Because Barack Obama is a failed leader, this video happens!

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The video in this article features former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie discussing the percentage of our military personnel who support the decisions being made by Barack Obama concerning ISIS and most everything else. The number may be lower than you think!

Dr. Evil to join ISIS coalition! – TPC

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Trying to do whatever he can to form a coalition in the fight against ISIS, Barack Obama has reached out to some very odd potential partners.

Out of the mouths of babes: US National Security! (Humor) – TPC

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This article sends a message to Barack Obama through humor and the prism of childhood innocence telling him to be a leader and handle the one actual job he signed-up for when he ran to become POTUS.

But, as critically important as this job is, it is also unfortunately one of the things this President is worst at and that he is such a failure at executing: The National Security Of The United States!

What happens if a leader sucks? – TPC

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The saying goes that leaders are typically born and not made, making the fact that the world is relying on Barack Obama to bring us through what could be the most significant global crisis since WW2, a chilling prospect!

This article looks at leadership and what Barack Obama must do, and must not do, if we are to prevail against an enemy such as ISIS!

Read at The Political Commentator.

Must Listen: Domestic terrorism is already here! – TPC

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Have you heard the story about 19-year old Brendan Tevlin who was shot and killed at an intersection as retribution for Muslims killed in the Middle East?

Most likely you haven’t but as WPLJ’s Todd Pettengill states in this audio it is further proof that domestic terrorism carried out by homegrown terrorists is already here!

Listen about the cold blooded killing of a man killed for the crime of being an American!

At The Political Commentator.

Here is the US government test that will vet Syrian rebels! – TPC

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This article contains a copy of the test that is supposedly being used to vet Syrian rebels before we arm and train them. If this test is what will determine the ground forces we will be relying on to win the war against ISIS, we are in big trouble!

My memories of September 11, 2001! – TPC

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These are my memories of the events the morning of September 11, 2001 that, thirteen years later, are as vivid today as they were then!

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Must Watch Video: Former Muslim on the Realities of Islam! – TPC

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This is a must watch video by a former Muslim who converted to Christianity on the actual truths about his former religion.

It is addressed to Barack Obama but anyone who may still have doubts about the intentions of terror groups such as ISIS must watch it as well!

Barack Obama meet Romulus Augustulus! – TPC

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Given the ‘accomplishments’ of Barack Obama over the past six years this article looks at some of the things that brought the Roman Empire down and wonders if this administration is working on the same list!

Humorless Humor: Funny and Sad – TPC

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Three posters and one joke that are very funny and at the same time describe the serous problems facing the United States and the rest of the western world!

WH sign that tells the entire story of this administration! – TPC

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The sign in this article is the perfect White House recruiting tool because for anyone interested in working for the Obama administration it clearly provides the minimum requirement for the job!

Obama and Rahm: Political metrosexual’s! – TPC

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For anyone who ever wondered how Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel became such close friends, among other things they both seem to share a love of things slightly less than macho and slightly more along the lines of metrosexual.

Incompetence Fatigue, Radical Islam and the American People! – TPC

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Americans, with the help of a crafty Obama administration and a complicit mainstream media, are suffering from a disease that could ultimately rival Ebola for its deadly outcomes.

The name of the disease is Incompetence Fatigue and it is explained in this article.

Also included is a repost of a must-read article titled ‘EX-CIA employee admits President Obama is a radical Islamic enemy of America’

National Security? ISIL would need to become this!- TPC

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Because it’s obvious that a dire threat to US national security isn’t enough for this President to give a crap about doing his job, perhaps if the American people could somehow convince Barack Obama that ISIL will stymie his fundraising efforts he would take care of it immediately.

This is a video of only one of the President’s Labor Day weekend venues!

Read and watch at The Political Commentator.

Wake-up America and smell the halal – TPC

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Since 9/11 the fear of a terror attack occurring on US soil has, for many, faded from their consciousness. But as this story and links to other articles explain, that could be a deadly strategy!

White House response to Sgt. Tahmooressi petition for release! – TPC

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A day late and a dollar short this article provides the response by the White House to a petition signed by more than 130,000 demanding the release of Sgt. Tahmooressi from a Mexico prison!

Can a President actually be this incompetent by accident? – TPC

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This article asks and tries to answer the following unfortunate question: Can it actually be possible that Barack Obama is so incompetent that he has orchestrated what has become a global attack on non-believers by Islamic extremists purely by accident? Included is a partial list of administration failures.

How to win an NFL Survivor Pool – TPC

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It’s that time of year when the leaves are falling off of the trees, the sun is setting a little bit earlier every day and in the not so distant future the NFL football season will be kicking off!

For many of us that also means that the time has come to enter a Survivor Pool where one team is picked each week with no spread and once a team is used it can’t be used again.

If it sounds easy it’s not so I wanted to give some of the steps that go into the strategy that will hopefully allow you to win.

Or at least hang around for a few weeks!

Read about it in an article at LinkedIn.