Christmas 2014: The ‘No Action Obama’ Talking Action Figure! – TPC

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Just out for the Christmas shopping season and perfect for the Lib on your shopping list who still believes that this President can do no wrong, the ‘No Action Obama’ Talking Action Figure!

Nancy Pelosi is a saint? (Humor) – TPC

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This is a great joke that with a punchline that may be one of the only times that Nancy Pelosi will be called a saint!


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The New York vanity license plate in this article may as well read TERRORISM because in effect it is saying the exact same thing!

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Creative UK plan using nudity to weed out terrorists (NSFW) – TPC

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This article explains a NSFW and extremely creative method that some neighborhoods in Britain are supposedly using to go about trying to weed out any terrorists that may be in their midst.

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Afghan military disappears from Cape Cod! – TPC

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This article discusses some of the reasons why three senior members of the Afghan military who are in the US for training exercises on Cape Cod, would suddenly disappear over the weekend from a mall and are nowhere to be found.

Any word on missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? (Video) – TPC

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This article and video discusses missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, a story that is out of the news but should not be as it seems more likely all of the time that it’s sitting in a hangar somewhere in Pakistan.

Are we screwed with Obama running the show in the war on terror? – TPC

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Must read articles if you are unsure whether Barack Obama, our Commander-in-Chief, is doing all that he possibly can to actually win the war on terror and more specifically the war against ISIS!

Video, humor, Isis, Failure, Obama – TPC

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A very funny video presenting political satire concerning the way in which the Obama administration is handling the crisis that is ISIS!

A Bullshit Phrase – TPC

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Liberals will tell you that the American people do not want troops on the ground in Iraq but, when it comes to national security and prosecuting a war, it should not and cannot be based on polling data, upcoming elections or political expediency.

Because Barack Obama is a failed leader, this video happens!

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The video in this article features former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie discussing the percentage of our military personnel who support the decisions being made by Barack Obama concerning ISIS and most everything else. The number may be lower than you think!

Dr. Evil to join ISIS coalition! – TPC

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Trying to do whatever he can to form a coalition in the fight against ISIS, Barack Obama has reached out to some very odd potential partners.

Out of the mouths of babes: US National Security! (Humor) – TPC

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This article sends a message to Barack Obama through humor and the prism of childhood innocence telling him to be a leader and handle the one actual job he signed-up for when he ran to become POTUS.

But, as critically important as this job is, it is also unfortunately one of the things this President is worst at and that he is such a failure at executing: The National Security Of The United States!

What happens if a leader sucks? – TPC

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The saying goes that leaders are typically born and not made, making the fact that the world is relying on Barack Obama to bring us through what could be the most significant global crisis since WW2, a chilling prospect!

This article looks at leadership and what Barack Obama must do, and must not do, if we are to prevail against an enemy such as ISIS!

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Must Listen: Domestic terrorism is already here! – TPC

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Have you heard the story about 19-year old Brendan Tevlin who was shot and killed at an intersection as retribution for Muslims killed in the Middle East?

Most likely you haven’t but as WPLJ’s Todd Pettengill states in this audio it is further proof that domestic terrorism carried out by homegrown terrorists is already here!

Listen about the cold blooded killing of a man killed for the crime of being an American!

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Here is the US government test that will vet Syrian rebels! – TPC

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This article contains a copy of the test that is supposedly being used to vet Syrian rebels before we arm and train them. If this test is what will determine the ground forces we will be relying on to win the war against ISIS, we are in big trouble!

My memories of September 11, 2001! – TPC

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These are my memories of the events the morning of September 11, 2001 that, thirteen years later, are as vivid today as they were then!

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Must Watch Video: Former Muslim on the Realities of Islam! – TPC

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This is a must watch video by a former Muslim who converted to Christianity on the actual truths about his former religion.

It is addressed to Barack Obama but anyone who may still have doubts about the intentions of terror groups such as ISIS must watch it as well!

Barack Obama meet Romulus Augustulus! – TPC

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Given the ‘accomplishments’ of Barack Obama over the past six years this article looks at some of the things that brought the Roman Empire down and wonders if this administration is working on the same list!