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Spoonin’ and Croonin’

Home - by - November 7, 2011 - 19:00 America/New_York - 8 Comments

In an odd marketing move, Barney Frank releases only the backside of his album.

- Mary Jane Anklestraps


  1. CharlieWalksonWater

    November 7th, 2011

    brown eyed girl cover by Bawney Fwank
    Van Morrison

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  2. MAJ Mike

    November 7th, 2011

    “Up the Hershey Highway” and “Dredging the Chocolate Channel” — duets with Elton John

    (I’m really, really ashamed of myself.)

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  3. sig94

    November 7th, 2011

    The other side of the album features “Vanilla Fudge”, “Make Me Bite The Pillow” and “I Got The Gerbil If You Got The Time.”

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  4. And they call it, Buppy love

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  5. Corona

    November 8th, 2011

    MaryJane is kick-ass.

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  6. Daniel Morseth

    November 8th, 2011

    The album is awesome, the concept is awesome and the replies are awesome as well. the people who hang out here are the funniest, most clever ones I’ve encountered.

    since my early release, I mean.

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  7. Jim J. Bullock

    November 8th, 2011

    Beefy Cheesy Gloryhole!

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  8. High Commissar

    November 9th, 2011

    Bwaney says:

    “oh daddy, make me your only gurl!”

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