NBA Playoffs: Which teams gouge their fans? (Chart) – HAS

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The charts in this article show regular season ticket prices in the cities hosting NBA playoff games, the playoff ticket prices and the percentage difference between the two.

The results may surprise you.

Hotspots around the world! (Map) – TPC

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This article contains a map of the world that points out the uncertainty that is present country by country.

Whether it’s elections coming up in emerging markets, the Russian action in Ukraine or continued economic uncertainty this map provides a great summary of it all!

Read at HAS.

This economy suck! – TPC

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This article looks at the fact that when it comes to any economic weakness that’s reported, the pundits and financial pros along with government officials all like to blame the harsh winter for it occurring.

So is it all about the weather or is it possible that the economy might be facing headwinds going forward?

Eye Test: Can you identify Nancy Pelosi? – TPC

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This is an eye test that asks you to look at 6 body parts and from those see if you can pick-out the one that is Nancy Pelosi!

Michelle Obama says thank you to a nation! – TPC

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This is Michelle Obama’s thank you note to the nation for what was, at least for the First Family, a fantastic 2013!

At The Political Commentator.

Is Bitcoin screwed? – TPC/HAS

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Could a recent IRS ruling about the tax treatment of Bitcoin spell its ultimate demise? Maybe!

Commander-in-Chief refuses to salute a Marine! (Video) – TPC

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As if Barack Obama’s opinion of the military needed explanation, this video of him entering Marine One tells all that anyone needs to know!

Obama LOLCat Poster Moments (10 of them) – TPC

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Lolcat posters cut through the crap of Obama rhetoric and help to set the record straight over the dismal record of his administration!

Poll: The worst US President of all time is… – TPC

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Poll: Based on any metric that any reader would like to use, who is the worst US President of all time?

And, if you are a Democrat reading this, please remember to vote Chicago-style which is to vote early and often!

8 Great Obamacare cartoons! – TPC

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Because if you can’t laugh about this tragic law that is going to transform American medicine into something far worse and unrecognizable (unless you are in the UK or Canada), you will cry!

Is housing hitting the shi–er? – HAS

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It seems as if the stock market, particularly some of the higher flying NASDAQ stocks, have hit a brick wall and turned down.

While that may or may not be short-lived, could the same thing be happening in the housing market?

Liberal Logic 101: Inhale-to-the-Chief and 21 more! (Posters) – TPC

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22 articles that depict examples of liberal logic which is to say that here is none because libs typically have none!

Show me your boobs! – TPC

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Vladimir Putin wanted to see boobs at the Russian Mardi Gras and did he ever get his wish!

More Obama Ukraine Fail Posters (Humor) – TPC

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When it comes to inept foreign policy decisions that seem destined to fail, the United States, our allies and most certainly our enemies can unfortunately always count on Barack Obama and the rest of his administration for consistency if nothing else.

Is Obama Putin’s bitch? – TPC

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Liberals wanted to elect a man President who had no foreign policy experience (together with all of his other leadership shortcomings) and whatever it was that he thought he knew about it was 100% wrong!

The result is a Russian takeover of Crimea and whatever else it is that Putin decides to do next!

At The Political Commentator.

Ben Yellen: Blather from the Ivory Tower – TPC

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Janet Yellen spoke to the economy and the Fed’s decision-making process. Our opinion is that she is merely throwing s–t against the wall hoping that it sticks!

Putin Bracketology Predictions! – TPC

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If you were thinking about picking the Obama-led West in the battle with Putin over Russia’s takeover of Crimea, the Bracketology experts have a different opinion!

Obama Breakfast Cereal – TPC

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If a cereal company wanted to recognize President Obama, his performance in office and his persona on the world stage, these would be an excellent start!