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Uggs Banned?

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Uggs may be ugly in some fashionistas’ eyes, but should they be banned? Yes, according to a Pennsylvania school principal.

Uggs banned at Pennsylvania school to deter cell phone smugglers

The ban takes effect Monday at Pottstown Middle School outside Philadelphia, where the principal, Gail M. Cooper, announced the rule last week in a letter to parents. The ban applies to boots that do not fit tightly around the calf or ankle, such as open-top Uggs. Boots with zippers or laces may still be worn, as long as they remain zipped and tied.

“We have been experiencing problems with some students wearing open top boots and carrying items in their boots that are prohibited in school,” Cooper’s letter read, according to the Mercury newspaper. “Following several problems with these items, I have banned the outdoor, open top boots from our classrooms,” she wrote.


Are the people in charge of schools special-ed graduates? Has this pinhead never heard of a SHIRT POCKET? Or a sleeve inside a book binder?


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  1. jenny

    January 31st, 2012

    Me thinks Gail M Cooper is too fat to wear skinny jeans and ugly (UGG) boots … waaaa waaaah big baby.

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  2. conservative cowgirl

    January 31st, 2012

    I am willing to bet they wouldn’t ban burkas which would hide a truckload of “prohibited items”. The softening of the target has already begun in Pottstown:


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  3. Mary Jane Anklestraps

    January 31st, 2012

    Just my opinion, but I think there’s a reason they were named UGG. Because those boots are Uggly! lol

    1. I assume Pennsylvania gets snow, right?
    Should they wear sandals in the winter? Pfft.

    2. The girls carry purses and the boys carry backpacks around anyway.

    3. Unless you’re willing to frisk or X Ray each child before they enter the building, then STFU.

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  4. MNHawk

    January 31st, 2012

    “Are the people in charge of schools special-ed graduates?”

    Modern day Education Colleges might as well be.

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  5. illustr8r

    January 31st, 2012

    Uggs may be uggly but they are UBER comfy! They are my drawing boots. Not fully ready for the day without my coffee, Rush and my Ugg boots. :)

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  6. Mr. Pinko

    January 31st, 2012

    Morons – I’d ENCOURAGE Uggs. Then you know where to look YOU IDIOT!

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  7. Reiuxcat

    January 31st, 2012

    So are they banning cowboy boots too? And what of Redwings boots? (the list is endless)

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  8. Millertime

    January 31st, 2012

    Damn, my hopes were dashed again

    I thought someone banned the wookie

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  9. Wyatt, Insensitive Jerk

    January 31st, 2012

    I disagree – Uggs are a menance precisly because concealed contraband can easily be hidden in them. Examples are small bibles, literature authored by heterosexuals, religious jewelry, iPods downloaded with conservative talk shows, anti-union material, deadly snacks like potato chips and Twinkies, soda pop – the list is endless.

    This type of behaviour must be curtailed because….the education grand poobahs deem it necessary.

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  10. norman einstein

    January 31st, 2012

    Typical progtard reaction, from an “educator”, no less.
    i.e. throw the baby out with the bathwater, because they’re too thick to think it through, and see the obvious flaws with this stupid rule. Those kids must be laughing their asses off.

    I would, however, support a ban on uggs for strictly aesthetic reasons, because they are a blight on the landscape.

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  11. Uncle Al

    January 31st, 2012

    There’s no way to prevent people hiding prohibited items, at least small ones. Even if all clothing were banned and folks went around naked, everybody has one place to hide stuff, and half have two.

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  12. harbqll

    January 31st, 2012

    Wait, they can’t ban Uggs! How are we supposed to identify the slutty girls if they aren’t wearing the correct uniform?

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  13. The Doktor

    January 31st, 2012

    The Dickhead School District. And they are ‘educating’ children? One wonders how.

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  14. Commissar M

    January 31st, 2012

    Ah yes, once again saved from ourselves by one of our “betters”. Isn’t our leftist technocracy a wonderful thing?

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  15. FreeMan - Save Us Sarah

    January 31st, 2012

    I must live in the most stupid state in the union.

    We are #57

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