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The Obama Administration’s 15 Scandalous “Achievements”

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Yid With Lid

Sometimes I think my conservative compatriots go a bit too far.  They say that the three-year-old Obama administration is totally void of achievement. That is total nonsense; in three short years Barack Obama has increased the national debt by $5 trillion dollars, that’s more than George Bush did in eight years and almost as much as every president from Washington-Clinton combined.

I don’t want to give you the impression that Obama’s only achievement was the record increase in debt, but the man who promised change Washington D.C. can also count some scandals among his achievements.  Here are just some of his achievements:

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  1. Bad Brad

    April 23rd, 2012

    No No No. It’s only one scandalous achievement. It’s all the same plan. His presidency is the scandalous achievement. He’s has a sleeper hold on America and our knees are about to hit the matt. Everything he has done has been a carefully calculated sequentially executed plan.

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  2. Nutjob

    April 24th, 2012

    15? The number is way to low.

    Don’t forget about fighting transparency to see who’s on the list of guest visiting the whitehoue.

    Working out a deal so that the 52,000 millionaires with swiss acounts who intentionally evaded paying taxes would not have to pay penalties, fines, interest, or be charged if they paid the taxes owed, giving the wealthy he detest a break the working class don’t recieve, and most importantly would NOT have their names released…hmmmm wonder how many donors or democrats are on the list?

    Refused to say who was on air force 1 in the manhatten flyover.

    Signed legislation to spy on citizens, shut down the internet, and take over all aspects of american life via his csars if HE declares martial law.

    Keeps outing intelligence data on Israel to protect Iran and anything he can do to keep Israel from stopping Iran in its quest to get a nuclear weapon, even gave them the best and 1 of americas best piece of military intelligence hardware completely intact (the drone) and broke miltary protocol to destroy it or retrieve it.

    Appointed an AG who refuses to prosecute black people committing civil rights violation based on race …essentially….appointed a black racist to the highest judicial position in america..

    Vetoed the pipeline with his own pen then blamed republicans outright lieing and perjuring his own title and position.

    Refuses to stop any attempts of voter fraud and is sueing states to allow its existance with his AG saying theres no proof it happens even though multiple democrats have been indicted on the 2008 presedential elections.

    Uses stimulus money to give to businesses in other countries jobs but blames republicans for job losses.

    Give preferential green stimulus money to big money campaign donors.

    Rails wallstreet but loads his staff with wallstreet investment bankers.

    Refuses to arrest a governor and campaign donor (Corzine) who broke FTC rules, bankrupt a financial instituion, stole investors money and retirement funds with no one being able to find the missing billion dollars.

    Continues his quest for free trade exporting jobs but blaming republicans.

    Gives money to known terrorists organizations in Egypt who took over the country for kidnapping americans.

    Keeps pushing a green agenda for wealthy greenies who could care less for the environment and only want higher energy prices for their own wealth.

    Said when he passed his healthcare it wasn’t a tax, but is argueing now in front of the supreme court that it is.

    Said when he passed his healthcare republicans were using scare tactics when they said abortions would be mandated, then mandated abortions to be covered trampling on religious institutions.

    Won’t search middle easterners on flights because it stereotypes instead hires loser snot nosed liberals to molest US citizens and harass the elderly.

    I could go on and on.

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