This is REALLY Bad Satire, Right?

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Please tell me that Scooter Van Neuter is now writing at the Washington Times! “We” aren’t really going to “train and equip” 5000 “moderate” Syrian Rebels (per year), IN SAUDI ARABIA, are “we”? Even if they somehow turned out to be actual “moderates” and “allies” who didn’t intend to take our weapons, money, and training and turn it on us immediately after they received it, WTF good is it going to do to begin a yearlong preparation plan of attack on an army of suicidal psycho zealots who are well on the march to murdering and raping their way across the middle east? It’s like planting an aloe vera seed because someone is about to burn you with a blowtorch!!!

Who is Vladimir Putin Really? Racist

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The comparisons between Obama and Putin are not really relevant. Americans have no idea what it’s like in Russia, or why the “Iron Curtain” exists. This FIREWALL with Bill (God I wish he’d run) Whittle illustrates the difference between the very nature of Russians and America…

Dick Boner Slams Chester the Molester with LIFE in Pokey! Racist

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70 characters insufficient!
NC Judge Dick Boner sends pedo J. Patterson to pokey for LIFE! The puns are unlimited, unlike this blurb! CRAP!! It was my title that was too long. Oh well, the puns and innuendo can resume in the comments section, if it makes it!

15 Myths Dumbocrats Believe as Facts Racist

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A list of simple facts and common sense that are too painful for Millennials’ delicate sensitivities to even contemplate. Logic that flies in the face of everything Prof. Bill and Preezy Histeezy ever taught them about the “real world”

The Devil Went Down To Washington

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Awesome remake of the CDB classic with a “slight” change in characters, but only just. Very well done. Although, I’m a little concerned about the condition of that Strat! If it was the Tele that’d be one thing, but I’m not sure what kind of person lets a Strat get in that condition…

They’re Not Gonna Be Happy About This

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The Benefits of Global Warming!!! Al Gore is liable to snap if this study manages to receive national media attention. Imagine… Ahh who am I kidding? We all know the “Obamao-Say-Dung” Media will NEVER allow this study to be “News”, if they have to stage an UBL assasination or a vanishing commercial airliner just to create a diversion until the threat of those pesky “Facts” is gone.

RINO to Monkey, “This is TOTAL BULLS#!T”! Racist

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Dicknose Bill (Maher) says Tea Party was started in response to 1st Black blah blah blah… The really entertaining aspect was when a Blaze commentor called Maher a Probiscus Monkey. I looked it up because I didn’t know what a Probiscus Monkey was… He was right!!! Here’s Bill’s family… Here’s Bill!!!,375×360,n,s,UHJvYm9zY2lzIE1vbmtleQ%3D%3D,ffffff.u4.jpg

If You Like Your Head You Can Keep Your Head!!! Racist

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Peace Activist “mistakenly” beheaded by other Peace Activist! I wonder if he still gets 72 virgins? The “Beheader” has asked for “forgiveness and understanding”. The “Beheadee” has no comment! Butt… it turns out the AQ faction who beheaded the commander of an allied group said he was actually taking him to the hospital when he asked them to kill him, believing that his captors were a group of Shia “Peace Acivists”! But don’t worry, it turns out that Moohammed said that Alluh would forgive a muslim who killed a believer in error! You can’t make this stuff up!

Business Insider Publishes Stoopid Fock’s Defense of Communism…

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It’s hard for me to comprehend this level of absolute stupidity, and I grew up around and still have to interact with some of the most blissfully ignorant and stereotypically accurate examples of white trash morons and the dumbest of LBJ’s envisioned new slaves that you can imagine! This idiot doesn’t understand why Conservatives oppose and decry as Communism the proposals of some guy who openly self-identifies as Communist, and like all Commie/Progs, only regurgitates the same old Collectivist ideas as every other Commie in history…
Hell, even I’m confused now. I swear I got stupider by reading it, and even stupiderer by trying to splain it 2 yawls!!!

