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Progressives OWN The Kimberlin Problem

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Why The Brett Kimberlin Story Is A Bigger Problem For Progressives Than You May Realize

At Front Page, Matthew Vadum is correct as regards Brett Kimberlin. As a result, Progressives and certain Democrats now face a bigger problem than you may have stopped to think about at this point.

Brett Kimberlin and the Hall of Fame of Leftist Terrorists

Someone asked me this morning, how did this guy get away with this for so long? The fact is, he got away with it because he had the cover to do it. He didn’t make the “Hall of Fame” on the Left because influential people didn’t know who and what he was, no matter how much they will repeat that myth, if asked about Brett Kimberlin today and in the future.

And because of who and what Brett Kimberlin is, they can’t simply throw him under the bus, not as easily as they might your run-of-the-mill political activist. He’s been around too long and has been too big a player on the Left for that simple solution. In short, Brett Kimberlin knows things.

In the past, he has been called narcissistic, not just by bloggers – Yid With Lid points out Brett Kimberlin’s narcissism in his post today.

Brett Kimberlin: The Narcissistic Terrorist-UPDATED W/Links To Other’s Posts

I’m not a psychologist. I’m not going to claim I can make some diagnosis of Brett Kimberlin. But no one can deny that, if you’ve read enough past coverage of him, especially during his Speedway Bomber days, it contains words like narcissistic and worse, when it comes to personality types. I’ve read extremely disturbing opinions on whatever personality type he is attributed to legal professionals who have dealt with him. One can also easily begin with the book on Kimberlin by Mark Singer: “Citizen K: The Deeply Weird American Journey of Brett Kimberlin”. This below is from a review at link above from Kirkus Reviews.

Singer is full of contrition, presenting himself as having been sucked into Kimberlin’s “narcissistic universe, a place far beyond the gravity-bound realities of politics, truth, and justice.” But instead of drowning in regret, the repentant author turns his book into a lively revenge tale. In the delightful final chapters he cleverly tricks Kimberlin into exposing his own mendacity. For politicos, journalists, or anyone who has ever been pulled into the distorted worldview of a dangerous smooth talker, the story of Brett Kimberlin is a valuable one, expertly unearthed and reported by Singer.

Whatever Brett Kimberlin thinks of Progressive politics, it seems a fair bet that, he cares far more about himself. That is not a man to go quietly into any good night, cut off from the lifeline that has sustained him all these years. If the Progressive movement – and it’s big money donors – drop a guy like Brett Kimberlin in a manner he doesn’t much care for, he will turn on them. And as much damage he may have done to this, or that individual and often small in proportion to the mass, activist on the Right, his home and power-base is on and of the professional left. Big picture, that’s where he can do the most damage going forward, not across the Right.

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  1. RosalindJ

    May 26th, 2012

    Oh yeah.

    And beside that narcissist bit, he’s linked to his adolescent daughter’s FB page now (as well as running another fairly creepy one off of that site), probably doing the taunt and dare dance hoping against hope someone will Go There.

    Since he’s a litigant junkie, please remove or edit my comment if you think this is something that shouldn’t be posted. And apologies in advance if this is the case.

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  2. serfer62

    May 26th, 2012

    Gee Kommiecrat is bloomingh all over…weeds

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  3. jwm

    May 26th, 2012

    Guys who become the wrong person’s problem tend to disappear sooner or later.


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  4. fubar

    May 26th, 2012

    we reap what we sow

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  5. House of Kell

    May 27th, 2012

    Ya’ know…if someone would simply smack the fuck out of this punk, this wouldn’t be a story at all!!!

    The last thing any coward can tolerate is being confronted, and then thoroughly stomped, by his would be, victim…once upon a time there were men who would have dealt with a POS like this in a way that would have ensured it was ended…kneecaps, fingers, cheekbones and teeth for just a first offense…a consecutive offense (and there would be no more than two, that has to be nonnegotiable…if you didn’t get it the 1st time, you aren’t getting it at all) may require a more drastic approach…50lbs of chains and a deep lake….woodchipper and a catfish pond…the ‘options’ are endless, its ONLY gone on this long because its been allowed to go on!

    So many folks believe being a conservative also means not taking care of your ‘personal’ business…I work hard, take care of my family as a single dad, have served, am heavily tattooed ride a Harley and am also a decorated veteran, an independent voter who tends to vote strictly conservative…I KNOW for an absolute there are folks out here like me…who ‘prefer’ to live a calm and sedate life, drama-free, but who are also willing to smash the shit out of anyone who might interfere with that calm and sedate…and that’s all it would take for kimberlin, the little faggot, is for someone to old school, whoop his POS ass into an ICU and this and shit like it, (from him anyway) is ended!!! True, it may simply encourage the next window licker to come out and take up where this fag was left off…rinse, lather, repeat as often as is necessary!!!
    Folks, we cannot continue to play so passive a role in our own lives and we sure as hell better stop when it comes to the government we elect to represent us…if you allow someone, anyone, to treat you like shit, its much your fault as anything else…’distasteful’ as it can at times be, a good curb-stomping is a skill necessary to maintain the calm and sedate lifestyle!

    Ignorant folks just take a lil’ longer to ‘evolve…..LOL!

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  6. RosalindJ

    May 27th, 2012

    Heh. Testimony from a family member. I don’t think I have to wonder long about the political affiliation.


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  7. RosalindJ

    May 27th, 2012

    From a ..website, via Andrew Worthing (the attorney who got the snowball going with Stacy McCain):

    “By CR

    May 25, 2012 – We want to thank all of you for your tremendous support this week. Keep those donations flooding in so that those opposed to human rights and progressive values will see that their malicious attacks on youth, women, activists, Muslims, and the 99% will not be tolerated in our beloved democracy. Again, thank you so much for all the donations. We feel like Planned Parenthood after the attack on them.”

    Well then. Inappropriate statements are illegal. Beware!

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  8. RosalindJ

    May 27th, 2012

    I skewed the html. I was referencing this statement:

    “Please note that we are working closely with both state and federal law enforcement officials and have given them lists of all those who make inappropriate statements or contacts.”

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