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OWS and the Cuban Connection

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Trevor Loudon should get the New Media Pulitzer, several times over.

Trevor broke the story on Van Jones (Beck never gave him credit) and here he is breaking another story about communists bringing us down from within.

New Zeal

Occupy Wall Street and its hundreds of offshoots, cost the U.S. hundreds of millions of dollars in a few short months. Cleanup costs, police overtime, lost and disrupted production and countless smaller issues hit cash strapped communities at a time they could least afford it.

If, as some (including myself) predict, the movement expands and becomes better organized and more violent next Spring and Summer, the costs could become astronomical.

If you were an enemy of the U.S., a hostile power intent on bringing America to its knees, would you like to see this movement grow? Maybe even help it along a little? There is some evidence that one country has been doing just that.

That country is Cuba.

The O.W.S. movement got more than a little attention at a recent Cuban sponsored convention of communist led labor unions in Tijuana, Mexico.

The 8th U.S./Cuba/Mexico Latin American Labor Conference took place in Tijuana, Baja California, within sight of the U.S. border, December 2-4., 2011.

Speakers included several high ranking Cuban officials, including Heriberto González del Valle, a professor at the Lázaro Peña National School for Union Cadres in Havana, Dr. Raymundo Navarro Fernández, member of the Secretariat of the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba and Cuban Gilda Chacón, representing the formerly Soviet controlled international communist front World Federation of Trade Unions.

At the meeting, João Batista of the Central dos Trabalhadores e Trabalhadoras do Brasil stated that “that the Occupy movement has brilliantly shown the world that “U.S. imperialism” also affects the 99 percent at home.”

Certainly “Occupy” was on the conference agenda. Detroit activist and former conference organizer Cheryl LaBash, wrote in a November 5 article in Worker’s World, the publication of the militantly pro-Cuban Worker’s World Party:

Where is the electrifying Occupy Wall Street movement headed? From capitalist media pundits to the Occupy Wall Street encampments struggling to hold public space in countless cities and towns across the U.S., this question is bubbling underneath the daily actions and police repression.


Maybe the Daily Beast was talking about this Clarence Thomas when they said it was a good idea that he ran for president.

You’ll see how he, the Occupy Oakland Movement and the communists fit nicely together.


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  1. Commissar M

    February 27th, 2012

    Does Cheryl LaBash also write for the NYT or maybe as copywriter for MSNBC? It’s pretty sad when the copy from some stodgy old commie rag is indistinguishable from the copy in Worker’s World. ;)

    BTW, do these assholes STILL believe that whole “empowered worker” crap? I thought Gramsci shot that crap down 80-odd years ago. The Frankfurt School pretty much proved his point when they led the takeover of the academy in the US during the 40s and 50s.

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  2. Stirrin the B.S.

    February 27th, 2012

    The unions have outlived their original purpose. They had a noble objective a one time. Now, their only purpose is to enrich their leaders and reduce the productivity of their rank and file.

    The unions have NOTHING to do with improving working conditions and “living wages” anymore. They have outlived their usefulness.

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  3. Johnny Freedom

    February 27th, 2012

    Joe Biden would love that guy in the video… a clean black guy with very little negro dialect… why, he’s so unblack he could even be president!

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  4. Mark Zist

    February 27th, 2012

    The Russians did this in the Spanish civil war, training local communist sympathisers and dispersing them among the population to make the future uprising appear spontaneous.

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  5. Carbon Pootprint

    February 27th, 2012

    Trevor Loudon


    Glenn interviews Trevor Loudon
    Glenn Beck, Radio Program, interview, highlight

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  6. Snake

    February 27th, 2012

    Bravo! Bravo! I belive the man said the only recourse that organized labor has is to shut commerce down…and that they have the resources to do so.

    Mr. third generation black-man dock worker; you can’t shut down commerce. Too many people need jobs even during the best of times – let’s not talk about today’s unemployment situation.

    One reason union (un-capitalized on pourpose) member ship is at a more than 100 year low (if your stat is correct…you folks have a history of BS’ing for your own pouroposes) is AUTOMATION!

    Yes everytime you and your “brothers” go on strike, efficicentcy specialist work up cost analysis pourposals and the big wigs start to take action.

    The Business world is not static! YOU A-HOLE NEED TO GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEADS!!!

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  7. Snake

    February 28th, 2012

    i hit the wrong key and it posted – and I also meant to write A-HOLES…but I’m almost finished.

    I have never built any automative devise to replace workers, but through motion-meterics and just finding out why companies spend money/time not adding value to its product I have put many of you over-paid paycheck collectors out of business.

    Here’s hoping that someday Americans realize that uions only negotciate higher wages for their members, and then them back in “dues”. Terminate your memberships and abolish them completely.


    ps I know I can’t spell and my grammer is awful,but please point out my mistakes – I am always willing to learn.


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  8. The O must go

    February 28th, 2012

    Do these far leftys have brains or do they just turn them off and become sock puppets ?

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  9. TooMuchTime

    February 28th, 2012

    Would this be the same union that pays it’s members $100,000 to $120,000 dollars a year? The benefits package, according to management, averages $42,000 a year, more than many Americans make in a year.

    There is a simple explanation why the longshoremen have benefited so much from globalization. They control the chokepoints that can halt the flow of imports and exports that American consumers and businesses depend on. In other words, the 10,500 longshoremen on the West Coast have the power to paralyze the $300 billion in cargo that flows through these ports every year.

    Now you know why the socialists and communists want to control the unions. They control imports, exports, and most major commerce.

    Sorry, Mr. Thomas. I don’t believe a word any socialist has to say. If you told me that the sun came up today, I would step outside to verify it.

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  10. FreedomCat

    February 28th, 2012

    I’m going to ask a really stupid question, but someone please clarify this for me? Clarence Thomas is pro union? I thought he was a conservative. Please shed some light for me gang. Thanks.

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  11. Stirrin the B.S.

    February 28th, 2012

    @FreedomCat – different Clarence Thomas

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  12. FreedomCat

    February 28th, 2012

    Thanks Stirrin!

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