DON’T – an essay on caring for a EVD stricken loved one – WiscoDave

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Ebola Virus Disease is here to stay. Wether we like it or not we will be forced to deal with it. Submitted is one viewpoint for consideration.

Victoria – WiscoDave

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Great reading for a Fall weekend. Take Heart!Thought of this while reading TSUNAMI inspired post.

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Press credentials; Blogger Or Journalist? – WiscoDave

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A serious question in an Internet age is who qualifies as a journalist and therefore for press credentials and protection under shield laws and Times vs. Sullivan.Who should not decide is easy: the Federal Government.

Post-Republic Republicans WiscoDave

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Think elections are the answer? Think voting GOP is the answer? Don’t believe the myth that they (GOP) perpetuate on the campaign trail.

Maybe OWS will like the way he looks now

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George Zimmer supported them; maybe they’ll like the way he looks in the unemployment line.

A honest answer – WiscoDave

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The most honest three and one half minutes of TV ever. Now, what are you going to do about it?

How to Kill a Drone – WiscoDave

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Interesting thoughts on disruptive frequencies that can be utilized to mess with UAVs

American Factories Told to Track Products Back to the Mine – Wisco Dave

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American manufacturers are facing an enormous task due to new federal regulations that went in effect on January 1st that presents another disadvantage when competing with foreign companies.

Companies that produce products containing gold, tin, tungsten, or tantalum must map out their entire supply chains all the way back to the mine the materials came from. Those materials are used in every single electronic device, from toasters to cell phones.

We happy few

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The 2nd amendment wasn’t written so we could go hunting. It was written so we could shoot at the gov if it was ever taken over by tyrants.