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Another Es-Head That Is Completely Useless To the Conversation

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Bill Kristol: ‘It Won’t Kill The Country If We Raise Taxes’ On Millionaires

Hey Kristol, this is not a TAXATION PROBLEM, you goddamn moron. And to allow the left to frame the debate as if this is the problem means that you need to go away now. We need people on The Tee Vee that know how tp properly converse AT, not WITH, the left.

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  1. BILL

    November 12th, 2012

    kristol, noonan, even hannity, as well as all the other so called republican or conservative publik tv talking heads have always been nothing but “democrat lite” cheerleaders.

    they never discuss the real issues facing the US with any type of passion or knowledge when they have the chance. all they ever do is try to deflect the opoosition criticism while agreeing with it.

    i have heard it all before for 40 years.

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  2. NCO77

    November 12th, 2012

    This is all getting to be too much for me. Anyone with an ounce of brain power knows this election was stolen by the dems. But of course, as good little republicans, we have to just sit back and say, “Oh well, I guess we’ll try harder next time.”
    I’m sick of the namby pamby GOP. It is time for the real conservatives to take over the party or it is time to split the US in to two countries. Period!

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  3. RWF

    November 12th, 2012

    $250,000-Its the new million!

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  4. Noodengr

    November 12th, 2012

    It is not a lack of funding problem, it is an overspending problem. The gov’t no matter how much it cries, simply does not need to spend like it does. Read the Constitution, only spend money on things delegated in it for the gov’t to do. Everyone would be amazed at how little they would actually need to tax us.
    leaving the citizens with oodles of cash to stimulate the economy, provide private groups with money for charity, you name it.

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  5. Joe

    November 12th, 2012

    Fur, I’m tired of it too. I especially do not like Kristol or the Weekly Standard. The other night on Greta, Steve Hays was on there and I couldn’t believe the liberal slant coming out of his mouth. Beck took exception to Kristol too. I won’t even listen to him anymore. Fred Barnes is on a tether by me too. The whole bunch there are not conservative. Thanks for letting me speak.

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  6. Metprof

    November 12th, 2012

    Never liked the self-important, whiney little shit. A guy who tells you how to win but never played the game.

    Go away Billy-boy and take all the Rino’s with you.

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  7. serfer62

    November 12th, 2012

    The solution may be to vote Kommiecrat just to eliminate the GOP…there seems yo be NO cure for their stupidity.

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  8. persecutor

    November 12th, 2012

    Kristol always has been a smarmy, pretentious sissy-boy in my book. He’s only slightly more conservative than his David Brooks.

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  9. lamchops

    November 12th, 2012

    The economy is going to hell in a handbasket. Once they start pulling money out of the economy next year by increasing revenues and cutting spending, it will contract; that is Keynesian economics 101. When the economy starts contracting, revenues will fall and the defects will increase, making more taxes and greater spending cuts necessary. It’s called a deflationary spiral. It’s what Greece has been experiencing for several years, and it could go on for several years here too, given that Obammy is an economic idiot.

    Raising taxes on the rich will only make it worse. But I say, let El Zero have his way, things must necessarily get worse before there is an impetus to make the structural economic changes and sacrifices that allow things to get better. Give Obama his tax increases and then pin the entire responsibility on him. Before this economic apocalypse is over he will rue the day he was reelected.

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  10. Stranded in Sonoma

    November 12th, 2012

    Trickle-up socialism = EPIC FAIL (Been nice knowing you all.)

    By the way…Mr. Kristol, if you are going to side with the socialists at any level, you have become part of the problem. STFU or GTFO.

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  11. citizenjane

    November 12th, 2012

    Wait a minute, wasn’t the economy on the rise before the election?

    The TV said it was.

    Then the TV said we were on a fiscal cliff right after the election.

    I need a new TV. Mine lies.

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  12. Menderman

    November 12th, 2012

    “Hey Kristol, this is not a TAXATION PROBLEM, you goddamn moron.”

    As a Christian, Big Fur Hat, I would prefer that you put it this way:

    “Hey Kristol, this is not a TAXATION PROBLEM, you fucking moron.”

    But the point is well taken.

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