Duck or Degenerate? It’s Hunting Season America! Racist

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The Motor City Madman seems to be one of the few public figures who haven’t gone mad! Except he’s MAD! In a letter written back before Halloween, Ted so eloquently reminds us of the need to maintain and defend our Hunter-Gatherer heritage. And in doing so, he prophetically illustrates how imperative it is that we turn this demonic attack on our morality and our rights around and take the offensive to the godless Left before they drive us off the cliff!!!

The Cruel Cruel Hand of Irony!!! Racist

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In what can only be described as the the cruel twist of Irony, an 86 yr old man who won a “Menage a trois with a couple of Bunny Ranch hotties CHOKES TO DEATH before he gets there! From Breitbart: A widowed Howard Stern contest winner chokes to death before he can claim his sexual escapade prize! On top of that, can you imagine the “reunion” with his deceased wife? AWKARD!!!


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Nothing is happening and no one’s around… But this is BREAKING NEWS…

This is the administrative orifices of the DPD, housed in a 10 story office bldg in the ghetto just outside “downtown” Durham.
I have a better story than the alleged shooting though. About 20 yrs ago when they first moved here, I wired the wall signs at the top of the bldg. I had a helper at the time who was a genuine bona fide BAD ASS. The boy had Titanium Balls the size of Obama’s ego. We sat in the van right there by the front door at lunch and smoked “choom” in a foot tall bong in plain sight, and no one noticed or said a word! A high-security facility this is not! Then there’s the fact that several years later I was at a stop light on Mangum St about 2 blocks from the heart of downtown. The DPD Chief was in the lane beside me, looking like he was hungover on his way in to work. Outta nowhere 2 Obamasons come running out and cross the skreet right in front of us. Right behind them are 2 more Trayvonns chasing and shooting at them. The angle and direction of the chase was such that the shooters had to have shot diagonally across the hood of the police chief’s unmarked car!! They didn’t hit it, but they definately went over the hood. Chief Jose just sat there with this doofy look on his face. When the light turned green, he just drove off like he didn’t see a thing… no call for back-up, no attempt to catch the shooters. not even a half-hearted attempt to make sure no one else had been shot! Just another day driving to “work” in Durham!

Mail Order Progmobile (assembly req’d)

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The “World’s First” car you can put together yourself in under an hour! Priced at “under 6000 Euros”, however the hell much that is in “real money”. Perhaps I should’ve titled this “The Quotes Post”… (eyeroll)

9 yr old Obama Son Goes to Daycare! Racist

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9 yr old psychopath assaults and abuses little girls and babies. I don’t know if you’d call this bullying or just attacking, but this little shit is evil. He sneakily watches and waits until he thinks noone is watching and then savagely abuses these kids for his own self pleasure. Product of his environment, psychologically deficient, or both, sadly this kid is one of those who will end up on the Trayvon side of somebody’s pistol one of these days!

FBI Arrest 2 Fla. Mayors/ Something Fishy ///Racist

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The mayors of Sweetwater and Miami Lakes have been arrested in an FBI bribery sting. At first it just looked like a case of media playing “Name that Party”, but upon closer inspection, something smells funny. There were other mayors and officials who “didn’t bite” according to FBI. Then turns out this Pizzi guy has filed several lawsuits and complaints against corruption at Miami-Dade County Commission. Could be Chicago-style…

Incredible Guitarist and Drummer too Racist

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All I can say is… nothing. It’s hard to speak when your jaw is on the floor! He plays with a band called the Aristocrats. It’s him and a guy named Marco Minneman who’s quite possibly as good as Neil Peart! I didn’t take time to individually watch the bassist but he must be awesome too if he’s playing with these guys. enjoy!

Obama’s REAL Mentor!!! Racist

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Campaign Obama may idolize and imitate Alinsky, but President Obama is a cheap copy of GW Bush, or at least the caricature of Bush that Obama created as a strawman!!! I guess that makes Obama his own role model. Talk about textbook narcissism…
Video: Obama calls for Gonzales to step down for not trying to limit the power of the Executive Branch!

Texas Drops Leftist Curriculum After Complaints!!! -Racist

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Pro-Muslim/anti-American curriculum FORBIDDEN after this year! I’m sure some of ya’ll from Texas will post more thorough info on the issue. But I just had to post this when I saw it. It should give us all renewed hope and inspiration that we can still win if we just stand and fight!!!