Unalienable Rights (PomMom)

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Need a little starch in your shorts to remember who came before us to purchase the freedoms we have today? Fabulous clip.


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BFH: Wanted to submit this for this weekend’s soothiness consideration – hope you like it

What does 9,000 fallen on Normandy look like? (pommom)

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Incredible way a group of people paid tribute to those lost on Normandy Beach – a true labor of love

Woman Now Ruled UnIslamic (PomMom)

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Yippee! If these goat humpers see the existence of women as unIslamic, maybe they’ll quit breeding!

The Importance of the Hunger Games (PomMom)

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Would you ever think of comparing the Hunger Games movies to the book 1984? Brave New World? Grapes of Wrath? Read this riveting analysis of what this story has to teach each of us.

Senate Website Lies About 2nd Amendment! (PomMom)

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This government site refuses to acknowledge the right of the individual to be armed!! Not only adults, but think of the school kids who are reading this as truth. PLEASE contact your senator NOW and voice your concern

Affordable Care Act and Your House?!? PomMom

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see what happened when this guy decided to opt out of Obamacare and the subsequent threats – OMG!!

Obama’s Connection to Kenyan Increasing Instability (PomMom)

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Jerome Corsi, who previously brought to light just how dangerous and stupid John Kerry is – now tells us how Obama is destabilizing the nation of Kenya via his brother Odinga with the help of Saudi Arabia

The Road to World War III (PomMom)

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Interesting explanation as to why the USA is so intent on realignment of the Middle East and why it matters

WE Are the Leaders We Have Been Looking For (PomMom)

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This incompetent Administration continues to abuse us because we have regressed to The Law of the Jungle from The Rule of Law. We must make a choice – and soon. We either stop it or we will be consumed by it.

Why We Can’t Have A “Reasonable Discussion” On 2A (PomMom)

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Karl Denninger of Market Ticket hits this one out of the Park – why libs just don’t understand 2A

Karl Denniger on the Lies DC Tells Us About the 2nd Amendment (PomMom)

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Mr. President, Mr. Reid, Ms. Feinswine: Screw Off! Fabulous brief history of the continuing lies from the District of Criminals

Do You Understand Just What Democide Is? (PomMom)

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Wake the FRACK Up! There’s a growing hatred for those who honor the founding of this country and us bitter clingers. Democide is the end game. Learn and live.

The 30,000 foot view of what’s coming (PomMom)

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In today’s world of instant news, “spin” from MSM and their shills, and the constant struggle to make a living in a declining economy, it’s difficult to understand the big picture. This essay is an attempt to bring the latest news into a single coherent essay, and share what I see happening… and what it means.

doctors forced to hand over confidential medical records

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If you think this will not be a part of Obamacare, think again! No more secrets!

Oh, But We’re Still FREE Because We Still Have Our Guns

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Preserving a tradition and a way of life is NOT the same as preserving liberty – take another red pill!

URGENT! Million Man March Feb. 8th for the 2nd Amendment

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How important is it to you to let the clowns in DC know, without a doubt, that you will NOT COMPLY to more gun control?

Belgian MP Exposes Corruption of World Governments

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Imagine a US senator having the balls to state the obvious – protect Islamic terrorists here at home and let’s start more wars to put them in power “over there”