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5 Big Stories The Media Will ‘Discover’ After The Election

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The election outcome was still unclear at press time. But no matter who wins, one thing is clear — the country will have to deal with several major problems that the mainstream media largely ignored to protect President Obama.

On issue after issue, in fact, the media haven’t covered Obama as much as they’ve covered up for him, whether it’s the dismal state of the economy, the failure of his policies or the increased troubles abroad.

The effort worked remarkably well, helping to shield Obama from responsibility, protecting his image and providing a solid floor under his approval ratings.

But whoever wins the White House, the fact remains that the country faces huge problems that must be addressed. And after the election, the press is sure to churn out what can charitably be called “now they tell us” stories about these matters, once any potential election impact has passed.

On Tuesday, Yahoo News posted a story by seasoned journalist Walter Shapiro, who finally got around to wondering whether “anyone outside (Obama’s) family and the inner sanctum of the White House staff really know Obama — or have a clear handle on what he would do with a second term.”

That’s the sort of question you’d expect the press to pursue in the weeks leading up to the election, when it might have helped voters make up their minds. But it’s of little value after they’ve left for the polls.


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  1. Commissar M

    November 6th, 2012

    Call me cynical (and I am) but I don’t think most of these stories will get any serious coverage if 0 is re-elected.

    OTOH, if Romney wins, expect as many of them as possible to be reported after he takes office to give the impression that it’s all his fault.

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  2. simply enraged

    November 7th, 2012

    It doesn’t matter. The scum sucking bastards have engineered the downfall of the USA and, obviously correctly, counted on the stupidity and ignorance of the average voting citizen. Now there’s not a f***ing thing we can do about it short of civil war.

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