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Bible Publisher Beats Obamacare in Court

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A federal court today stopped enforcement of the Obama administration’s abortion pill mandate against a Bible publisher which filed a lawsuit against it.

The mandate has generated massive opposition from pro-life groups because it forces employers, regardless of their religious or moral convictions, to provide insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception under threat of heavy penalties.

The Obama administration opposed the order, arguing that Tyndale House Publishers isn’t religious enough for an exemption from the mandate, a component of ObamaCare that forces employers, regardless of their religious or moral convictions, to provide insurance coverage for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception under threat of heavy penalties.

The decision only applies to the company and does not stop the Obama HHS mandate nationwide against other religious groups, businesses, hospitals, or educational institutions.

Represented by attorneys with Alliance Defending Freedom, Tyndale House Publishers, based in Illinois, is the world’s largest privately held Christian publisher of books, Bibles, and digital media and directs 96.5 percent of its profits to religious non-profit causes worldwide. The publisher specifically objects to covering abortifacients under the mandate.



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    November 17th, 2012

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    Republican Sen. Marco Rubio on Thursday pushed for legal immigration to this country, called for prudence in the possible regularization of the status of millions of undocumented foreigners already living here and urged a permanent solution for people brought here illegally as children.
    The Cuban American from Florida, a rising figure in the Republican Party, emphasized that “the issue of kids that are in this country undocumented is not an immigration issue, it’s a humanitarian one.”
    The young immigrants in that situation are commonly referred to as “DREAMers,” because the long-stalled DREAM Act is aimed at providing them with a path toward legalization.
    “(Y)ou can be for legal immigration – you don’t have to be for amnesty – but you also need to understand that we’re speaking about human beings,” Rubio said at the fourth annual Washington Ideas Forum.
    He called for an immediate “permanent solution” for the DREAMers and said that the provisional measure implemented by the Obama administration last summer to grant qualified young migrants a renewable two-year reprieve from deportation and a work permit was “politicized.”
    Rubio said that immigration reform that legalizes the 11 million undocumented foreigners in the United States without deeper changes would only deal for a time with the people living here illegally, since waves of immigration would occur again.
    He discussed implementating a legal immigration system in the country that would be based on family reunification of immigrants and work permits in areas such as agriculture and construction.
    Rubio said that comprehensive immigration reform “will take more time” than other political priorities.
    There are many analysts who say that the Florida senator is a promising figure within the Republican Party who could help to renew it and connect with the growing Latino electorate, which demonstrated its political clout in the recent elections.
    At the forum, Rubio said that his recent visit to Iowa, home of the first presidential party caucuses, had nothing to do with his possible candidacy for president in 2016.



    Senator Marco Rubio, the GOP’s rising Latino superstar, says the Republican Party must revamp and improve its stance on illegal immigration in order to boost its Hispanic voting base.

    “It’s really hard to get people to listen to you … if they think you want to deport their grandmother,” the charismatic Florida lawmaker told the Washington Ideas Forum at the Newseum in Washington D.C.

    “You can be for legal immigration. You don’t have to be for amnesty, but you also have to realize that these people are human beings.”

    Rubio’s plea to the GOP comes a week after President Barack Obama soundly defeated former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, with 71 percent of Hispanic voters supporting him.

    He said he is moving ahead with legislation that would help undocumented immigrants who moved to the United States as children.

    “Time is of the essence for them,’’ Rubio noted.

    As to the issue of giving 11 million undocumented immigrants legal rights, Rubio said any reforms will have to address the “supply and demand’’ problem for employment-based immigration in the future.
    “The reason three million people became 11 million people is . . . they didn’t do a good job of fixing the immigration system going forward,’’ he said.

    Rubio told The Hill he was encouraged that an immigration deal can be worked out next year.



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    Rubio, who lives in Miami, said it’s also critical that the Republican Party not alienate Hispanic voters with a hard line on immigration. “Rhetoric is important,” Rubio said. “We’re speaking not about statistics, but about human beings.”
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