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Obama Sues Arpaio To Shore Up Hispanic Base

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From an unquestioning Reuters:

Government plans to sue Arizona sheriff for targeting Latinos

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration on Tuesday said it was preparing to sue Arizona county sheriff Joe Arpaio and his department for violating civil rights laws by improperly targeting Latinos in a bid to crack down on illegal immigrants.

So let’s review. The Obama campaign has whipped up their ‘union base’ with their Wisconsin attacks. They have whipped up their anarchist ‘class warfare’ base with their Occupy Wall Street movement. They have whipped up their ‘feminist base’ with their contraception mandate and their charges of a Republican ‘War On Women.’

They have whipped up their ‘black base’ with a month old shooting. And now they are whipping up their ‘Hispanic’ base suing Sheriff Arpaio and rekindling their attacks on Arizona in general. Have they missed anything? Have they covered all their bases?

The sheriff’s high-profile crackdown on illegal immigrants has helped thrust the issue onto the national political stage with some states passing tough new laws aimed at pushing out those in the country illegally.

Reuters managed to sneak in the word ‘profile’ in the second sentence. Even though there is absolutely no proof that Sheriff Arpaio has ever profiled anyone.

The administration’s Justice Department and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office have been in settlement talks for months over allegations that officers regularly made unlawful stops and arrests of Latinos, used excessive force against them and failed to adequately protect the Hispanic community.

Those negotiations have broken down because of a fight over the Justice Department’s demand that an independent monitor be appointed by a federal court to oversee compliance with the settlement, which has now reached 128 pages in draft form, according to the Obama administration

No, those “negotiations” have broken down because the Obama campaign needs to rile up the Hispanic community. Especially, after their misstep in exploiting a shooting where the ‘white’ killer of a black turned out to be a Hispanic Democrat.



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  1. Rides A Pale Horse

    April 5th, 2012

    Shoring up his Hispanic base is not the only reason that O**** is suing Sheriff Joe.

    He’s scared to death that Joes investigation into his document fraud will uncover the truth.

    Intimidation is the only tool this administration has to retain power.


    I don’t think Sheriff Joe can BE intimidated.

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  2. Bad Brad

    April 5th, 2012

    There seems to be much more going on here. This was very interesting. It would explain a few thing if any of it’s true.

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  3. Ike

    April 5th, 2012

    And what ethnic group might be targeted, if it was the southern border of Arizona (and the U.S.) which was being inundated by illegal immigrants? Greeks or Turks or perhaps Chinese ought to have been stopped instead?? No, no: Canadians, of course. “Racial profiling” my hind leg.

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  4. Dude

    April 5th, 2012

    Wait … I thought Hispanics were white … but only if they shoot an african American. It is so confusing.

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  5. Nunya

    April 5th, 2012

    How dare Sheriff Joe crack down on Obama’s only voters left!! /SARC

    Psssst Joe: counter-suit Obama, for violating every Federal law on the books; srsly, Obama is nothing more than a Chicago thug and career criminal

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  6. Major Mal function

    April 5th, 2012

    I thought Arpaio was Hispanic. Let me rephrase that: White Hispanic.

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  7. Bob M.

    April 5th, 2012

    If I were the Judge, both parties would HAVE to prove their CITIZENSHIP, in order for the case to proceed… [whistling]

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  8. Rick

    April 6th, 2012

    what’s Obummer hiding, his membership at a gay club in Chicago, his gay friend-man tryst in a car, the fact that guy was murdered mysteriously, his grades, his fake Social Security numbers during college, friendship wiith a radical pastor who ABHORS whites who married him AND baptized his kids, his friendship with a US terrorist, Bill Ayers, his “neighbor” Farrakhan, how he bought his Chicago mansion with a crook named Rezko who’s in jail today, Fast & Furious Scandal, Solyndra $$, GE $, billions to Brazil to excavate offshore of their country, his hate for the USA since he inherited from his Kenyan dad who hated the US AND the UK, nuff said..for now..

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  9. Rick

    April 6th, 2012

    What am I missing here? We are guarding the Mexican boarder too keep out illegal aliens.Of course you are going to profile people who look Mexican.If we bring in a profile from the FBI and ask them for help in profiling illegals and they give us a picture of the caratericks of what a Mexican looks like,according to obama we should sue them for profiling.That`s the twisted obama logic.obama is profiling Mexicans to come in to the USA to vote for the Dems.

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  10. Montana

    April 7th, 2012

    Mitt Romney’s Mexican father, hmmmmm…….Are the simple minded “BIRTHERS”, going to ask Romney for his birth certificate? We all know this was never about a birth certificate, if it was then these same people would be asking Romney for his. It’s about small minded people who hate African Americans and do not have the brains to review a President’s policy so they make something up.

    Lets be clear none of you dullards have won a case in the “U.S. Courts”, maybe in your simple minds (if you have any) but not in our “U.S. Courts”, so unless Birthers/ teabaggers, whatever you want to be called, win a court case, we will continue to see as dullards, liars or racist or maybe all three. Deal with that baby!

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