Wondering What’s Up With the HC Rulings? -RosalindJ

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Welcome to Obamaville. “http://thefederalist.com/2014/09/05/harry-reids-court-packing-scheme-pays-off-in-halbig-case/

The Barries Got Rolled by Eminent Domain and Corruption

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..mostly by corruption, known as stacking the deck. I guess I can’t blame them when the choice is to eventually lose everything with a series of life-consuming legal battles v cutting your losses, but this is BS. Or more accurately, legal theft.

Keep an Eye On the 11 Western States

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The scope of government malfeasance, whether under the auspices of the EPA or the BLM,seems to know few bounds. I read this article that details the history of the supplicant to SCOTUS. I’m going along, noting this fact and that. Then I nearly had an aneurysm burst. Apparently some unelected and supposedly unaccountable official decided that the property use was a legitimate one because some other moron predicted 125K bicycle riders a year. At 9K elevation. Yeah, he must have been high.

160 Year Old NC Documents Deliberately Destroyed

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Speculations is a paper trail of old land records would disrupt current political heft and fortunes. Surprise! Local LEOs helped.

Remember Erin Cox from North Andover?

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It was covered on iOTW here: http://iowntheworld.com/blog/?p=208717. Turns out she was as forthright as preezy, but she’s only 17 and thought it would work. He however never figured that out. I hope she goes on to make a better life for herself. There isn’t anything quite like having your bad alibi go national.

Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

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Have a smartphone even with wi-fi turned off? Hai, residents of Seattle. Your location can (and probably will) be recorded to the last 1K historical locations.

Note that even though the infrastructure has been paid for and installed, there still isn’t “a policy for its use yet”. I think they mean they don’t have a policy crafted that’s fit for the public happy yet.

What new strange and wond’rous bits of hardware have you seen around your city or town?

What The Hell Is In The Water In New Mexico?

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Talk about over-reach (cringe). Or maybe the police think that since the ACA has supposedly gone into effect, this kind of service from doctors (and victims paying) is assumed.

I am generally on the side of the police, but it’s starting to be a 50-50 proposition, especially in light of the militarization of forces with equipment and in attitude.

Shirley Sherrod and Her Attorneys Are Ghouls

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Sherrod, who put the pig in Pigford. They’re going after Susie Breitbart personally. May they rot in hell.

GA H.B. 689 Requires Licensing of All Bicyles RosalindJ

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It isn’t up for a vote yet, but it will be. The article is written clearly slanted against the idea, but the quite a few of the comments are in support.

So It’s The Culture, Eh? – RosalindJ

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I was going to post about this earlier. Former NFL player Brian Holloway had his house broken into by approximately 300 teens. He’s declined to prosecute them (and he knows who they are because the geniuses posted to twitter about the epic event), he’s permitting them to come back and fix the damage. The snowflake’s parents are now threatening to sue. LI ran the story, and here is one of the best comments bar none I have read about it: “If any of these pathetic excuses for parents find a slime-ball lawyer or lawyers willing to file such lawsuits, I invite Mr. Holloway to be in direct touch with me. I will personally see to it that every plaintiff, every employer of every plaintiff, every house of worship of every plaintiff and every living relative of every plaintiff — and all of this goes for every plaintiffs’ lawyer, too — is relentlessly hounded and shamed by pickets and the media until their lawsuits are withdrawn. If these parasitic vermin are stupid enough to pull the trigger on lawsuits against Mr. Holloway, they should expect nothing less than scorched earth tactics from me and my countless allies in the business world, all of whom are fed up with the shamelessly meritless litigation that clogs our civil courts. We’ll see to it that your idiot kids are never allowed to so much as cut grass on an Ivy League campus, and they’ll never find employment beyond the corner gas station or area big-box store. So go ahead, drop a lawsuit. Make my day.” – Darren McKinney, Director of Communications, American Tort Reform Association, Washington, D.C.

Permits for muslims Only on 9-11-13 RosalindJ

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For their “Million muslim March” (which is a travesty in of itself). Apparently, there’s a shortage of permit ink and paper, because the counter-event of 2 Million Biker Ride has been denied. They’re going anyway. I won’t be there in time to see it, so take lots of pictures!

We Are The Government and We’re Here to Help..

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..ourselves and our predatory cronies help you right out of your home. – RosalindJ

The EPA is Completely Out of Control

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But you already knew that. ” Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich have inquired into the task force’s actions. Congressman Don Young is also looking into it. They have been having a difficult time getting straight answers from the EPA.” Don’t hold your breath.

Leave the Driving to Us. Added Bonus: Pathogens

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What.the.hell? The driver did not exercise their authority to put an ill and likely infectious passenger off a bus from CA. Your daily PSA documenting the erosion of a functioning society.

Remember Buckeyballs? Now it’s personal.

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‘When a Country is at War with the Citizenry’ – thanks to sTevo for the title. You’re not supposed to even attempt to legally defy Your Betters. -RosalindJ

I Bet Obama’s Saying “There’s a Problem With That?”

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Because attacking Israel as a result of his decisions and actions would be considered a bug, not a feature.

Sweet Lorraine Gets an Afterlife, Courtesy of a Studio

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Non-political palate cleanser. These musicians play, but they also listened, and wound up making it hard for me to see for a few minutes.

It’s Been Fixed – Finally RosalindJ

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Click because this song drove me around the bend. There is hope for the youth of America. These two were inspired to re-do the song that made no sense because there wasn’t “ONE EXAMPLE OF ACTUAL IRONY IN THE ENTIRE SONG!”