pinch of incense on the altar of Caesar. Incense is merely symbolic and burns away. Money subsidizes, finances and enables activities that break Gods law. Therefore I will not file, and I will not pay income taxes unless and until the Federal Government of the United States is reformed under the Constitution of 1787 as amended and the Rule of Law is reasserted, necessarily including the arrest and trial of Barack Obama, and the re-criminalizing of abortion in all cases, or until a new, legitimate government replaces it.


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