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Obama’s deal with Karzai bans raids on al-Qaida bases in Pakistan

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Daily Caller

President Barack Obama has promised not to attack Pakistan-based al-Qaida leaders or fighters from bases inside Afghanistan.

The surprising commitment effectively bars Obama and his successors from launching another nighttime helicopter raid like the one that that killed Osama bin Laden. That raid has proven to be Obama’s primary foreign-policy success because it killed bin Laden, scooped up much intelligence data and shocked Pakistan.

Obama’s commitment will also end the use of secretive drone-attacks from Afghanistan. Those attacks have killed hundreds of al-Qaida leaders since the mid-2000s. They’ve also been very popular with U.S voters, and usually have had tacit Pakistan approval.

The unadvertised provision is buried in the deal that Afghan president Hamid Karzai and Obama signed with much campaign-style fanfare May 1 in Kabul. It could provide a legal shield for Pakistani-based al-Qaida’s leaders, front-line fighters, terrorism-planners, allied terror-leaders, funders, terror bases and terror training-grounds.

“The United States further pledges not to use Afghan territory or facilities as a launching point for attacks against other countries,” says the provision, found in paragraph 6b of the eight-page deal.

The deal was signed on the one-year anniversary of the bin Laden raid.

Prior to the 9/11 attacks, al-Qaida had a network of leaders and training centers in Afghanistan, from where they trained and dispatched the 19 terrorists who killed 2,996 Americans on Sept. 11, 2001. The remnant of that infrastructure is in Pakistan and Yemen following years of attacks by U.S. forces.

Some U.S. officials — but not the U.S. government — say Pakistani government agencies fund, train and protect several militant Islamic extremist groups in Pakistan. For example, U.S. prosecutors say the November 2011 attacks on a hotel and a Jewish center in Mumbai, India, were prepared and directed from Pakistan. That attack killed 164 people.

Even though Al-Qaida wants to overthrow the Afghan government, Karzai likely signed the safe harbor deal to minimize conflicts with neighboring Pakistan and Iran, said Elliot Cohen, a national-security professor at John Hopkins University’s D.C.-based school of advanced international studies.



  1. Frosteetoes

    May 4th, 2012

    I can’t take it anymore. This is an outrage! Obama needs to be put in prison NOW!

    Didn’t this son of a bitch say that al-qaida was destroyed? He is a lying usurper and Romney better call this shit out during this campaign. I bet Newt would.

    Will there be any chance that this ‘deal’ can be repealed?

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  2. Bullman

    May 4th, 2012

    Get all of our soldiers out of there now. And with the next attack on any Western country that can be traced to Afghanistan, flatten the place from the air.

    This stupid agreement makes it easy for the cowards to attack us and then flee over the border to safety. Or even just lob some mortars or gunfire at them from just over the border, and we cannot shoot back. That is what you get from a “let’s please the enemies” CIC. More kissing ass and more putting US lives in danger for nothing.

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  3. Zonga

    May 4th, 2012

    Among the things he says – we’re going to be there 12 more years training Afghan police and army.

    According to NPR the training goal is to get soldiers to have the reading & arithmetic skills of a first grader, officers third grade skills.

    Full text of Obama’s speech from Kabul May 1 2012

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  4. RANDO

    May 4th, 2012

    This smells real bad. The way to win a war is to destroy the enemy, not to create a safe-haven for him. Think back-the U.S has made this mistake before.
    Perhaps it is time to re-examine our objectives, not just in this theater, but worldwide.

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  5. Zonga

    May 4th, 2012


    It’s not a treaty until the US Senate approves it. Though in the speech Barry says he’s going to get “global” approval.

    Heck – sounds like he can’t wait to include the senate…

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  6. jmb

    May 4th, 2012

    one wonders whose side he is on…

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  7. Brian in BC

    May 4th, 2012

    That worked great during Vietnam when they were about to destroy the Viet Cong headquarters in Cambodia before they were ordered to turn around…sigh…

    When are the flag officers going to remember their oaths and refuse to play along with this charade any longer?

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  8. Nutjob

    May 4th, 2012

    Good thing being a community organizer has enabled this twit to make sound military decisions!

    and to think Bin Ladin wanted to take him out so Goofey Joe would be the president, why? Barrys the Talibans best friend.

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  9. Roscoe P. Soultrane

    May 4th, 2012

    @Rando: “The way to win a war is to destroy the enemy, not to create a safe-haven for him. Think back-the U.S has made this mistake before.”

    Korean War – China
    Vietnam – North Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos
    Gulf I – Iran (Iraqi AF)
    Afghanistan – Pakistan, Iran
    Gulf II – Syria, Iran

    It’s not a mistake – it’s our established strategy.

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  10. fullcirclethinker

    May 5th, 2012

    Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse!! And, sadly like Roscoe points out, this is the direction our nation has been going since we fought and won World War II. When you realize how feminized the military has become, it is no wonder we are pulling up our skirts and running back to Mommy!!

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  11. Patriot

    May 5th, 2012

    Obama is the greatest thing to happen for Al-qaeda and their efforts to restore the caliph since ohh, edible panties for goats!

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  12. shootersgrandma

    May 5th, 2012

    What Karzai wanted and agreed to was only his guarantee that he wouldn’t be hunted down and killed like bin Ladin.

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  13. RANDO

    May 5th, 2012

    Exactly. This is a serious game. I can’t imagine why we should play to lose.

    Guess I’ll never make it as a community organizer.

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  14. MaryfromMarin

    May 5th, 2012


    “one wonders whose side he is on…”

    No need to wonder. It’s obvious.

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  15. FreedomCat

    May 5th, 2012

    I knew he was up to no good over there. Wonder what other deals he’s got in there for his muslim brothers.

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  16. Kell

    May 5th, 2012

    Barry’s entire terrorist policy can be summed up in one word….surrender!

    Victory is NOT an option…surrender at any and all costs to the free world!

    Our GREAT leaders, from Reagan on back, would beat this brother-fucker to death themselves if they could see what he’s done to our standing in the world….

    What a fucking douchebag…not only are we now not allowed to attack the terrorists where they live, we get to pay them to live there and not be attacked…

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  17. Team America

    May 5th, 2012

    God Bless our Troops. Especially our Snipers. This idiot-in-chief should be drug tested then thrown into Leavenworth.

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  18. Stirrin the B.S.

    May 5th, 2012

    I can only imagine what havoc he will wreak as a lame-duck president come November.

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