1. The Chief

    November 13th, 2012

    “Honey! I think the frog’s done!

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  2. General Cynic

    November 13th, 2012

    Wow! Nail meet hammer!

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  3. Stirrin the B.S.

    November 13th, 2012

    Doses of Socialism – Enemy of the State


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  4. lulu5297

    November 13th, 2012

    That sentiment was altered just slightly and became the mantra of the Socialist movement in America–headed by Norman Thomas, grandfather of Evan Thomas, former editor of Newsweek. And Newsweek ran with it–remember the infamous, We’re All Socialists Now! cover shortly after Obama’s election. He even had the temerity to proclaim that Obama was our new ‘god”. But that’s how commies roll.

    Every time I see Thomas on a news roundtable, I want to smack the snot outta him.

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  5. Bob M.

    November 13th, 2012

    “We Will BARRY You!!!”

    In a BLIZZARD of pre-cast straight DEMOCRAP ballots! 108% of each precinct, no less! :oops:

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  6. NICE !!

    November 13th, 2012


    you outdid the DEMS, you put 2 and 2 together and come up with SEVEN

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  7. ingvard

    November 13th, 2012

    Almost in his life time, but in ours.

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