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So How’s That Little Project of Getting Limbaugh Off the Air Going?

Home - by - March 29, 2012 - 10:49 America/New_York - 16 Comments

Allahpundit ran a story last night about how all the Limbaugh advertisers are quietly resuming business as usual, and in the end Limbaugh lost a grand total of 5 advertisers, one of which tried to come back and Limbaugh gave them the raspberry.

Buried in the story was an interesting tidbit about a lefty radio host who said some things about Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor. The fact that I never heard about this before speaks volumes about the left’s selective outrage.

This is Rebecca Kleefisch, the Republican Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin:

This is John “Sly” Slyvester, liberal radio host at WDTY in Madison WI:

Lt. Gov. Kleefisch is a wife, mother of two, cancer survivor, journalist, and free-market advocate who is trying to persuade businesses to come to Wisconsin through cold phone calls.

This is what John “Sly” Slyvester said in an on-rant about Lt. Gov. Kleefisch’s personal and political life (transcript via Freedom Eden):

“SLY” SYLVESTER: How amateurish is it to have Rebecca Kleefisch, who, I don’t know, she has some like little panty business in her basement or something, I don’t know. She’s hardly a, she’s hardly an entrepreneur. You know what? You know how amateurish that is? Cold-calling?

(Mocking Kleefisch in high-pitched, slurred voice)

‘Would you like to move to Wisconsin? Would you like to move CouponCabin to Wisconsin? I’m Rebecca Kleefisch. I perform fellatio on all the talk show hosts in Milwaukee. And they endorse me and that’s how I became lieutenant governor. And then I got colon cancer and I ran around the state to help people. Even though I have government health care, screw everyone else.’

…I had heard at one point Rebecca Kleefisch pulled a train, but that must have been a different story I was reading about.

“Pulled a train” is vulgar slang for group gang rape.

The MSM coverage of this filth-monger dances around his exact sexual slurs — they refer to “explicit” slurs without explicitly informing you — which is why I spelled them out for you.



  1. RickeyG

    March 29th, 2012

    Geez…he looks like Bill Clinton’s long lost twin brother!

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  2. MNHawk

    March 29th, 2012

    The coolest people anywhere are those that take the nickname of a celebrity. And Sly, dude, you are the coolest.

    Oh, and black is slimming. Really.

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    March 29th, 2012

    Obama and the his left media have no indecent level they won’t stoop to. We’ll have a long wait before anyone in the MSM informs us about this disgusting vile son of a bitch.

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  4. greenlantern

    March 29th, 2012

    @RickeyG: Ha! Better yet–Bill Clinton’s “differently abled” twin brother, to be PC about it. And here’s another correction: John “Slyme” Slyvester.

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  5. GregMan

    March 29th, 2012

    Hey, it’s cool, a liberal said it, so no prob. It’s not like a Republican used the word “niggardly” or anything like that.

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  6. Rob in ak

    March 29th, 2012

    Well Duh, of course she is attacked, she is a typical good looking, successful, republican woman. But dont attack the fat broad that wants us to help her get dates by paying for her pill, that is just over the line! OK now I can turn my lib translator off

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  7. Doc

    March 29th, 2012

    Maybe this fat fuk should fall down a flight of stairs and break his ugly little maggot face….just sayin’.

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  8. Nunya

    March 29th, 2012

    They’ve been trying to get Rush off the air for literally decades, and like Sarah Palin, the more the left tries to destroy either one, the stronger both of them get :D HA!

    Rush spoke weeks ago that the advertiser thing is much ado about nothing, sponsors come and go all the time: http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2012/03/05/don_t_worry_folks_advertisers_who_don_t_want_your_business_will_be_replaced

    That’s why I love Rushie and Sarah: like iOTW, no matter how bad the rest of the world is, with my heroes I can still find laughter and goodness and reassurance and kindred spirits

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  9. My Sharia Moor

    March 29th, 2012

    FYI, Fur…

    The Fox link at the end of your post has been taken down.

    Curious, that…

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  10. Dr. Tar

    March 29th, 2012

    Looking at these two, I know I’m on the winning side.

    To quote George C. Scott in Patton.

    “Americans Loves a Winner.”
    (Even If we have to settle for Anyone But Obama – ABO).

    “And will not tolerate a loser.” (No second term for you Barack).

    See 1:47 from this clip


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  11. Bob M.

    March 29th, 2012

    Yeah, and with those big honky lips of his, I’ll bet he’s pulled the ‘saltwater taffy’ a time or twelve, too. >:-D

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  12. Metprof

    March 29th, 2012

    Slyvester who?

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  13. Tim

    March 29th, 2012

    Kleefisch? Rebecca Kleefisch?

    Could she be a Jooooooooooo? For socialists and ugly, slimey, pus-faced maggots it is always open season on Jooooooooos and people with Jooooooooo-sounding names – like Zimmerman and Kleefisch.

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  14. Pickled Liver

    March 29th, 2012

    Libitards get more disgusting every day!

    Waiting for the outrage? How about somebody stepping up and bitch slapping this clown?

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  15. I Luv Bacon

    March 29th, 2012

    Dear Doc and Dr.T,

    Right on!

    Dear Nunya,
    100 TU’s

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  16. barnslayer

    March 31st, 2012

    Class act this Sylvester guy is. I’d like to hear what his wife thinks of it. That is assuming he isn’t just another overgrown kid living in mom’s basement. He makes the Jets coach Rex Ryan seem civilized.

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