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Enabling A Liar

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Obama The Uniter: Mocks GOP Over Energy Positions

By: Curt, Flopping Aces
This man has to be the sorriest example of a “professor” ever seen. Not only does he not understand the argument against his green energy push he also “mangles U.S., world History”

That is the headline at the very liberal, very leftist, blog known as Talking Points Memo.

You know it’s bad when they are calling him out.

But let’s not even get into his ignorance in history. Let’s get into this statement:

“Now, here’s the sad thing. Lately, we have heard a lot of professional politicians, a lot of the folks who were running for a certain office, who shall go unnamed, they’ve been talking down new sources of energy. They dismiss wind power. They dismiss solar power. They make jokes about biofuels. They were against raising fuel standards. I guess they like gas guzzlers. They think that’s good for our future. We’re trying to move towards the future. They want to be stuck in the past!” Obama exclaimed to cheers from the crowd. “If some of these folks were around when Columbus set sail, they probably must have been founding members of the flat earth society. They would not believe that the world was round!”

Leaving out the fact that the Columbus flat earth assertion is not historically accurate either he still fails to acknowledge what the real argument against his policies are. We all want alternatives to the traditional oil energy but conservatives understand that there is NO green energy alternative that is around today, or will be in the next decade, that can replace oil. So while we all want energy alternatives to be investigated and refined, we still need oil. And its better for our country to get it’s own oil rather than depend on other countries.


Read the article here.

I don’t know what is more pathetic, Obama’s lies or the MSM happily allowing him to lie.


  1. jbinnout

    March 16th, 2012

    OMG…what a maroon.

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  2. AvgDude

    March 16th, 2012

    Here’s is the problem in a nutshell. Obama is the leader of a cult of morons. Both Obama and his shit for brains followers are incapable of understand reality nor anything close to it. This is what living too easy for too long does to people. They plant their heads permanently up their asses and then never see the light of day again.

    These people are so fucking stupid and incapable of grasping reality that we could beat them in a revolution, and they’d still think they won. They are that fucking batshit crazy. And they’re running things!

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  3. mmm

    March 16th, 2012

    The green energy companies barry is shoveling money to is for his benefit… campaign donations/pay back.

    I don’t believe he really thinks green energy is superior, he just needs cover for weakening the U.S.

    Barry also enjoys lying.

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  4. Ten Megaton

    March 16th, 2012

    But AvgDude, they will be savoring victory in the afterlife…good riddance.

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  5. Mr.Gates

    March 16th, 2012

    Modern cars are not “gas guzzlers”. But apparently the DB wants coal guzzlers instead. The performance of electric cars has not improved since the very first. The idiots are also standing in the way of increased natural gas production, which could actually be used as cleaner burning motor fuel. They seem not to understand that cars, trucks, and buses will never run on solar or wind power. Not with the currently available laws of the natural world. Reality can’t just be wished away.

    Their deeply delusional and self-important state has made them a clear and present danger to us all.

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  6. HippieCritic

    March 16th, 2012

    This speech was jaw-dropping, especially the Henry Ford reference.

    The horse and buggy lost favor after the automobile became reliable and affordable…and that only happened because of free-market private innovation.

    What a dumbass.

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  7. Berlet98

    March 17th, 2012

    Re-birth of the Birthers

    When a grinning Barack Hussein Obama finally produced his long form Hawaiian birth certificate on April 27, 2011–following years of questions fueled by strong suspicions he was born in Kenya–he felt certain all doubts that he was constitutionally-qualified to hold the office of the presidency had been laid to rest.

    They hadn’t.

    Principal contributing factors for the qustions related to the inexplicably inordinate delays in providing the Long Form certificate and the million or so dollars the Obama camp spent to avoid the minimalist task of simply displaying a piece of paper. Neither the delay nor the money expended made any sense.

    Testimony to the lingering doubts, Arizona’s Sherrif Joe Arpaio recently launched a privately-funded 6 month investigation into the matter of exactly who and what our president was, Kenyan or American?

    As he announced at a press conference, no major media source had investigated the controversy so his cold case posse of volunteers would look into the issue in order to resolve it once and for all.

    Arpaio said after receiving the posse report, ”We believe probable cause exists indicating that forgery and fraud may have been committed, not only in President Obama’s long-form birth certificate, but more disturbing evidence suggests that another fraud may have been committed regarding his selected service registration card. Based on all of the evidence presented and investigated I cannot in good faith report to you that these documents are authentic.” (http://abcn.ws/zrMUTU)

    Although Arpaio was convinced that both Obama’s birth certificate and draft card were forgeries, he isn’t prepared to accuse the president, yet. The investigation is continuing.

    Left unmentioned by the sheriff is the issue of Obama’s Social Security card number which was originally issued to a French immigrant born in 1890 and re-issued to Obama in the state of Connecticut in 1977. The 15 year old Barry was residing in Hawaii with his maternal grandparents at the time and never resided in the Nutmeg State.

    At least one blogger has suggested the grandparents’ connection with well-connected Connecticut socialite, Helen Canfield, helped grease the skids to secure a SSN for Obama since he lacked an American birth certificate.

    On the other hand, Snopes.com, long an avid Obama defender, alleged the SSN was valid. Snopes termed the brouhaha “fantastical.” As “proof,” Snopes said Jean Paul Ludwig’s SSN was different and offered for verification a link to the Social Security Death Index which turned out to be useless and referred searchers to Ancestry.com.

    Personally, I’m dubious as to all the birther allegations despite their potent arguments that Barack Hussein Obama was not born in the United States of America and thus ineligible to serve as president–and subject to prosecution as a liar and usurper.

    Perhaps due to my septuagenarian naiveté, I find it difficult to accept that America’s mainstream media would not have reported those damning facts.

    However, a composite, 11 minute video of the president’s statements . . . (Read more at http://www.genelalor.com/blog1/?p=17584.)

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  8. phil arbeit

    March 17th, 2012

    “I don’t know what is more pathetic, Obama’s lies or the MSM happily allowing him to lie.”

    I do. It’s beyond “pathetic” it’s criminal. As Breitbart said, our war is not with the politicians, it’s with the media. If the media did their job, we wouldn’t have to worry about the politicians doing theirs.

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  9. John F.

    March 17th, 2012

    I’ve come to loathe the use of the word “folks”.

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  10. Nutjob

    March 17th, 2012

    So now he turns to mocking people for his belief in failed technology and ventures that won’t get us off foreign oil?

    His mindless drones who follow him without checking out the facts on solar, wind, bio-mass, alge, gunk or slime are the ones I would consider as followers of the flat earth society….Probably dumb eneough to think multiculturalism works and islam is the religion of peace too.

    Yeah keep right on spewing barry, we know you can’t perform basic math, so your history recently (lets not forget Rutheford hayes and the telephone quip),just confirms you were in special ed as the reason why no one will release your transcipts.

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