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William Teach Writes a Thoughtful Post About Blogging Priorities

The Darkside of iOwnTheWorld - by - August 1, 2012 - 13:37 America/New_York - Be first to Comment!

This is a great rebuttal to the a dirty little secret on the Right? post. I can appreciate fully what he is saying, with one caveat (which I will post at the end.)

Pirate’s Cove-

I take offense to the smear that we have “all but surrendered” {to jihad}

From my own perspective, I think that many have just moved on.

What the counter-jihad blogs do is great, and necessary. But, not everyone is that focused, or hard core (I do not mean that in a bad way), on it. There was a time up till a few years ago when I would intentionally look for stories on Islam. My own priorities have shifted, so, along with typical political stories, I focus on anthropogenic global warming.

Things change.

But, what this seems to be about is Weasel Zippers having a problem with Pam Geller. Somehow, though, this was turned into “the Right doesn’t give a crap about counter-terrorism anymore, and they are doing it because they are scared, are being moderate, and are selling you out.” That the big blogs have to “watch what they say.” Poppycock. Mule fritters. Pelosi(4)! Just because we do not write about it that much anymore doesn’t mean we don’t care, just that it is not top tier on what we write about now.

There is no big conspiracy. Does anyone think that if Michelle Malkin or Ed Morrissey had a problem with Pam Geller they wouldn’t have told her? And that the info wouldn’t have ended up on Geller’s website? The most likely reason for the loss of focus on jihad, sharia, terrorism, etc, is that, again, people have other concerns, particularly as we watch our own country be destroyed.

More here

I appreciate what you’ve said about the  line “the right doesn’t care about Jihad anymore.” I can see your point, fully.

Here’s the caveat. When did the priority change from not focusing day to day on Islam to shunning people who focus day to day on Islam, specifically Pamela Geller? When did the shift go from a bevy of anti-jihad blogs years ago to “anti-jihad blogs are too toxic and a threat to my revenue stream”?

Try this on for size and walk across the room and do a twirl -

I’m not linking to Pirate’s Cove anymore because Teach goes too far with this global warming stuff and it’s effecting my revenue stream. And don’t think of this as coming from iOTW, because you can live without iOTW, that’s for sure. But have it come from WZ, AoS, and Twitchy. And then go to AoS and read vile, vile comments about you (truly despicable stuff) and have Ace sit back and bask because his morons do his dirty work.

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