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Egypt’s Christians fear “a season of blood”

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Why? Don’t they know that Sharia is benign and completely compatible with Western principles of human rights? Imam Rauf, call your office!

“Egypt’s Christians fear ‘a season of blood,’” by Betsy Hiel for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, November 10 (thanks to David):

CAIRO — In the Shubra El Kheima section of this sprawling capital’s outskirts, a herd of goats and three rail-thin horses pick through garbage piles.Rattling old cars and exhaust-belching buses honk at darting three-wheeled “tuc-tuc” taxis.

On a narrow dirt street, four police officers guard brick pillars rising from the mud.

This was going to be a Coptic Christian community center — until ultra-Islamist Salafis seized it and declared it a Muslim mosque, according to Emad El Erian, a spokesman for a Coptic rights organization.

“They threatened to burn some of the Coptic houses in the neighborhood,” he said.

Salafis occupied the site every night until a prosecutor ruled that the land belonged to the Copts and ordered a police guard, local residents say.

“It’s as if (they) are challenging the police, the government and the general prosecutor, and that they want to drag the Coptic Christians into sectarian violence, a season of blood,” El Erian said.

Last week’s incident was the latest attack on Egypt’s Christian minority — but not the week’s only one: A veiled woman sheared a Christian girl’s hair in Cairo’s subway.

Such attacks — like crime in general — have risen in number and intensity since last year’s ouster of dictator Hosni Mubarak. Christian churches, homes and shops have been looted or torched; Christians have been forced to flee some villages.




  1. Sarge

    November 12th, 2012

    So much for supporting the Arab Spring, just another brilliant move by the Messiah.

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  2. grayscape

    November 12th, 2012

    Our government officially proclaimed that the Musloid Brotherhood is “Largely secular, eschewing violence.”

    The head of the snake is the head of our country.

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  3. I Luv Bacon

    November 12th, 2012

    What does ultra-islamist mean?

    Strictly goats?

    Absolutely no toilet tissue?

    Butterball turkey only?

    I’m curious about these ultra-savages.

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  4. danny g

    November 12th, 2012

    hey, don’t worry.. IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE !!!

    oh, wait…



    Imam Safi Khan said the decision to move to a much larger property in a rural area was dictated in large part by Dar-us-Salaam’s long term vision to “build a community that can showcase Islamin action.” Dar-us-Salaam’s current projects include religious, social, media, youth, health, and business services and entities.

    “We have to look at our community’s growth in terms of the next 50 years to 100 years, not just 10 or 20 years down the road. This is an investment in the future of the community, for the Muslims who are here long after we are gone,” Imam Safi Khan told about 200 community members who came to a Sunday, August 5 walk-through and town-hall meeting about theproperty.

    A conceptual drawing of the future campus is available on the project’s website http://www.homeoftheheart.org and features three seven-story buildings and a large five-sided masjidaround a circular courtyard. The concept plan also shows a stream and garden going around theproperty, walking and bike paths, a 10 acre farm, a lake, underground parking, and many trees.

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  5. FreeMan & Sarah Intend to Defend

    November 12th, 2012

    If muslims take over Lebanon Pa, I am not going to waste any time getting outta here.


    Get the hell outta there!!!!

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  6. Four .45's

    November 12th, 2012

    To Egyptian Christians: We’ll be joining you soon.

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