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The Darkside of iOwnTheWorld - by - August 9, 2012 - 23:54 America/New_York - 6 Comments

“What fantastic work — professional design at a fraction of the cost of going out on your own!” -Doug Ross,  Bad Blue/Director Blue


Anthem Studios wants YOU!

What was once a t-shirt store that was home to a small cadre of “elite” bloggers (hehe) is now being opened up to include even the most lowly pissant. (For those of you in Rio Linda, this is an inside joke.There are NO PISSANT CONSERVATIVE BLOGGERS!)

Anthem was the company that handled the Breitbart Is Here campaign, and we can attest to their courteousness, professionalism, accountability and communications.

Since the Breitbart Is Here campaign we switched some of our merchandise from our Zazzle store into the Anthem Store. Our first check from Anthem was bigger than all our previous Zazzle checks COMBINED. How can that be?

Anthem is a conservative owned business which is committed to a very simple business model – give the lion’s share of the profits to the bloggers. For every shirt you sell (usually priced about 20 dollars) you keep 4 dollars. (It could go higher, but not lower.)


How do I get started?

Send your artwork to BigFurHat.mail@gmail.com. BigFurHat will be working with Anthem to prepare your artwork for your store. (What a guy.)

How Do I Build My Store?

You didn’t build that store. Anthem did. They’ll take care of all the odds and ends and will send you your exclusive store url to promote your store on your site. (They’ll even send you a badge to use as a widget.) You will also benefit from the walk-in traffic sent to Anthem from other sites that are just a little less pissant-y than your site.

I’d Like To Participate, But My Blog Doesn’t Have a Visual That Is T-Shirt Worthy. What Can I Do?

You can let BigFurHat make a logo for you. That’s right, Hat has partnered with Anthem in order to get as many conservative sites in the Anthem store as possible. Nothing can help conservatives more than having people walking around wearing and promoting the conservative voices.

What Would This Cost?

$100. If 25 of your readers buys a shirt you’ve just gotten a blog banner for free.

Do You Have Any Samples of the Type of Art I Could Have Made?

Funny you should ask. BigFurHat chose a few well known blogs that already have their own branding and goofed around a little. Here’s what what he came up with -

Here’s one for Chicks On the Right -

What did Mock and Daisy have to say:

“It’s aight. But we would totally not wear those boots with those dresses.”

Here’s one for Gateway Pundit -

What did Jim Hoft say?

Dunno, he never got back to us.

Here’s one for Bad Blue -

What did Doug Ross say?


And here is a banner that was created by BigFurHat for Atlas Shrugs.

Will you get something like this for 100 bucks? Not Bloody Likely! (This was a week long process with Geller art-directing every square millimeter of the art. And it was worth the time. (Contact BigFurHat.mail@gmail.com to inquire about a project of this sort.)

What does Atlas say about her banner?

The hottest banner on the web! Get a piece of Atlas!  (The Atlas Shirts are available HERE.)

Do I Have To Have A Blog To Set Up a Store?

No. But the Anthem offer for preparing artwork and doing a blog’s t-shirt design is only available to conservative blogs.

Can I Keep My Other Store?

Sure. Don’t know why you would, but yes.

What Is the Meaning of Life?

Having a blog and a really cool t-shirt.

Leave any questions you might have in the comments and Anthem will drop by and answer them.

Or contact Anthem directly – anthemstudios.net@gmail.com

*Anthem and BigFurHat reserve the right to decline to work with sites that are not in keeping with   Anthem’s stated mission.




  1. Mystery Tramps Real Eyes

    August 10th, 2012

    Always admired the artwork you did for Pamela on the Atlas Shrugs website. Fantastic!

    Thumb up +2

  2. MaryfromMarin

    August 10th, 2012

    Saw the Atlas shirts on Pamela’s blog–lovely!!!

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  3. Houston

    August 10th, 2012

    That sounds pretty cool. Once payday hits I may make an investment.

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  4. Darth Chipmunk

    August 10th, 2012

    Hmmm… I don’t think anyone would want my nut on their t-shirt.

    …wait, that didn’t come out right…

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  5. Uncle Dirt

    August 10th, 2012

    While I applaud the effort, Anthem didn’t build that store. In this case it wasn’t a government built road or bridge that helped, but a horrid failure of a president who serves as fodder for the bloggers… (sarcasm off)

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  6. BigFurHat

    August 10th, 2012

    Anthem would like to thank Al Gore for making Anthem possible.

    Thumb up +1