Accidental Racism (Stranded in Sonoma)

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It’s a new game show! Spot the Accidental Racism! See if you can find “Accidental Racism” in everyday things. You too can be just like Talcum X! Come on! It’s easy! Just be a liberal…or, just think like one. Which is incredibly easy since liberals don’t think — they “feel.”

Protest in Santa Rosa (Stranded in Sonoma)

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I attended the National Day of Protesting Against Immigration Reform/Amnesty & Border Surge here in Santa Rosa. Met a lot of like-minded people and pissed off a lot of liberals. It was a good day.

The Great Crusade

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Just something that I wrote two years ago. I’ve updated it for the 70th anniversary of D-Day. I may watch Band of Brothers tonight in commemoration.

To those that served and lived — thank you for your service.

To those that served and died — thank you for my freedom.

Obamacare Survivor (Stranded in Sonoma)

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Well, another season of Survivor is in the books. Personally, I don’t watch it. As I understand it, the guy that everybody hated was the winner.

My Day Shopping or the Outlets to My Frustration (Stranded in Sonoma)

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My wife decided that we needed to take a field trip. Well…a shopping trip. Read on to laugh at my frustration AND a surprise ending!

Is your life affected by someone’s drinking? (Stranded in Sonoma)

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Obviously, a resident of Toronto thinks that Mayor Rob Ford (who I think looks like Baron Harkonnen from Dune) thinks that Duh Mayorz drinking is having some type of effect. Negative, no doubt. I wonder when the gin blossoms will start to show?

Underwear as a political statement (Stranded in Sonoma)

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Yes, underwear. No, I don’t mean burning bras. I mean something more DEEP than that.

ObamaSon kills his sister (Stranded in Sonoma)

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This happened last week but it is worth the read.

A fine 14 year old upstanding member of the community and an obvious ObamaSon murdered his 17 year old sister because she bleached his clothes.

However, the parts that are relevant are the ones that, as usual, are downplayed by the press. It’s the murder they’re after — those sell papers!

Mario Tolliver Jr. has been wanted by Oakland police since last Thursday on suspicion of shooting and killing 17-year-old Justice Tolliver…

Remember, Mario is 14 years old and his sister was 17 years old. Here are the relevant parts.

The shooting left the girl’s 3-year-old daughter without a mother…


Mario is also the father of an infant…

Yes, both sister and brother became parents when they were 14 years old. This is what passes as “success” for liberal policy in big cities. Frederick Douglass would be so proud — NOT! Thanks democrats! You’ve snuffed out another black life and, really, you don’t care. You never have.

When you’re in a hole STOP DIGGING! (Stranded in Sonoma)

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WARNING!! The link is to U-Toob so the video will autostart.

Richard Sherman. He has forgotten the simple rule of being in a hole. And this is a hole of his own making. We’ve all seen his rant from the end of the NFC Championship Game. Had he just said later, “Well, this was an important game. I’m not going to ask you to forgive me for what I said because I don’t think what I said rises to the level of the need for forgiveness. I just want you to understand the moment. It was against the 49ers, a VERY important division rival. We played them twice and split so this one was for all the marbles. I got carried away in the passion of the moment, the heat of battle. It was an emotional win for us.” I would have been fine with that and I think many others would too.

But he DIDN’T say that. He’s STILL being a loud-mouthed jerk. Now he’s going after Skip Bayless of ESPN. Unfortunately, Sherman’s got a jackhammer in that hole and he’s not stopping for anything. Hey, Dick! Let us know when you hit water.

The band that should play the liberal theme song (Stranded in Sonoma)

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I have no idea if they’re liberal or not, but that name screams Low Information Voter. If you like, you can go to their record label for more information. If you like show tunes, they covered Over The Rainbow.

Sanity rears its head in CA (Stranded in Sonoma)

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CA students are suing the state gov’t due to ineffective teachers. They want the law changed so tenure takes longer and bad teachers can be fired. The CTA (union) responded:

CTA argues [18 months] is enough time to evaluate a teacher, and if it isn’t being done, school officials may need more resources.

