Economics 101 – TPC

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The cartoon video in this article provides an excellent analogy offered by Ronald Reagan of the differences between capitalism and socialism.

It contains an all-star and bipartisan cast of politicians both past and present!

Seven Hillary Posters – TPC

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Seven political posters pointing out how four years of Hillary after eight years of Obama would be something that the country might not survive!

Video reenactment of Obama vs Putin (Humor) – TPC

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The video in this article attempts to use humor to depict the relationship between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin using a clip from an episode of Seinfeld as a prop.

No Policy+No Leadership+No Balls=? – TPC

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What do you get when someone possesses no leadership qualities, when they are not feared and when their words ring hollow and empty?

You get today’s world that is currently melting down under the watchful eye of our pool playing, fundraising, golf course frequenting and vacation loving Commander-in-Chief!

Read at The Political Commentator.

20 signs the western US drought is quite serious! – TPC

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This article contains 20 signs that the drought currently affecting the western United States may be lasting and would have a severe impact on the entire country.

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Cartoons: Israeli Missile Defense – TPC

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Nothing about the situation facing Israel on a daily basis that hasn’t been said before but it bears repeating because it is all so true!

Never Again? Think Again! – TPC

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For anyone who thinks that hate and anti-Semitism no longer exists, the banner in this article was flown over a Brooklyn beach this afternoon.

What a hero looks like – TPC

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The decision that Lebron made to bring his talents back to the Cavaliers has been called heroic by some and Lebron called a returning hero by others. Very often though the terms hero, courage and selfless actions are applied to people and events that, while extraordinary, may not rise to the level that the words convey.

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Will the PIIGS be slaughtered? – TPC

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Is the huge move down in EU sovereign debt yields over the past two years sustainable or are the cracks forming in Portugal a reminder that in the financial markets the more things change the more that they stay the same!

In other words will it be another one of history’s examples of bulls and bears making money and of PIIGS being slaughtered?

If you’re a lawyer… – TPC

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If you are a lawyer from any discipline who’s located anywhere in the United States, The Political Commentator needs your help.

Learn more at TPC.

Family Photo: Politically incorrect and hilarious! – TPC

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A friend of mine had a problem on the street the other day and sent me an email to describe what had happened. Seems like this mistake could have happened to anyone.

Elections have consequences (Humor) – TPC

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This video that’s both funny and sad at the same time should serve as a stark reminder that there are no free lunches and that elections have consequences. If two terms of Barack Obama in the White House has taught us anything, it has taught us that!

Fund For Dead-Ass Broke Politicians! (Video and Infographic) – TPC

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Video and infographic detailing how pathetic and out of touch Hillary Clinton must be, not to mention unqualified to be President, if she truly believes that compared to the average American she was dead broke when she came out of the White House!

Watch and read at TPC.

Guns and Dildos – TPC

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This video is one of the funniest that I have seen about the extremely serious subject of gun safety!

Humor, Chicago-style! – TPC

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Humor that combines two of the greatest jokes to come out of Chicago: The Cubs and Barack Obama!

Did someone die in your house? – HAS

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Have you ever wondered whether the place that you are thinking a about living was the scene of a death resulting in the property being haunted?

It’s a far-fetched thought but for those who are interested there is a website that provides the information!

Wanted: Obama adjectives and phrases! – TPC

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After writing about Barack Obama’s two campaigns and 6 years in office I have reached a point where coming up with new phrases and adjectives to describe his failed presidency has become problematic so, I am asking readers for help!

I have provided a list of the 50 I could think of off of the top of my head and request any others that people can think of while maintaining some level of decorum.

At The Political Commentator.

Water…Water! – HAS

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Few of us in the United States have anything but a 100% expectation that when we want water we can get water and that our crops will always grow providing us with food.

That is not the case in many countries around the world and may be becoming a problem here as well as the 25 statistics in this article show.