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Great News For the Left

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Number of the Week: Half of U.S. Lives in Household Getting Benefits

This is a headline at the Wall Street Journal.

I’ve found the difference between the left and the right. FINALLY.

The right looks at this headline with sadness, dismay, concern and worry.

The left pops the champagne cork.

Any left-wing ®TW that argues my assertion is either lying or too stupid to realize what their own party’s agenda is. Open your eyes, dopey. This is what the left wants. Obama said he finally has the ship pointed in the right direction and needs 5 more years to complete his mission, the mission being 100% of the populace on the public dole. How is this arguable?This headline doesn’t concern the left, it indicates that they are doing their job.

Story here

®TW = Twatwaffle.


  1. Billy Fuster

    May 26th, 2012

    A tax revolution is necessary.

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