A must read. No protests for this little black eight year old

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Maggots hatched in the lacerations and spread to the front of the girl’s scalp while she was alive; There were cuts to her face, ears and lips, bruising and puncture wounds to her back, chest and abdomen…..

Islamists claim credit for starting AZ fire

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Now we’re seeing fire jihad in America. A Palestinian jihadist group has recently claimed credit for the ongoing wildfires in Arizona in a statement that was posted to a jihadist forum on Wednesday.

Read more: http://zionica.com/2013/07/05/jihadist-group-we-started-arizona-wildfires/#ixzz2YBUekvAM

US Citizen Among Three Dead–What difference does it make?

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Fail! ‘Obama readies Marines to evacuate citizens and diplomats from Egypt’. “Missed it by That Much!”

Homosexuals just keep on giving it to the Catholic Church

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A scandal almost beyond imagination is about to crash over the Vatican.
It involves a homosexual prostitution ring with young teenage males and roughly 10-20 roman clergy including according to initial reports .. at least four bishops may somehow be involved.

Remember when Obama was going to make the world love us?

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‘(Snowden’s) journey illustrates how the United States finds itself with few friends…’ “Oh deary dear!”

Not every vet is a “hero”

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May this will put things in perspective that we’ve lost the meaning of the word. Isn’t it akin to everyone getting a trophy?

Test: Critical Thinking; Liberal v Conservative

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Smug liberal accuses Fox News of selective editing Obama’s response to Sen Graham. Test: Does Obama address Graham’s criticism?

Suicide on the altar at Notre Dame

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Shh, only homosexual suicides protesting inequality and bullying are to be reported.

More military men than women are sexually abused in the military

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It appears that the DOD has serious problems with male-on-male sexual assaults that the Pentagon doesn’t want to talk about

Soccer referee punched by player in Utah dies

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Articles mention no race of perp or what kind of ‘recreational’ league this was but referee needed an interpreter while speaking to EMT’s and if white kid did it, RIOTS!.

Anti-racism lessons INCREASE pupil intolerance

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A Dutch study found Children who are given anti-racism lessons in school are more likely to be intolerant outside the classroom, a major study found yesterday.

Shots fired at Denver’s kumbaya pot day

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Potheads scatter like roaches (pun). Denver police “We have no idea.” Rep. DeGette, call your office.

UMass coverup, what were the two ‘other’ courses?

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Fs in Chemistry, Intro American Politics, and Chemistry and the Environment, B in Critical Writing and a D and D-plus in two other courses.

Resurrecting Mengele

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As I wrote a few weeks ago, the anus was designed with only a thin membrane for extraction use only, homosexuals would soon call for sewing together multiple vagina skins from aborted babies and inserting into their anus. How long do you think it will be?

Sidwell Friends masturbating sex ed teacher

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No wonder liberals don’t want abstinence taught in schools. They have no experience with it.

More black crime: Democrat nutjob kicked out of NV state assembly

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Police chased and tasered a former lawmaker on a freeway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles and arrested him at gunpoint following a struggle, hours after he became the first person ever expelled from the Nevada Legislature.

Wet willie at Jesuit St. Joseph’s Preparatory School

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The greatest video clip showing American reaction to the selection of the new pope.

Regulation’s a bitch, ain’t it Emmitt?

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A solemn Emmitt Smith speaks into the camera: “For the children of Sandy Hook Elementary.” Then Tomlinson adds, “Demand a plan.”

Faulk says later: “It’s time for our leaders to do something.”

Paid for by ‘Mayors Against Illegal Concussions’.