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Trevor Loudon on Conservative’s Prospects

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I ask Trevor what went wrong and how we can avoid repeating our mistakes.




  1. conservative cowgirl

    November 20th, 2012

    He is right. I’m tired of so-called conservative politicians being so afraid to speak unapologetically about their conservatism. I also think he is right about Ted Cruz being someone who does NOT apologize for his principles.

    Also, I love his button and I think Mr. Loudon would look very fine in a cowboy hat and boots! ;)

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  2. muddjuice (Absolutist)

    November 20th, 2012

    I want to believe this guy, but I can’t.

    In today’s Amercia:

    Washington would not get elected.

    Jefferson would not get elected.

    Lincoln would not get elected.

    Reagan would not get elected.

    They would be considered to radical and extreme. America has changed. She’s not the good girl she used to be. She likes sex, drugs, beer and free stuff. AHrd work and virtue are gone.

    Could you imagine George Washington being interviewed by Chrissy Matthews? Jefferson being lampooned by John Stewart? Lincoln being raked over the coals by Al Sharpton? Reagan being lambasted by Rich Madcow?

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  3. JDavid

    November 20th, 2012

    GOP media organ already pushing Establishment RINO Blue-Blood Country Clubber Cocktail set’s next mistakes:


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  4. Menderman

    November 20th, 2012

    The conservative message is fine and it does not need to be changed. The big problem is that the MSM delivers its view of our message, which IS NOT our message! I wish I knew a way around that, but I don’t. Maybe if a strong leader like Regan was around today, he could overpower the liberal MSM?

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  5. KF

    November 20th, 2012

    I’m sure the establishment “Repubelikans”, as Mark Levin calls them, are getting ready to coronate Bush III or some mushy, moderate, crappy apologetic RINO jerk like Christie for 2016. (thanks for the link JDavid)

    Loudon is correct, moderates are what’s wrong with our current leadership in conservative USA. I’m talking about religion as well as politics. Christians that are submissive and apologetic to militant secular atheists. Free market capitalists that apologize to misguided Socialists. People who dont know better sometimes go with the person who exudes more confidence. Romney had no problems eviscerating Newt and Santorum in the primaries but played nice with the true enemy.

    Mudjuice is right about the change and moral disorientation in the country.
    I need some cooling off from politics for a while

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  6. persecutor

    November 20th, 2012

    Maybe I’ll have to give the thought of Rand Paul in 2016 so opportunity.

    All I know is two Bushes is all the Bushes I need or want.

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  7. Menderman

    November 20th, 2012

    Muddjuice, in your scenario, JFK would be an extreme wingnut as well.

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  8. muddjuice (Absolutist)

    November 20th, 2012

    @ Menderman

    Yes he would.

    It’s not that the conservative message isn’t out there. It is. People just don’t care because we’re too prosperous still. Once hardship sets in, conservatism will rise again.

    It’s sort of like witnessing. It’s not that the Good News of Jesus Christ isn’t out there in America, it is. It’s just that people are too prosperous in America and they think they don’t need God.

    Give them some hard times, when they have to rely on God, and they will be starving for the truth. Look at the boom in Christianity in countries with poor economics…..

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  9. bitterclinger

    November 20th, 2012

    persecutor — I wiped Rand Paul off my list last week when he came out for “welcoming illegals into the Republican fold.”

    No thanks.

    I’ll pray that Sarah enters the fray. She has what the Gipper had, in spades, and she also goes around the media rather than through it.

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  10. Jerry Manderin

    November 20th, 2012

    Big Fur Hat, love these interviews.

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  11. Tim

    November 20th, 2012

    What makes anyone believe there will be meaningful elections in 2016?

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  12. Kairn

    November 20th, 2012

    Promoting full-on conservative values means promoting full-on adulthood. Adulthood means maturity. Maturity means not catering to or caving in to childish demands 100% of the time. Maturity means confidence in your values and not caring about the criticisms that erupt from a childish crowd when you stand your ground against absurdity and immorality. Conservatism means having an adult spine and being fearless and bold.

    Conservatism doesn’t mean we all should be our children’s best friends. Or the best friend to our children’s friends. Conservatism means you aren’t supposed to be tolerant of ‘everything’. But that is where we are now, bullied and buffaloed into tolerating the childish simply because a generation, the Baby Boomers, have this ridiculous notion they are the ‘coolest’ generation that has ever lived. We seem to be sworn to go to our elderly graves as the coolest of the cool. Nauseating in its absurdity.

