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Obama’s War on Gibson Guitars Drags On

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Gibson Guitar case drags on with no sign of criminal charges

It was seven months ago that federal agents with guns drawn raided the Gibson guitar factories in Nashville and Memphis.  A half million dollars worth of Indian
rosewood and ebony was seized under the premise that it had been imported illegally. The feds also took a number of guitars and computer hard drives.  The factory was shut down for the day and employees told to go home.
Yet after all this time, the Department of Justice has shown no sign that it will file criminal charges against Gibson.  What’s more – it has been almost 3 years since federal agents first raided Gibson (November 2009), seizing a quantity of wood from Madagascar.  No decision on criminal charges in that case either.
Meantime, the DOJ has blocked a civil court case in which Gibson was appealing to get its wood back while the criminal investigation proceeds.  Or doesn’t.
Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz complains that being in legal limbo with the federal government has had a profound effect on his business.



  1. grayscape

    April 28th, 2012

    Holder had a nice set of furniture made from the wood.

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  2. PATH

    April 28th, 2012

    Can gibson sue the DOJ to at least find out what law they supposedly broke??? It just seems to me that Obama’s administration is picking out individuals they don’t agree with for prosecution – like the web site that names donors to Romney and like Ted Nugent and like (very early on) Joe the Plumber.

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  3. Ohio Dan

    April 28th, 2012

    I believe I read on the Cincinnati Courthouse, “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

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  4. Billy Fuster

    April 28th, 2012

    Gibson, Ted Nugent, and other Gibson endorsers should sponsor a concert to make people aware of this situation.

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  5. fool4jesus

    April 28th, 2012

    Holder should sweep Gibsons floors, then go to jail. Dirt bag.

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  6. Nutjob

    April 28th, 2012

    If Gibson had been building solar or windmill powered guitars they might not be in this pickle.

    They need to also buy some “made from Recycled Wood” stamps.

    But for now they are in some deep shit for using trees, I’ll bet the progs already have the electic chair fired up.

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  7. Support obama's enemies

    April 28th, 2012

    What are all the hipster musicians like Dave Matthews and Springstein going to do now? Gibson makes the all-time champion of superior, nothing-compares accoustic guitars. Are they going to settle for something else now? Betcha we don’t hear anybody in that group sticking up for Gibson. Hey, Steve Earle? Lucinda? Willie? Neil? We’re waiting. Where’s the benefit concert? Gibson Aide?

    Every one of you chickensh*** leftists who play Gibson Hummingbirds and nothing else, all customized just right. ‘cos they’re the Rolls Royce of accoustic guitars…We’re waiting.

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  8. Team America

    April 29th, 2012

    @Support obama’s enemies – my sentiments exactly. Where is the musicians support for Gibson? I haven’t heard one word from them. Bastards.

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