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Left-wing ‘watchdog’ group turns on Obama admin, demands investigation into EPA chief Lisa Jackson’s secret emails

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Liberal group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a self-described “watchdog” organization, has turned on President Barack Obama’s administration for its handling of EPA administrator Lisa Jackson’s alleged use of secret email accounts.

On Tuesday, CREW demanded the EPA’s inspector general, Arthur Elkins, investigate Jackson and other EPA employees for using the accounts.

CREW executive director Melanie Sloan said in a statement announcing the demand that Jackson’s “practice of using fictitious email accounts to conduct official EPA business, shielding the contents from public view, conflicts directly with her responsibility to follow federal records law.”

“The fact that others may have engaged in such conduct before her tenure is no justification,” Sloan said. “‘Everybody does it,’ is an excuse for kindergarteners, not cabinet officials.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/11/20/left-wing-watchdog-group-turns-on-obama-admin-demands-investigation-into-epa-chief-lisa-jacksons-secret-emails/#ixzz2CoeR5wEL



  1. Shiite from Shinola

    November 21st, 2012

    They must not have got the memo. E-mails are not “secret” anymore.

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  2. Stranded in Sonoma

    November 21st, 2012

    “Everybody does it,” is an excuse for kindergarteners, not cabinet officials.

    Really? Because that’s the response I get when I talk to libtard friends and family about voter fraud. “Oh the Republicans do it too.”

    Really? Conservatives support illegal immigrants voting and stealing the votes of citizens? Conservatives support mental health workers filling out absentee ballots for mental health inmates who are too addled to even understand the word vote? Conservatives support people “moving” from a guaranteed democrat victory state to a battleground state (but meeting residency requirements), then voting and “moving” back to their home state, which steals the votes of the permanent residents of the battleground state?

    Yeah, Republicans support all that. Right!

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  3. thirdtwin

    November 21st, 2012

    “Everybody does it,” is an excuse for kindergarteners, not cabinet officials.

    OK…let’s run with that:

    Crying Boner, if Preezy jumped off a Fiscal Cliff, would you jump, too?

    Preezy O’Steezy, if you keep making that face, it’s gonna stay that way.

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  4. Edith McCrotch

    November 21st, 2012

    When will we finally realize that these kind of black people (not ALL black people, but MOST black people)consider that most laws were made by whitey and that they feel that they do not have to obey the those laws.

    Either they are complete morons, just too lazy to be bothered to obey the law, or just outright criminals defying the law.

    That’s the only 3 conclusion and no others.

    Just observe the color of the skin of the driver who’s speeding through a school zone or on the interstate blasting by you at 90 in a 65 mph zone.

    What is the color of the skin of the driver who parks their car in the fire zone in front of a grocery store blocking the cart egress off the sidewalk to the half empty parking lot?

    What is the color of the skin of the person(s) who cross a 4 lane blvd full of fast traffic without using the crosswalk at the traffic light 25 yards away?

    Yes, white people do these things too and you would think that the proportion of these law breakers would be reflected in the pison population but it just ain’t so.

    Black people, especially men make up 6 times the rate of white men in prison.(Google it)

    Criminals, morons, or just too damn lazy .

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  5. RANDO

    November 21st, 2012

    The problem is simply stated- too many shitheads per square inch.
    I don’t know what the solution is.

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  6. Bad Brad

    November 21st, 2012

    We either need more area, or less shitheads.

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