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The Darkside of iOwnTheWorld - by - June 19, 2012 - 16:04 America/New_York - 1 Comment

I don’t know if this is drunk blogging or if it’s simply “speaking truth to stupid,” what I do know is that it is an ill-informed pantload.

iOTW readers were introduced to a blogger named Impolite Canadian on yesterday’s Paul Lemmen primer post. First impressions mean a lot, and lout is the kindest word that comes to mind.

So, the obligatory belly shot portion of this post is over, now I will treat IC’s latest post very seriously, because this is a deadly serious matter.

Ann Barnhardt wrote an expose’ about a blogger named Paul Lemmen. The intent of the piece was to ensure that everyone know exactly who Paul Lemmen is as he insinuates himself into the epicenter of the Brett Kimberlin saga. If Lemmen’s participation were to ultimately cause more harm than good to the people he was trying to help, Ann did not want people looking around after the fact saying, “how did we not know who this guy was?”

All Ann did was say, “this is who Paul Lemmen is. Now that you know who he is, don’t act ignorant and betrayed after any shit hits any fan. It’s your right to embrace and encourage him, my job is done.”

The rebuttal to Ann’s piece by Impolite Canadian? -


This is the headline of a blog post, and right out of the gate it’s a total misfire. Who is bullying and who is trying to silence and who is being silenced?

Ann didn’t silence, she raised the volume.

No we won’t. This elitist attitude will stop. The NBC, Ali Akbar and the elitist fucks who form that miserable, sorry-ass organization engaged in a personal vendetta against ex con man Paul H Lemmen.

Ann has nothing to do with Ali Akbar, and until yesterday she had never heard of him.

Ann Barnhardt, one such elitist bastard, says she wrote the rag on Paul Lemmen at the request of friends. BULLSHIT.

Nope. Not Bullshit. I am one of the friends that requested she write this piece. The other person was Sard. One other person was a reader at iOTW. They can step forward and verify what I am saying if they wish to. I had several conference calls with Ann, myself and these friends during the course of the day. Several times the topic was Zilla. I tried to call Zilla several times via gmail and it wouldn’t connect. She will verify that.

For the past four or five months I’ve received e-mails from Ann concerned with Zilla’s growing relationship with Paul Lemmen. When one is concerned, that means they care for someone’s well-being. So, whether you think Ann is off base or not, lower your volume a bit about how you’re BFF with Zilla and you’re going to start cracking heads. You’re making an ass of yourself.

And just to disconnect some dots in your fevered fantasies, I am not a member of NBC and do not know Ali Akbar at all. If he was fired from NBC today my response would be, “pass the ketchup, these fries are delicious.”

In fact, the first time Ali became significant on my radar was when his group offered up an alternate Breitbart tee shirt to the tee shirt Anthem and I had produced as a benefit for the Breitbart family.

WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU, Ann Barnhardt?? Who died and made you queen of the right-wing dextrosphere?? What gives you the right of life and death over smaller bloggers who engaged in this fight to expose the left wing terrorists??

See above. Ann isn’t telling anyone what to do. She offered up facts, now everyone can make up their own minds about how they want to react to those facts.

Paul has been NOTHING but straight forward with us about his past. That alone is worthy of participating in ANY cause. He NEVER asked us for money, donations, or anything else for that matter. He is fighting this fight neck deep in shit, jeopardizing his freedom to do so.

Then why were certain facts that Ann presented in her piece met with skepticism on your part? It seems that you don’t know the full extent of Lemmen’s background, nor the timeline, which has Lemmen scamming me no more a mere months ago.

And the entire point is, should Lemmen be the guy who is “neck deep in shit” on behalf of the right? If he’s going to volunteer himself to be infiltrating the Kimberlin Klan, and the blogosphere is going to encourage it, it’s our duty to make what we know about Lemmen available to those who are encouraging him. After their education they are free to do whatever they want.

And now this NBC elitist fucking club thinks they have a right to try and silence him for fear that he will ”hurt” the movement by exposing the conning of Ali Akbar?? Fuck that shit. Seriously. Self-righteous jerk-offs.

No one is arguing this point you’re making. It’s valid. Where you’ve gone off the rails is insinuating that Ann’s motivation is a whitewashing of Akbar. Oliver Stone called, he said your conspiracy theory sounds kooky.

She has done a few pieces on Paul over the last few years,

Wrong. She never heard of Paul Lemmen until he contacted her.

From: lemmen [mailto:plemmen55@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 7:43 PM
To: Ann Barnhardt
Subject: Comment on Voris En Fuego

We could publish the e-mail if you want to pursue your theory.

Her infamous e-mail blast that went out to most of the blogosphere, the one where she tells everyone who Paul Lemmen is, was a “reply to all” after Lemmen e-mailed her. That list was Lemmen’s list. After the Voris En Fuego e-mail to her she looked into Paul Lemmen.

Here is the entire e-mail with names redacted. The list of e-mails were ten or twenty-fold.

From: Ann Barnhardt
Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2012 6:49 PM
To: b******; Doug ******; Hugh ******; Kevin ******; mender**; Robert*******; Robert *****; S****; T****; the spo*****; Tho****; Wi****; Zilla…. Etc.
Subject: RE: New post

Just making certain that everyone knows that this guy is a criminal and a con artist. Post nothing, forward nothing, link nothing, and DO NOT give him any money.



Ann Barnhardt

all with the condescending tone of someone who thinks her shit don’t stink, but this one as one goal, and one goal only: Draw attention away from the true debate: alleged embezzlement of funds collected by NBC and Ali Akbar. That’s the real issue right now. NBC is going to shit and it will drag her ”saint among saints” ass with it.

Actually, you’ve fallen for Lemmen’s propaganda, like many others who visited Ann’s post yesterday through Lemmen’s portal. He was the one who implied that Ann’s piece was a response to his Ali Akbar post. Ironically, you’ve been conned once again.

And the shit flies that keep hovering around her, drinking her every word like it was truth, can kiss my hairy white ass. They ALL are part of the elitist culture behind the NBC. Breitbart would roll over in his grave if he saw what is being said about one of the fellow, smaller fighters.

I know exactly what Andrew would say if he were alive today. He’d say, ” let me get this straight. You’re attacking a blog for trying to silence one of the smaller blogs, when the blog in question was the one who took a chance on a fledgling blog and then was duped by the guy you are defending? Pass the ketchup, these fries are delicious.”

I’ll let you have the last word.

Ann Barnhardt is engaging in a smear campaign against Paul fomented by Ali’s elitist pals. No question about it. It’s as clear as daylight.


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