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Peace Prize Winner To Help UN Invade Mali

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The Obama administration has thrown its full support behind an upcoming United Nations-orchestrated invasion of northern Mali, with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveling the region prodding assorted African regimes into supporting and supplying troops for the controversial scheme. Even as the U.S. government and assorted Muslim dictatorships openly arm Islamists in nations like Syria, the international coalition preparing to invade Mali claims the plot is aimed at quashing Islamic extremism.

According to officials cited in news reports, the U.S. government is already expanding its “intelligence-gathering” operations in Mali and the surrounding area, including through the use of unmanned aerial surveillance drones. While UN-led troops from the “Economic Community of West African States” (ECOWAS) and the so-called “African Union” are expected to do most of the fighting, Western powers like the new Socialist government of France and the Obama administration will play a key role as well.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has also been stepping up military aid to regimes ruling countries around Mali in preparation for the upcoming intervention, showering vast sums of American taxpayer dollars and borrowed money on a motley assortment of regional despots. Ironically, it was a U.S.-trained Malian officer who led elements of the former regime’s U.S.-funded military to stage a coup in the capital city of Bamako, paving the way for nomadic Tuareg rebels and Islamists to seize the vast northern region of Mali and declare independence.

Obama to Help UN Invade Mali

Joint U.S. military exercises with West African regimes and the Socialist government of France, which is among the chief proponents of the invasion, have been ongoing for months.



  1. Wyatt, Insensitive Progressive Jerk

    November 10th, 2012

    A “UN orchestrated” operation? Quick – someone make sure that the UN actually knows where Mali is. Then the UN can send in blue-helmeted troops to watch the natives kill themselves off in imaginative ways while the UN keeps score.

    And with African Union soldiers doing most of the fighting, what could possible go wrong?

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  2. Anne

    November 10th, 2012

    Great, Obama, you jackass, announce to al Queda that we’re going to attack their bases in Mali. Unreal.

    This current administration is very selective about divulging classified information. Tell our enemies, not the American people.

    Geezez, I could strangle the morons who elected them. Four more years of this insanity, thanks to those retarded children who voted for black Santa Claus.

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  3. Rick

    November 10th, 2012

    Right up there with George Carlin’s “UN Peacekeeping Force clashes with religious militia” headline.

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  4. Freeshiticus

    November 10th, 2012

    When I am elected president there will be several people swearing in various languages as they walk around with their “Peace Prize” shoved up their bungholes. The first one goes by the alias of Barry.

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  5. grayscape

    November 11th, 2012

    This is great news for the UN. Lots of fresh girls to rape and sell as slaves.

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  6. Genl Ripper

    November 11th, 2012

    Hey, since our Kenyan Communist Muslim-In-Chief “won” a Nobel Prize in 2009 for stealing the 2008 election, does this mean he’ll get a second Nobel Prize for stealing the 2012 election?

    Genl Ripper

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