“More resources” = More Money. The union rhetoric never changes and is so transparent I’m surprised they just don’t stand quietly with one hand out while giving the taxpayer the finger with the other hand.

TCM Remembers… (Stranded in Sonoma)

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Do you remember all of the actors and actresses and others in the film industry that died in 2013? Damn. I’d forgotten many of them. Thank God for their films so we can always enjoy their work.

Warning. The link is to UToob so the video will autostart.

I got a job!!! — (Stranded in Sonoma)

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After two years and two months of being one of Obama’s unexpected, I am now a member of the employed…

My son kicks ass… (Stranded in Sonoma)

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In my son’s government class in high school, the in-class assignment was to choose a United States Senator, learn about them, and make appropriate arguments when the discussions started.

Seeing as how we’re from California, you’ll never guess who my son chose to be. And no, I didn’t give him any help in any of this.

Just a question… (Stranded in Sonoma)

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If Iran with nuclear weapons is such a good thing now, why wasn’t Cuba with nuclear weapons a good thing in 1962?

Toronto Mayor Baron Harkonnen

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This photo of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is priceless. Jonah Goldberg sent it over Twitter. His comment is also quite good.

It just reminds me of the character Kenneth McMillan played in the movie Dune — Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. As long as he doesn’t pull that pin off of the speaker’s chest and have a river of blood come squirting out.


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No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease.
No comfortable feel in any member.
No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees.
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds, –- November!

(Just something for late Autumn.)

I Got Polled! — Stranded in Sonoma

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Ignore the link. It’s just Rasmussen Reports because I had to put something in there.

Well, I finally got polled by Rasmussen Reports! I know we’ve all discussed this on IOTW before and many of us wonder who these schlubs are that say the economy is improving or that democrats can be trusted with national security or that Obama is doing a good job. Well, yeah. They’re democrats.

Last night I was just watching TV and the phone rang. The call was from 214-283-1316 and the caller ID was Marketing. I’ve been polled on local issues before so I just thought this was more of the same, albeit from an out of state number and polling company. It was a fully automated poll from Rasmussen! I thought, Finally! I get to tell the truth about the economy and Obama’s failures to a NATIONAL poll! The first few questions were just about the economy and whether I thought it was improving or not. (NOT!)

Then they asked if I was a democrat or a Republican or some other political party. I wasn’t quite sure exactly how to answer this one because I know the pollsters need to get about a 50-50 mix. They want to be able to claim the poll is accurate because they didn’t overpoll either party. I also know that once they get a reasonable number of one party (usually between 600 and 700), they will tend to ignore all others of the same party until they’ve polled enough people to get that 50-50 mix. But my need to skew the poll toward correctness was more important than the possibility of my answers being ignored! I answered democrat. Then, I proceeded to answer the remaining questions truthfully. (Remember, answering democrat would also force them to have at least one democrat that thought the economy was a shambles and would not improve any time soon.) Strangely, there were no questions about Syria which was not what I expected. A hot-button topic like that would have made most polls, I would think. I guess this was the economic poll rather than the foreign policy poll.

Some of the questions were about any retirement investments. One that surprised me was, If you had a large amount of money to invest, where would you invest it? The choice of answers ranged from stocks, company bonds, funds, savings accounts, and real estate. I answered real estate because I wanted a democrat to say that real estate might be worth investing in but that traditional investments are still too risky. They asked if I was unemployed and I answered yes, because I am. Then came the question I was waiting for. They asked, Are you unemployed and out of the workforce or are you unemployed and still actively looking for a job? I answered unemployed and still actively looking for a job. Which is truthful. But I also know that if I answered I was out of the workforce and NOT actively looking for a job, that would be an indicator that would allow the unemployment rate to DROP. I wasn’t going to allow THAT! So, the truthful answer will be an indicator that the unemployment rate will go UP, as it should!

It was great because, while I have taken phone polls before, this is the first one from a nationally recognized polling firm. Hopefully, I’ll get more but I’m not counting on it. Too bad because I would love to see as much negative sentiment about the Obama/Jarrett policies as possible.