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Bill Maher Stands Up For Rush Limbaugh, Decries Advertiser Intimidation

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Bill Maher stood up for beseiged talk show host Rush Limbaugh via Twitter late Tuesday, tweeting “Hate to defend #RushLimbaugh but he apologized, liberals looking bad not accepting. Also hate intimidation by sponsor pullout.”

Maher has come under fire from Limbaugh and others in recent days for his own previous sexist comments directed towards conservative women. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin called upon President Obama’s Super PAC to give back Maher’s donation. “For the sake of everyone’s daughter, why doesn’t his super PAC return the $1 million he got from a rabid misogynist?” Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers also criticized Maher in a high profile column in The Daily Beast, calling him the “the grand pooh-bah of media misogyny” and asked readers to “[i]magine now the same joke during the 2008 primary with Michelle Obama’s name in it, and tell me that he would still have a job.”


All the left is doing is showing that they know apologies don’t mean shit.

Or they simply do not accept them when they are issued.





  1. Jerry Manderin

    March 7th, 2012

    He is only apologizing because the spotlight is now hot on him.

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  2. Mary Jane Anklestraps

    March 7th, 2012

    What Jerry said.

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  3. Gina

    March 7th, 2012

    That’s nice. Now let’s see if it is actually covered in the news.

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  4. CrustyB

    March 7th, 2012

    Letterman apologized, Palin accepted. Ed Schultz apologized, sponsors didn’t flee the show. Limbaugh apologized, but 22 sponsors fled him and the Whore of Georgetown didn’t accept. Michael Richards apologized on Al Sharpton’s show for telling off a couple of hecklers in the context of a shock act, the “Reverend” didn’t accept.

    Why the hell do people on the right continue to apologize to the ungracious bastards of the left? They’re beneath us and we should never forget that.

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  5. Burrcredulous

    March 7th, 2012

    Whoa, Dicknose did what?

    Maybe those Mayans were onto something after all.

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  6. Berlet98

    March 7th, 2012

    The Great Slut Controversy

    In “Fluke, Flake, Fraud–or All Three?” I laid out the case that 30 year old Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke was, by definition, both a slut and a prostitute as Rush Limbaugh alleged last week.

    Limbaugh’s scathing terminology was unfortunate and he later apologized but Ms. Fluke, revelling in the limelight she purposefully created, rejected his mea culpa.

    Ms. Fluke’s admission that birth control is costing her an exorbitant thousand dollars annually testifies to her sluttish promiscuity. Her demands that others pay for her to have sex without consequences satisfy the definition of a prostitute, although that description is more tenuous.

    In contemporary parlance and in view of today’s loose sexual mores, Ms. Fluke may not technically be a slut and Limbaugh was clearly wrong in applying the word to her since the slut word would then be applicable to at least half the population of college and university students, and we can’t have that!

    Rush’s gross indiscretion doesn’t seem to have bothered Sandra very much.

    She has expressed righteous indignation in various venues and wasn’t harmed in a legal sense by the epithet. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer wants her to sue Limbaugh: “I’d like to see her take him to court. She is not a public figure and, for that reason, she should be able to sue for slander, libel or whatever else might be involved.”

    There are two problems with that line of thinking. First, the 30 year old law student defamed herself by going public about her personal life and her obviously voracious sexual drive and, second, she is indeed an activist “public figure” who has served as a former president of Law Students for Reproductive Justice and vice president of the Women’s Legal Alliance.

    In any lawsuit, Ms. Fluke would have to prove both that she is not slutty and that she sustained damages as a result of Limbaugh’s invective. If anything, she has gained worshipful notoriety over the last week and the trial would devolve into a media circus.

    In any event, Ms. Fluke has already won the battle of the Great Slut Controversy. . . (Read more at http://www.genelalor.com/blog1/?p=15983.)

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  7. Name Redacted™

    March 7th, 2012

    Bill Maher knows he is guilty of worse, so he’s willing to go easy on Rush because he wants the standard to be set low.

    He also smells the shitstorm that is beginning to blow his way.

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  8. Groucho Marxist

    March 7th, 2012

    So he’s not a complete liberal dick…..

    Just a 2 inch liberal dick

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  9. Gracie

    March 7th, 2012

    @Name Redacted, You are absolutely right.
    Could it possibly be that liberals are beginning to realize that once the bashing to the right is over, they’re next?

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  10. Plain Jane

    March 7th, 2012

    So is he asking obummer to give him back his million?

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  11. Abe

    March 7th, 2012

    I don’t give a flying flip what BM says.
    And any business that folds to threats and liberal intimidation isn’t worth doing business with anyway.

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  12. Jayne

    March 7th, 2012

    No Thanks, Bill. Let the grown ups handle this.

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  13. Gracie

    March 7th, 2012

    Bill Maher is covering his own ass.

