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Was Diane Sawyer Drunk During the ABC Election Coverage?

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‘President Barack?’: Twitterati abuzz over ABC’s Diane Sawyer being off her game


Diane Sawyer’s election night performance left some viewers asking if she had begun celebrating Tuesday’s election a bit early.

Co-anchoring ABC News’ coverage, the veteran journalist struck a different manner from her practiced, straight-news-delivering style.

Sawyer spoke more slowly than usual while seeming to prop herself on outstretched arms at the anchor desk she shared with George Stephanopoulos.

“OK,” she said at one point around 10 p.m. EST, “I wanna — can we have our music, because this is another big one here? Minnesota, we’re ready to project Minnesota, rrright now. … Well, tonight we know that President Barack has won Minnesota,” she rambled on, stumbling over the president’s name.

Maybe Sawyer was just weary from the recent torrent of news.

In any case, the Twitterverse took quick notice and began cracking wise.




  1. lulu5297

    November 8th, 2012

    Why not, most of the networks pronounced him the winner before the election was over. Why not celebrate the fact?

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  2. Maudie N Mandeville

    November 8th, 2012

    It’s OK, she’s a liberal.

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  3. Mr. Happy

    November 8th, 2012

    Other than the word slurring, did it make any difference?

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  4. even steven

    November 8th, 2012

    She’s a babbling, leftist scrunt working with treasonous propagandists. Maybe she had a stroke. It is to be hoped.

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  5. Dano

    November 8th, 2012

    It sure seemed like she was! I’m sure they’ll just say she had a bad reaction to some MEDICATION…

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  6. RANDO

    November 8th, 2012

    Don’t know if she was drunk, but it looks like about half of the voters were either drunk, or stoned, or just stupid.

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  7. Tim

    November 8th, 2012

    She’s a washed up, old, has been, never was, drunken, stoned, worthless, lying propagandist.

    So who really cares? Does anyone even watch her and “Tiny Blow Dry?”

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  8. don't have a name yet

    November 8th, 2012

    With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.
    (Revelation 17:2)

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  9. Jerry Manderin

    November 8th, 2012

    Steffy had slipped her a Mickey and then slipped her the pickle during the breaks.

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  10. norman einstein

    November 8th, 2012

    @Dano, good one!
    There’s always that “cough medicine” excuse. It’s pretty airtight.

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  11. FreeMan & Sarah Screwed Again

    November 8th, 2012

    Na she was just feeling a tingle up between her legs.

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