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Ken Wahl Comes Out of the Closet

Home - by - November 6, 2012 - 09:41 America/New_York - 7 Comments

Charismatic actor, Ken Wahl  (The Wanderers. Wiseguy, The Dirty Dozen), husband of the international supermodel Shane Barbi, has come out of the political closet and announced his conservative leanings.


Ken chose the Larry Sinclair Radio show, Through the Mirror, to make his endorsement of Mitt Romney. Following Ken is Josh and Matt Romney giving an update on their father’s ground game on the eve of the election.


It’s a great show.




  1. Dianne

    November 6th, 2012

    Phew!!! You scared me there for a minute. My initial thought was NOOOO – not him too!! I was almost afraid to look. :) I had such a crush when he was Wiseguy.

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  2. dba_vagabond_trader

    November 6th, 2012

    Welcome to the dark side Ken! :razz:

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  3. Skorpion

    November 6th, 2012

    “Leave. Da. Kid. Alone!”

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  4. RANDO

    November 6th, 2012

    Remind me- which one is Shane??

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  5. beachmom

    November 6th, 2012

    Still hot? HOTTER!

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  6. GregMan

    November 6th, 2012

    Well there goes another promising career. The Commissars in Hollywood will surely blacklist him for life after this.

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  7. Biff Tannen

    November 6th, 2012

    He was on the David Webb Show last night, too. Conservative with a capital C.

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