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What We Are Up Against – The Diseased, Idiotic Minds of Leftists

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Illustr8r sent me a story about a Seattle Community College who has established “free speech zones” on campus. They dictate when and where “free speech” can be exercised.

When the students complained that this was most likely a response to OWS protests, the progressive school assured them that it wasn’t. It was in response to ONE protest by the Lyndon LaRouche camp who set up a table outside of the school bookstore.

ONE protest by a group who they don’t agree with resulted in Draconian policy.

But that isn’t the money shot. That came from an English teacher, Jeff Wyman, who wasn’t buying the school’s reasoning. He said, “the proposal seemed to fit with a pattern of actions the college has taken to stifle speech, including no longer funding the college newspaper.”

Only a prog would say that “free” speech was being stifled because other people weren’t funding it.

They are diseased, I tell ya.

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  1. Racist

    March 28th, 2012

    Duke and NC State have had a designated “Free Speech” area since I was a teenager. UNC probably has one too, I just never ran across it. There were actual girls at UNC to spend my un-authorized time on Campus pursuing!

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  2. FreeMan - Fire Cracker

    March 28th, 2012

    ““free speech zones” dictate when and where”

    So there is editing.

    You can’t say that here and now, but you can say it, just not now and not here.

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  3. TooMuchTime

    March 28th, 2012

    Very simple. Just go to a non-free speech zone and start saying what you want. When you are “damaged,” (anything up to and including expulsion) you sue the school for violating your free speech rights. Since you were damaged, you now have standing to sue. Since it’s a public school, it is part of the gov’t and must conform to all constitutional rights.

    F’em all.

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  4. TooMuchTime

    March 28th, 2012

    When reparations for slavery was a hot topic a while ago, David Horowitz was asked by the Young Republicans at UC Berkeley to speak on the subject. Before he did, he took out a political ad in the Daily Californian. He paid to have the paper print his opinion since there was no way they were going to do so voluntary. They had to accept the ad because it was political in nature; federal law says you cannot turn down any political ad as long as it is paid for at your current rates.

    The paper was printed with the ad included and distributed to the racks and other campus locations. Students working at the paper informed the editor that they were going to steal all of the papers from wherever they were located because they didn’t want Mr. Horowitz’s ad to be seen. They did this overnight and there was no DC for that day.

    When the editor was questioned he had to tell why. He explained what happened and then said that even though he knew what they were doing was wrong, he didn’t want to violate the free speech rights of the students that kept the campus from seeing Mr. Horowitz’s ad. Nothing was said of Mr. Horowitz’s rights; they were conveniently and callously ignored.

    By the way, Mr. Horowitz’s money was not refunded.

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  5. shootersgrandma

    March 29th, 2012

    Let’s see how far the Tea Party would get with something like this.

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