Scene of the Crime (BIG Post) – Redgrandma

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You can’t link to individual stories on this blog but the title story is a compelling description of a Chicago Saturday in some sections. And the next post has the hood scum coming to the downtown area. My beloved city in decline.

Wow!! Must see rant from a black American

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Stellar rant but too bad it won’t be seen by anyone who needs to see it — the looter rioters and the black grievance vultures.

Graduation Day

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“…The entire system of American education is reeling like a five alarm drunk and needs to be bulldozed under before it destroys this country irrevocably. Special interests, a partisan political juggernaut and mountains of redistributed cash have created the most self-serving of oligarchies: guaranteeing a human product equipped for only the bare semblance of mediocrity. Until the entire rusting hulk is smashed into pieces and an accountable educational format can emerge out of its ashes, every class of graduates will be duller than the one preceding it. Common Core will only produce the commonest of intellects….”

Ukraine Famine — Redgrandma

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…or why the Ukrainians hate Russia. Is this happening again, in a 21st century version?

Obama isn’t a loner. — Redgrandma

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…He’s a crack-smoking sodomite imbecile who has to be kept hidden. Duh….Tell us how you really feel, Ann. (love her)

Flash Mob Robberies At 3 Chicago Area Stores — Redgrandma

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Looks like some “Obamasons” needed some sporting goods or maybe I’m just a racist.

Seniors Held Under Armed Guard at Yellowstone Park — Redgrandma

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In a “former life” my husband visited Russia on a tour and was herded everywhere by police. Seems we have caught up with that practice here. Can’t have granny taking pictures of Old Faithful. No,no,no!

Whole Foods is Coming to the Hood – Redgrandma

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Rahm is going to help us help the EBT card carrying voters buy Arugula. He’s bringing Whole Foods to Englewood, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Chicago. I can’t afford Whole Foods, but somehow I can fork over tax dollars to subsidize someone else’s shopping spree.

Indian Stuntman Dies on Live TV (Redgrandma)

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Held the Guinness book record for traveling the longest on a zip line attached by his hair (and in heavy competition for ths years to Darwin Award)

Female Students Punched, Bloodied In Wild Queens Melee (Redgrandma)

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This is apalling. Teen prep school girls and their blue blazered boyfriends beat up 2 African-American girls…oh…wait…

Debbie Washerwoman Schultz Disses the Little People (Redgrandma)

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What an elitist b!7ch!, first her $100k a year staffers can’t afford a cheeseburger and now they can’t stand in line with the unwashed masses.

Weiner rises again (Redgrandma)

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QUICK. Check put the Drudge homepage before it changes. He has pcs os Weiner and Biden aligned with pics in the adjacent column that are too, too good to miss.

Chicago police swarm mag mile wilding scene (Redgrandma)

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Chicago police made several arrests Saturday evening after a wilding event instigated by “young people” along the Magnificent Mile.

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters boycotts Israel (Redgrandma)

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I’ve been asleep at the switch or I wouldn’t have voted for Pink Floyd in your survey BFH.

St. Patricks Breastplate — Redgrandma

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The real soul of St Patrick is in this, I believe, one of the most powerful and moving prayers ever composed.

Best Obituary Ever Written — Redgrandma

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I would love to have known this guy — except maybe for that bit about Hillary Clinton

Lawmaker gets photoshopped. Wants to make it a crime. (Redgrandma)

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If this Happens, Fur, we will all rally behind you and contribute to your defense fund. Really, we will.

Classic album covers recreated with kittens. Redgrandma

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A transition from my hard rock youth to grandma- land. Who says you can’t go from twisted to cute?