    Once upon a time it was a normal occurrence for adults to “put their foot down” when faced with childish or immoral assaults against the fabric of a society, be that in a home, community, or wider society. It was appropriate even to express outrage. Truly mature adults once understood the dangers of chaos, the ‘do your own thing and do it right now’ mentality and they weren’t afraid of standing up against childish and immoral demands. Truly mature adults were not afraid to promote and support other mature, conservative minded people. There was nothing to be ashamed of in doing so. The truth is, there is nothing to be ashamed of regarding conservative values. Conservatism is and always has been the antithesis and antidote to societal chaos.

    It is bold, fearless, and truly grown up human beings who stand on the bulwarks in defense of the breakdown of a society. I fear a generation of ‘adults’ absconded in their duty to maintain the bulwark that we inherited from our elders because we yearned too much to be ‘liked’ or to be thought of as ‘cool’. I wish I could be more hopeful, but I am not. We all know a very large ship (the Baby Boomers) doesn’t turn very quickly.

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  13. Absolute muddjuice

    November 20th, 2012


    Very well put!

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  14. Kairn

    November 20th, 2012

    Thank you.

    I have a lot more to say on this topic. It has been one of my biggest gripes in my adulthood as I have watched our society spiral into the toilet, the flush handle being constantly jiggered by the wah wahs, gimme gimmes, hedonists, Marxists, etc without much of an effort from any true adults angrily and righteously slapping it away. Yes, some have stepped up to the plate over the years, but they didn’t seem to keep up the fight and/or not enough people stepped in to the fray to back them up.

    Most people now days are far too worried about what our bosses, co workers, neighbors, friends, family and probably mostly what our children will think of us when we make a pitched stand against stuff we know is just not right or good. Too many people fear being made pariahs. The commie/marxists know this only too well, and they have exploited this fear to a huge degree.

    This is what Ann Barnhardt, Trevor Loudon, and Andrew Breitbart have been trying to tell us all – Stop worrying about being made a pariah by the selfish and infantile leftists. START SERIOUSLY FIGHTING BACK AGAINST THIS MOB!!!!!

    But that can’t be done until a lot more people are fully ready to suit up in the armor of righteousness, go out into the world and then boldly and unashamedly admit their beliefs. Warnings must be proclaimed with utter assurance that you have no intention of backing down and will not belly up to the table of compromise.

    Ann Barnhardt does this every single day! Andrew Breitbart did this every single day! Two WERE making a difference. We have it within ourselves to be exactly the same people as Ann and Andrew. We need to stop being afraid!!!! And that starts right at the level of home, work, community on up. If your kid, your sibling, your parent, your in-laws, your neighbor, your co worker, doesn’t like your bold, conservative stance, too frikking bad. You won’t lose them, they will abandon you!! So let it be. That’s what happens in hugely historical times like these.

    This is the reality of war. There is nothing to be done at this point but to choose the side you want to fight and die on.

    After that, it is in God’s hands and may HE empower the good and righteous to a sure victory over the evil that has brought us so low as a nation.

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  16. end time servant

    November 22nd, 2012

    Very good title for Rothschild his minions and lucifer prince of this world just as god said who every one has forgotten but a few well I say what I see and hear and read in scripture time is up the Antichrist is here and very active and will appear soon great suffering is here and more greater coming get spiritually with the god on the cross not all these man made gods

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  17. Char

    November 22nd, 2012

    Last time I looked, when the polls closed on last election just a teeny weeny under half the nation voted for the conservative, or at least the espoused conservative. We are standing up against this Marxist comfy regime, but the message is not heard on the lame stream media. We must demand from this asinine group of so called journalists to report information not their radical proclamations. It truly is nauseating to watch this.

    If we re to believe the media we have no say, we are stupid beyond measure and are racist radicals. I scram NO WE ARE NOT!!!!!! I am willing to go to my death for my country to keep it free and to stand up to these people. However when they are screaming, yelling and refusing to listen or entertain any other idea but theirs I’m afraid they are deaf, followers like sheep who think it will not affect them. Won’t it be a big suprise.

    So my friend out there, are you ready to defend, share what you have in the near future? It may be impossible to stop what’s coming, but we can fight them. If we don’t, we have grown children who,will and thier children will. Freedom is a longing of every soul, when it is not there then they will rise up.

    Keep the faith, the blogs and support those who are willing to go out there in the public with your money etc. perfect example is Col. West, support him against that machine that has tried to silence him.

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