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The Washington Free Beacon

President Obama’s advisers are leaning on labor unions to contribute to Democratic National Convention costs in Charlotte. According to Bloomberg:

Democratic officials gave representatives of the major U.S. unions, including the AFL-CIO, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the United Auto Workers, a tour of the convention sites in Charlotte, NorthCarolina, April 23 in advance of a request for donations, according to the two people, who requested anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss internal strategy.




  1. Anonymous

    April 26th, 2012

    And these useful idiots are really going to be pissed off some day to find out that their Union bosses spent all of their contributions on political crap rather than saving anything for times of potential crisis. The union dues were originally supposed to be put aside to help members when there was a strike, recession or similar event. Now almost everything goes to the Donks’ political slush funds.

    Their strategy has devolved into hitting up the government for a bailout when times are tough. When the economy folds under the pressure of big-government mis-management and Cloward-Piven tactics, they will all be screwed except for the head thugs who routinely make out like bandits.

    I really feel bad for the union members getting screwed, but I will NEVER buy another GM or Chrysler vehicle unless there’s nothing else available.

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  2. Corona

    April 26th, 2012

    The mafia is alive and well.

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  3. Nunya

    April 26th, 2012

    Doncha just love how for the unions it’s a “requested donation,” but Othuggish just helps himself to OUR money :(

    Hands off our wallets, Lefty McPr0gturds! We dunno where your hands have been! :P

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  4. Stirrin the B.S.

    April 26th, 2012

    Do you think he’s asking for a $3 donation?

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  5. cfm990

    April 26th, 2012

    I understand the new union label. Looks like a lipstick print on Obama’s ass. I’ll pass, on looking for it.

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