    Maher is doing this because his sponsors pulled out after his 9/11 comments. He was fired from his ABC show “Politically Incorrect” because of his words. Rush came to his defense. Freedom of Speech was the reason. Of all the liberals in the world, Maher IS the guy who should defend Rush. I’d bet the MSM will not bring out this point. Here’s what Maher said on “Politically Incorrect” shortly after 9/11:

    MAHER: “We have been the cowards. Lobbing cruise missiles from two thousand miles away. That’s cowardly.
    Staying in the airplane when it hits the building. Say what you want about it. Not cowardly.”

    His ass was fired and Rush defended Maher’s right to say whatever he wanted to. This IS America, isn’t it?

    I pray Obama does not get reelected, but if that tragic day comes, I hope I’m alive long enough to see the expressions on the libtards faces when they realize it’s not just conservatives/repub’s this gov’t will, I stress WILL shut up forever.

    Here’s the Bill Maher getting fired story:


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  14. Nutjob

    March 7th, 2012

    Dickface knows that if pandoras box is opened by the left, it can be equally opened by the right when it comes to defamation lawsuits. Being he is the biggest slandering namecalling libelus POS on television.

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  15. Bob Mack

    March 7th, 2012

    An apology to a leftist is the same as blood in the water to a shark. You’re always better off just re-loading the spear gun.

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  16. Billy Fuster

    March 7th, 2012

    As if anyone listens to this doosh-bag?

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  17. Bloodless Coup

    March 7th, 2012

  18. MNHawk

    March 7th, 2012

    On a brighter note, our fearless Dear Leader will never insult his opponents for being d**k suckers, anymore, as he’s now against insulting private citizens.

    Quit laughing you wingnut teabaggers, SCoaMF is serious.

    Well, OK, but at least Obama voters lap it up.

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  19. Johnny Freedom

    March 7th, 2012

    He smells smoke and desperately wants to keep his sponsors.

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  20. Bloodless Coup

    March 7th, 2012

    Breitbart: Obama’s First NDAA Target!
    The Communist Evil’s Out in the Open Now… Videos of Obama Hanging with Real Communist Terrorists Coming Soon, If They Aren’t Stopped First


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  21. Sammy

    March 7th, 2012

    So this is where the ignorant people gather.
    haha. Someone told me I would get a laugh from reading your comments, they were right.

    How do you people get so dumb? I mean for real, how does one go through life ignoring the reality around them? Do you have to keep repeating and keep listening to this crap on a daily basis in order to KEEP THE FAITH.

    Really that is what it is faith. Facts are easily attained, yet people want to make decisions based on emotions.

    What would happen if you just stopped listening to all news sources for 1 month. Would you still be as stupid? Or will the brain washing wear off?

    If someone apologizes that doesn’t mean the other person has to accept it. Who made up that rule?
    If someone repents is the standard set in the bible. Not lip service. So keep your bible thumpin remarks to yourself.

    I am curious about HOW one gets so stupid to buy into the right wing BS.

    How easy was it for the Right Wing to convince you that torturing another human being, was OK.

    Now look at your bible, and apologize to those who were tortured.

    You gave up any morality, to support TORTURE. If you did not support torture, you would no longer be a republican. If you are you support torturing humans.

    Again look at your bible now.

    I feel sorry for the right wing nuts. Living your entire life being manipulated by people who are using you.

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  22. Mr. Chris

    March 7th, 2012

    If what you’re saying were the case ‘shammy’, why are you here?
    Take your twisted attempt at logic back to puff ho where it belongs.

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  23. Wraith

    March 7th, 2012

    I’ve read through his post repeatedly, and I have no clue what the hell dude’s babbling about. :?

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  24. Stop Obama or GestapObama

    March 7th, 2012

    The worst part about this whole Fluke thing is that she’s nothing more than a distraction. The assholes in the Democrat party were getting attention about their abrogation of 1st amendment religious freedom, so they tossed a shiny object up in the air to distract everyone. And sadly it worked. We all refocused our attention on the Eugenecist slut. She represents something for everyone to dislike. She’s promiscuous, begging for state intervention to pay for her sex, a radical pro-abort “activist”, militant femi-nazi etc. Why the hell did soooo many people fall for this ?

    At least I know the left will ditch this idiot the second that the spotlight is off of her. Politics is unforgiving and the left eat their own.

    And now on to the turd sandwich that the GOP good ol’ boys have foisted on us.

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  25. Lizzy

    March 7th, 2012

    Maher’s concerned because he knows there’s a long record of his vile, misogynist jokes. He sees where this “slut” controversy is going.

    Oh, and these Dems who are so concerned about women’s feelings? Alabama’s Democratic Party has recruited Maher to headline a fundraiser March 17.

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