SLOMO – The Skating Doctor (old_oaks)

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This doctor gave up everything just to skate. The link will take you to a nicely done short documentary that may or may not inspire you.

Double Decker ‘Pliance Jump! (old_oaks)

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Just out for a rip! This Canadian fella is pretty entertaining, if you can get past the goofiness which is mostly an act. His latest stunt made it to HuffPo and a few other outlets. Since you probably don’t follow him, while they’re jumping appliances, the term “‘pliance” actually describes someone’s goofy looking mellon. If you’ve every seen someone with out of proportion facial features, screwed up hair or is mentally nuts, his ‘pliance is just dickered!

So have a quick gander at what’s going on up in old Inwoods boys. Either at the HuffPo link or the direct youtube link. (NOTE: SOME LANGUAGE)

The Truth About Chicago’s Crime Rates

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Have you wondered why Chicago’s homicide rate has been declining? Have the gang bangers all been killed? Did they all move? Maybe Garry “Streetlight” McCarthy is cooking the books? It’s a bit of a read, but it’s a simple equation. If you don’t like the numbers, change how you count them!

It’s Back! Limited Release (old_oaks)

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The 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt is coming back in a couple weeks for a limited release. See the video here…

Obummercare Working 1:00 to 5:00 (old_oaks)

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The Dolly Parton song 9 to 5 has been remade to accommodate Obombacare. This short video chronicles the advantages of only working 1 to 5!

Bernice’s Obamacare Ain’t Kicked In Yet! (old_oaks)

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This has to be the best 2 minutes of reality television I have ever seen! Bernice get’s punted off a 2 story parking deck.

Ghost Guns – Want to See An ID10T? (old_oaks)

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This has to be the MOST idiotic anti-gun dip wad I’ve ever seen. The article doesn’t do the stupidity justice. This youtube clip (.30 caliber magazine clip, lol!) really shines on this guy’s brilliance.

Here’s the full video.

OMG What Did Mooch Do To Oprah’s Toilet? old_oaks

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What did Moochie eat that caused this mess? Burritos? Butter? A tub of Marscapone? Kobe beef? Maybe this is an everyday occurrence, but her staff wasn’t there to help? Poor Oprah needed to put a hat on to fix the problem!

December Unemployment Propaganda – old_oaks

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If today’s BLS survey looks dismal, just wait until next month when they change the survey and you cannot compare it to previous months!

Effective with the release of The Employment Situation for January 2014 on February 7, 2014, new population controls will be used in the Current Population Survey (CPS) estimation process. These new controls reflect the annual updating of intercensal population estimates by the U.S. Census Bureau. In accordance with usual practice, historical data will not be revised to incorporate the new controls; consequently, household survey data for January 2014 will not be directly comparable with data for December 2013 or earlier periods.

NRA for LIBERAL & FREAK Gun Owners (old_oaks)

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It will be difficult to start reading this one. Right away they come out with the transgender crap. But apparently there’s liberals who love guns but not the NRA, so they formed their own group, of about 1000 members. lol!

Mossberg Commander – old_oaks

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The Robertson’s Duck Commander joined up with Mossberg. I dunno, but $150 is too much for that 715T, $510 is outrageous! Best commercial here:


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Obombacare enrollment video. Eye bleach recommended, you can’t unsee what you’ve seen.

Obomba Flies Flag @ Half Staff for Dead Terrorist

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The Head Narcissist flies the flag at half staff for Mandela plus he’s going back to Africa (wish he’d stay there) to start his Kwanza vacation early. yet he never dropped the flag for Margaret Thatcher or visited upon her death. Who had a bigger influence upon the US, Mandela or Thatcher?

I NEED THIS – Circuit Scribe! old_oaks

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If I recall, there’s a few circuit geeks here. This takes the breadboard to a new level. I’m not into the whole “crowd fund” deal, but think they hit their target and hopefully I can get my hands on a kit!

Teaching Kids About Guns – old_oaks

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Neat clip of a father and son assembling a pair of Glocks. Dad does it blindfolded, jr. needs a bit more strength.

Life Hacks, by Vlad

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These are pretty good, Obomber might learn something. & a bunch of caracters XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Great Dishwasher, It Comes With a Guitar (old_oaks)

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NICE! AC/DC cover, don’t click if you can’t get past AC/DC. I prefer washers that run on AC.

It was eating a kobe steak!

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It was the teeth, forehead and jaw structure. Dude didn’t think it was the right thing to do… I say, revoke his man card. #theshitIclickon!