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David Dow – Dipshit Supreme

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Impeach the Supreme Court Justices If They Overturn Health-Care Law

The Roberts Court’s rulings appear to be a concerted effort to send us back to the Gilded Age. If they dump the Affordable Care Act, writes David Dow, we should dump them.

You think the idea is laughable? Thomas Jefferson disagreed with you.

Jefferson believed Supreme Court justices who undermine the principles of the Constitution ought to be impeached, and that wasn’t just idle talk.

The problem with the current court is not merely that there is a good chance it will strike down a clearly constitutional law. The problem is that this decision would be the latest salvo in what seems to be a sustained effort on the part of the Roberts Court to return the country to the Gilded Age.

At the close of the Gilded Age, the U.S. infant mortality rate was around 10 percent—a number you find today in impoverished Central African nations. In some cities, it exceeded 30 percent. Women could not vote, and their lives were controlled by men. Blacks lived apart from whites and constituted an economic, social, and political underclass. Corporations exerted an unchecked and deleterious influence on the lives of workers.

Yes, all the way back to the GILDED AGE!!! Because the Affordable Care Act was passed in 1867.

What do you think this moron’s “dog whistle” is blaring?

“If the Supreme Court doesn’t go along with our leftist schemes it’s RACISM and CHAUVINISM.”

Listen, stupid, the SCOTUS is determining whether the law is constitutional or not. What you say is “clearly constitutional” is precisely what they deliberating. And they will write their opinion, one way or the other, despite hysterical bleating from nincompoops.

A Supreme Court justice could be impeached for, ummm, let’s say, taking away a citizen’s right to bear arms.

Or, hmmm, seizing my private property to give to another private entity. (See Kelo v. New London.)

Or,  just for an example, forcing me to buy health insurance at the point of a gun.

I’m not sure they can be impeached for throwing out a specious commerce clause claim that is not “regulating the stream” but forcing someone into it.

Stop your shrill blathering. And why is your head crooked?

Dow also has this gem -

Liberty, like every other human and constitutional right, is not absolute. Under some circumstances, it can be regulated.

First, Congress’s authority in passing the law rests on an elementary syllogism: You don’t have to drive, but if you do, the government can make you buy insurance. The logical structure at work here is that if you are going to do something (drive, for example), the government can make you purchase a commercial product (insurance, for example), so long as it has a good reason for doing so (making sure you can pay for any damage you do). That logic is obviously satisfied in the health-care context. You are going to use medical care, so the government can make you buy insurance in order to make sure you can pay for it.

I have my eye on a 1999 Ford Fiesta that has some rust…  INSIDE the glove compartment. I can see the highway I’m driving on very clearly, not through the windshield, which has more spider web cracks than Nancy Pelosi’s cheeks, but through the floorboard.

It has more dings than Michelle Obama’s ass, and it also pulls left. The tires rub on the wheel well like Debbie Wasserman Schultz wearing corduroy.

I can’t wait to buy it with these pre-existing conditions and have it all fixed up by the insurance company the day I buy it.

Of course, they’ll also pay for my oil changes, car washes, tune-ups and, oh, the condoms I’ll need after I take to the road with this chick magnet. I can also lend my one car to my 200 friends and it’s still insured no matter who is driving! So, you see, I can borrow my friend’s car and actually drive WITHOUT INSURANCE.

The auto-insurance analogy is stupid.

Which leads to the second point: critics of the health-care law say the only reason the rest of us have to pay for medical services used by people who have no money is that laws require hospitals to treat people who come in for emergencies regardless of their ability to pay. In other words, the critics say, the only reason there is a social cost—the only reason the syllogism works—is because of the underlying laws requiring hospitals to treat the poor.

Unlike silly examples involving broccoli and cell phones, that so-called “bootstrap” argument is sound. But here the critics drop their ideological mask as surely as the court dropped it in the Gonzales ruling. Their argument can be restated thusly: if you repeal laws requiring hospitals to treat the poor, you eliminate the constitutional basis for mandatory insurance coverage.

You don’t have to pull the analytical thread of that reasoning very hard to see that it boils down to an argument for allowing the poor to die.

Ya, okay Grayson. How does the ACA stop illegal aliens from walking into hospitals and getting free care and bankrupting them?

Or a larger point, how does the ACA stop poverty?


  1. grayscape

    April 4th, 2012

    David Dipshit is exactly the kind of useful Dipshit from which dictatorships and death camps come from.

    Congrats Dipshit….you fascist fuck.

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  2. mkultra

    April 4th, 2012

    What a shock, another libtard with a face that looks like he had a smug stroke. Leftists are at war with symmetry.

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  3. Jarhead Cracka

    April 4th, 2012

    Dipshit is right. This stoopid man didn’t even research the legal reqmts of impeaching a Judge, yet he loftily proclaims Obamacare as a “clearly constitutional law”.
    For the record, the standards for impeaching a Supreme Ct. Judge is the same as for impeachment of the Pres- high crimes & misdemeanors. The process is also the same, House of Reps vote articles of impeachment and the Senate trial by 2/3 majority removes the Judge. Only one Supreme was impeached (1804) but Senate didn’t convict or remove so he stayed on the court. You can’t impeach just because you don’t agree wiht the ruling.

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  4. CharileWalksonWater

    April 4th, 2012

    only an intellectual could think that Dow was right.

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  5. TooMuchTime

    April 4th, 2012

    You don’t have to drive, but if you do, the government can make you buy insurance.

    Why do libtards always bring up driving and car insurance when they talk about mandated health insurance? Fine, let’s go through it one more time, shall we?

    First, driving is a privilege that can be regulated by the state because you are using the public roads. If you buy a car and tool around in it on your private 1000 acre ranch, you don’t need a license, and you don’t need insurance. As long as it never leaves your private property.

