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Energy Department emails suggest White House misleading the public about green energy loans

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Daily Caller

The House Oversight Committee has released a memorandum containing more emails that suggest the White House was putting political pressure on Department of Energy employees to fast track government-backed loan guarantees for green energy firms, despite the Obama administration having publicly denied that politics played any role.

“This memo outlines key information the Committee has recently uncovered that suggests statements by the President and others in his Administration were misleading and that the White House, senior Administration officials, and President Obama himself played key roles in the Loan Guarantee Program,” according to the memo.

“And these are decisions, by the way, that are made by the Department of Energy, they have nothing to do with politics,” President Obama told KUSA’s Kyle Clark last week.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu, White House senior adviser David Plouffe, and Loan Program Office Chief David Frantz have also previously said that politics played no role in the decision to issue loan guarantees, and projects were chosen based on their own merits.

“I am aware of no communication from White House to Department of Energy saying to make the loan or to restructure,” Secretary Chu testified before Congress in November 2011.

However, the public comments run counter to emails just released by the Oversight Committee, as well as previously released emails.

“Jonathan just said at our staff meeting that, opposite the message received on Thursday, AREVA is now a ‘go’ (seems on Friday POTUS himself approved moving it ahead),” wrote David Schmitzer, DOE LPO Director of Loan Origination, in an email dated March 1, 2010 to LPO Credit Advisor McCrea and others.

AREVA, a French nuclear power firm, was granted a conditional $2 billion loan guarantee for uranium enrichment services in May 2010.



  1. AbigailAdams

    November 5th, 2012

    You don’t say.

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  2. dude

    November 5th, 2012

    I don’t believe it…….no way

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  3. Commissar M

    November 5th, 2012

    NOOOOOO! Not the “most transparent administration ever”.

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  4. Dereliction of duty

    November 5th, 2012

    could have fooled me …

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  5. reddecaesari

    November 5th, 2012

    obama could tweet tonite that

    1. he and biden are lovers
    2. half of the stimulus was paid into his offshore account and/or
    3. he did watch the 4 men die in benghazi and cheered on the islamic terrorists


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  6. Chuck U Farley

    November 5th, 2012

    O/T – Governor Blubberbutt blubbers over libtard Springsteen call & hug…


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  7. RANDO

    November 5th, 2012

    Wait- this administration is misleading the public?
    Say it ain’t so!

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  8. Ten Megaton

    November 5th, 2012

    Just some more of that…what was it? Oh yeah, transparency.

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  9. jus askin

    November 6th, 2012

    might as well bat 1.ooo

    when AREN’T they misleading??

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  10. alternative heizung

    November 7th, 2012

    Its a best idea of Energy Department to loan of the energyhouses to realese us goverment.

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