Author’s Ex-Wife Debuts Popular New Line of Holsters (h/t mkultra)

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Cormac McCarthy is a famous writer (The Road). Our story concerns his ex-wife who happens to be a big believer in the 2nd Amendment. Also aliens. And she is violently batshit crazy according to this New York Daily News article:

Cormac McCarthy’s ex-wife busted after pulling gun from vagina during alien argument

UPDATE: Girl Scouts Bounce their Homo-Punk Spokesperson (h/t mkultra)

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Remember the story about Joshua Ackley, a self-described queer rocker who insinuated his punk ass into the Girl Scouts organization as their official spokesman?

Well, some Girl Scouts’ mothers made their objections loud enough to get the freak fired. Good for them.

Here’s a link to the earlier story:

Pastor Manning Mincing No Words – mkultra

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Pastor Manning sums up the president who can’t piss without getting us all wet.

Somebody wanted Mojtaba Ahmadi dead

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Mojtaba Ahmadi is the latest casualty in Iran’s growing list of dead scientists. Whoever killed Iran’s nuclear physicists appears to have now targeted their cyber warfare chief. This is more thrilling than a James Bond movie! Because a) F*ck Iran, and b) Go Israel!

Marezilla needs our help (mkultra)

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From Doug Ross:

I spent about an hour on the phone with Mare yesterday because she has been so ill and in/out of the hospital all week.
Several things struck me about her situation (which is dire), among them:

Her laptop is broken (it got terminally damaged during the 2 Million Bikers to DC rally)

Her phone/internet/tv will be disconnected Monday or Tuesday.

Her electricity will be shut off this week as well.

The Curse Known as Prancercise Hits the White House

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With a shout of “Let’s Moooo”, the FLOTUS has publicly embraced the latest exercise craze: Prancersize.

Warning: May be unsuitable for people and children.

Jim Hlavac’s Latest Pule

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Longtime readers will remember the name Jim Hlavac. He was iowntheworld’s adopted gay uncle for a short (mercifully) period of time. He has a hilarious article on American Thinker in which he woefully complains about an important – yet overlooked issue. What is it you may ask? The number of jihad-inspired attacks in the west? No. Infanticide? No. The compelling issue of our time, according to Jim, is the lack of a gay census. Click on the link if you enjoy laughing at a puling moron.

Color Photos of Paris in the 1900s

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These color photos of life in Paris circa 1900 made me hate the French a little bit less. But only a little.

Split Decision on Darwin Award Winners – Mkultra

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Two sisters, Tanisha and Tamaya Davis, were killed in Los Angeles by a suspected hit and run driver. The twin 31 year old victims were seen fighting in the street at the time of their deaths.

Springfield Priest Found Bound and Gagged

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Who was fooling around all up in Father Donovan’s rectory? A pastor at a catholic church in Springfield, Illinois is currently on a leave of absence after he was forced to call 911 to request help getting out of handcuffs. A spokeswoman for the Diocese of Springfield, Kathie Sass, told the Illinois Times that Donovan’s request for a leave of absence was accepted by Bishop Thomas Paprocki not long after the incident.