    Exactly what, David Dipshit, is the health insurance equivalent to the privilege of using the public roads? Yeah, thought so. NOTHING! Because health insurance is there if you WANT it. You have a RIGHT to life — life is not a privilege that can be regualted by the gov’t.

    Unless this is a socialist gov’t and there is no freedom and there are no rights and there are no citizens, just units that make up the masses.

    Hey David. When you’re done being an idiot, see if that gov’t mandated health care, that gives you orgasms just thinking about it, will cover the mental disease known as liberalism.

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  6. BC

    April 4th, 2012

    Dipshit is right! What he needs is a good old fashion ass kicking.

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  7. BigFurHat

    April 4th, 2012

    You don’t need car insurance to drive a car, cab drivers can drive all day and never purchase car insurance.
    Bus drivers, chauffeurs, car borrowers, they don’t need to purchase car insurance.
    Oh, and neither do illegal aliens.

    I think if this passes I will work on lobbying for a bill that mandates all owners of bikes purchase rider’s insurance. Skate boarders, Skiers, snow boarders, too.
    And anything else I can think of.

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  8. PATH

    April 4th, 2012

    Please, if “undermining the Constitution” is enough to impeach then our problems are solved. Impeach Obama right now and save this country!

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  9. FreeMan - For Hire

    April 4th, 2012

    Oh my, he has Ed Zachary Disease

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  10. Wyatt, Insensitive Jerk

    April 4th, 2012

    “it will strike down a clearly constitutional law.”

    So sayeth Dipshit. Well, Mr. Dipshit, I say differently – I say the Supreme Court will strike down a clearly unconstitutional law. So there – you and I cancel each other out and your worthless opinion is rendered even more worthless by me and my worthless opinion.

    (Yes, I am stooping to his level because this is the kind of silly argument that leftists can understand.)

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  11. Goldenfoxx

    April 4th, 2012

    “Ya, okay Grayson. How does the ACA stop illegal aliens from walking into hospitals and getting free care and bankrupting them?”

    Exactly! He hasn’t been to an emergency room to see exactly who is there getting a pimple popped on their ass. They are the ones running up health insurance costs. We pay for insurance – big premiums yet we have to wait in line behind the bottom breeders. Pisses me off! Right! Impeach that bastard in the people’s house!

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  12. Steve

    April 4th, 2012

    Impeach Hell, Give’m A Medal!!

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  13. TooMuchTime

    April 4th, 2012

    Impeach Hell, Give’m A Medal!!

    Only if it weighs a ton and they have to swim after the award.

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  14. Bob M.

    April 4th, 2012

    “Or a larger point, how does the ACA stop poverty?”

    YEAH, LIBTARDS! What’s our “exit strategy” for the ‘War on Poverty’ – that FAILED boondoggle of Lyndon Johnson’s? :roll:

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  15. Bad Brad

    April 4th, 2012

    If you follow the link it says.

    “David R. Dow is the Cullen Professor at the University of Houston Law Center and the Rorschach Visiting Professor of History at Rice. His most recent book is a memoir, The Autobiography of an Execution.”

    So why’s this guy still breathing and giving me a head ache?

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  16. Nutjob

    April 4th, 2012

    David Dow, we should dump them

    Does he mean shit on their car?

    No wonder kids coming out of institutions of higher education are dumb as a rock…….just look at the dumbasses teaching them.

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  17. Billy Fuster

    April 5th, 2012

    Hey David–It’s the CONSTITUTION, not the communist manifesto.

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  18. donde

    April 5th, 2012

    Dear David Dipshit:

    If everyone is forced to buy auto insurance as you claim, why am I paying for a possibility that an uninsured person might hit me?

    p.s. stop trying kiss yourself, its contorting your face.

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  19. Blacksmith8✡

    April 5th, 2012

    Actually, I think Kagan SHOULD be impeached. RIGHT NOW!

    She was the solicitor general for oblahblahcare.
    She has yet to recuse herself from the hearings.

    She is currently practicing TREASON.

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  20. Noelegy

    April 5th, 2012

    I’ve been to the ER four times in my life. Three times were for kidney stones, which was bad enough (terrifying the first time, because I had no idea what was happening), but the fourth was for an injury I sustained when I dropped something heavy and ceramic in my kitchen. It hit the edge of the stove and went off like a bomb, spraying ceramic shrapnel everywhere, and laid open my right wrist to the bone. I had the unique experience of seeing my tendons move, before the gag reflex set in.

    Anyway, all four of those times, including the time when I came in with my arm bound up in a towel with a potentially life-threatening injury, the ER was filled up with Spanish-speaking people. That’s not a crime, but I wonder how many of those people paid their bills, as I did mine? Oh, and I had no insurance at the time of the arm-slicing, but every last cent of that ER bill got paid off, eventually.

    My husband used to work in a job where he traveled and installed and serviced computers for hospitals and doctors’ offices. He would frequently travel down to the Rio Grande Valley region of Texas, and he could tell you firsthand how many hospitals have closed and are closing down there, because they simply can’t afford the onslaught of illegals seeking medical care with no ability (or intention) to pay for it.

    Good intentions are great, but medical care costs. Someone has to pay. Hospitals don’t operate on hope and change.

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  21. Jarhead Cracka

    April 5th, 2012

    This idiot is a LAW Professor? Yet he doesn’t know the standards or procedures for impeachment of a Supreme Court Justice??? His Law students should demand their money back, as should the students of that Lecturer of Constitutional Law at Chicago, Barack Obama.

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  22. judgeroybean

    April 5th, 2012

    If anyone shoud be impeached it shoud be any Justice who approves AFA.

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  23. TigerEyes

    April 7th, 2012

    Another blithering idiot who deems himself a Constitutional genius!

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