Rotting Fish – TPC

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Can it just be another Obama administration coincidence that the phrase ‘lack of leadership’ is used to describe any number of the President’s appointees?

Snake Oil Salesmen!

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Do the worlds central bankers have a firm grasp on the way in which their policies are going to drive economic expansion and then, once the growth is accomplished be unwound?

I’m not so sure…

(Animated video included describing what quantitative easing actually is)

White House insecurity – TPC

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With the security of the White House called into question over the past couple of weeks, The Political Commentator has obtained an exclusive photo of two more idiots trying to breach the perimeter and get inside!

Hiding in plain sight – What is Barack Obama’s endgame? – TPC

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- allowing ISIS to spread,
- cutting the US military to the bone,
- ignoring any and all advice from his military experts,
- sitting idly by while an almost nuclear Iran (who this administration is incredibly considering negotiating with) prepares to become a nuclear Iran,
- emboldening Russia to spread its regional wings helped by the Syria non-redline redline,
- domestic terrorism termed workplace violence,
- Islamic extremism spreading from the Barack Obama endorsed Arab Spring,
- a refusal to allow programs that would help lead us to energy independence (and reduced reliance on our enemies in the Middle East) such as the Keystone Pipeline and finally
- destroying the faith of our allies that the US will have their backs,

what else is this White House currently doing or not doing in the arena of national security?

Read at The Political Commentator and then leave your thoughts on what you believe Barack Obama’s ultimate endgame actually is!

79% of Obama voters are complete and utter idiots! – TPC

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This article includes poll results that incredibly show how more than 3/4 of 2012 Obama voters would make that same mistake again if given the chance.

I think that idiot may be the nicest term that can be used to describe them!

At The Political Commentator.

Story about a father teaching his son about politics! – TPC

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Very funny story about a father trying to teach his son about politics by using traditional family roles.

Unfortunately his son actually learns the lesson by walking around the house in the middle of the night.

Abject failure, thy name is Barack Obama!! – TPC

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With the spread of both ISIS and Ebola the one thing I think we can all agree on is that Barack Obama is an abject failure!

Flashback: Politically incoreect Obama-Christie – TPC

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When Barack Obama and Chris Christie met and appeared to be best friends during the Hurricane Sandy crisis, an event which supposedly contributed to Mitt Romney losing the election, it turns out from examining these politically incorrect before and after photos that their friendship actually started long before that day!

Sign the Ebola travel ban petition! – TPC

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Sign this We The People petition demanding that the FAA immediately ban flights landing in the US from Ebola-stricken countries! And ask your representatives in Washington why it is the Obama administration refuses to do so!

30 examples of Barack Obama disrespecting the military! – TPC

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While Barack Obama’s ‘Latte Salute’ was bad enough, this article contains a list of 30 more of the Commander-in-Chief’s most disrespectful insults to the military committed since taking office.

Everyone makes mistakes America, but this one was a doozy! – TPC

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While there’s no shame in making mistakes, making the same one twice as some did in America is inexcusable and was caused by ignorance and an unwillingness to actually search for the truth!

Is Leon Panetta a hero or a goat? – TPC

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In his new book Leon Panetta talks about how he advised the White House that it was critical to leave troops in Iraq and how they did not listen.

As an employee of the American people, if Panetta felt that strongly about a disastrous policy decision I think it would have been prudent at the time for him to resign in protest!

The perfect gift for every A Hole on your holiday list! – TPC

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With Christmas fast approaching, the gift described in this article is perfect for every friend or foe you will be swapping presents with!

Check it out at The Political Commentator.

Obama: ‘US Developed Ebola To Kill Black People…’ – TPC

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Louis Farrakhan recently told his followers that ebola is a creation of white people that’s being used to kill black people.

As outrageous and incendiary as that statement is, can a mathematical formula in any way tie Barack Obama to the Nation of Islam leader?

Multiculturalism: What’s in a name? (Humor) – TPC

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Politically incorrect humor about multiculturalism and the student roll call done on the first day of school.

At The Political Commentator.

Christmas 2014: The ‘No Action Obama’ Talking Action Figure! – TPC

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Just out for the Christmas shopping season and perfect for the Lib on your shopping list who still believes that this President can do no wrong, the ‘No Action Obama’ Talking Action Figure!

Nancy Pelosi is a saint? (Humor) – TPC

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This is a great joke that with a punchline that may be one of the only times that Nancy Pelosi will be called a saint!


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The New York vanity license plate in this article may as well read TERRORISM because in effect it is saying the exact same thing!

At The Political Commentator.