Mark Levin Warns Obama

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Mark Levin ain’t putting up with Obama games! Levin is not putting up with Obama harassing the Greatest Generation!

You Go Mark!

Asteroid To Pass Extremely Close To Earth On February 15-Menderman

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I hope they double checked their math with the trusty slide rules of the Apollo era, Otherwise Obama may have to don his Superman suit and shoot it out of the shy! He can do anything! Two videos to see at link.

Take The Second Amendment Quiz!–Menderman

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Do you know the history of the 2nd Amendment? I don’t know enough, I missed 4, but taking the quiz made me smarter!

Liberalism Has Created 35,000 Suicidal Youth-Menderman

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The NYT, in an apparent act of ‘Accidental Journalism’, does a hard hitting story on the addictive drugs that kill our children. It is a long read, but well worth it. I want to know how many ‘Mass Killers’ use these drugs.

Obama Fires 60,000 Soldiers, 20,000 Marines-Menderman

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Obama, Reid and Pelosi continually talk about the need for government to create jobs to save the economy and claim government jobs and entitlements help out, so where do they get the money? The fire 80,000 other government employees! Liberals are just that brilliant!

I kinda get the feeling that the trio just does not like the military…

I am the “bystander” Menderman

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I headed to the “Point” Wednesday evening to sip a chilly pop and watch the sunset like I do many evenings (file footage: ), and was watching a sailboat coming across the bar. Things did not go well for the sailors and they ended up aground listing 40 degrees with waves crashing over the boat in the twilight, so I called the Coast Guard. The station is within sight, so thankfully it didn’t take long for the rescue. They were aboard the USCG boat by 7:15 PM. I did however create quite a carbon footprint! 2 Boats, several rescue vehicles and a helicopter were deployed! Note: Two videos at link.

Condoms Must Be Hard To Get In Mom’s Basement-Menderman

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I won’t link them, but sends me this: “The Shocking Reality About Guns And Vaginas” and have the above picture to go with it. Libs give out free condoms in High Schools and claim birth control is harder to get than ammo? Is there a Concealed Carry Permit for a uterus or something? What am I missing on vagina regulations ladies? The worst part is their sycophant commenters blindly believe every word. It is no wonder that members want a nanny state.

Camel Towing: The Video

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There is no way to properly describe this video, but Big Fur Hat requires 80 characters so I have to type something here. Now, go watch.

My All Time Favorite iOTW Post Evah!

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As Irony Curtain says, iOTW is “like a hardware store but with gum”, and sure, this is the best place for conservative agitprop hands down, but sometimes the non-political stuff gives a pleasant break. Sit back and enjoy the ride down Market Street!

The 57th Inauguration Store

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I Double Dog dare you to click here and not get pissed! A golf divot tool? Really? U’m trying to figure out how to gas up the work truck, and you are selling divot tools?