4 Scandals – Frosteetoes

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When I started writing this it was called “three scandals”.
There was the Benghazi Scandal, the IRS Scandal, and the little covered but equally alarming Secretary Sebelius scandal.
Then as I was writing we learned that the Justice Department had secretly obtained two months worth of phone call records for more than 100 Associated Press reporters. This is the largest violation of the First Amendment in modern times and so we now have four scandals in the Obama Administration.

“Golden Girl” Gone Wild!! – Frosteetoes

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Wanna see Bea Arthur’s naked breast? Of course we all do but who has $2.8 million dollars to buy the painting of Bea Arthur naked from the waste up at 69 years of age? Not me, but I would spring $100 for an Abe Vigoda sex tape if Christies were to offer it up for the auction block.

If Hitler was anti-racist – Frosteetoes

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A parallel universe with a different leader but a familiar scenario. This is exactly what has been going on in Western culture.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKDeyuM0-Og .

Remember that slippery slope? – Frosteetoes

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YALE University really, REALLY loves animals. Do you have a hard on for your sister? Well, YALE is the place for you.

Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend Betrays Coops Trust. – Frosteetoes

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Poor Anderson Cooper. First Mud Flaps attempts to polish his knob in front of the NYC Times Square New Years Party while on live TV and then his long time ass wrangler is seen swapping spit with another man. But don’t fret dear reader, the homosexual is a creative species and no doubt Coop can turn this around and into a threesome. A dream team, or in this case, a creamy team. Look out Perez Hilton. All the hip queers are in NYC and you’re still a disgusting LA cocksucker.

BigFurHat Pimps Out His Regular Readers For More Hits.

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That delicious and lovable scamp that the blogosphere has come to know as BigFurHat has done it again! A genius of an idea and quite practical for our favorite blogger to free up some time to work on more lucrative creativity for the conservative cause, has offered a window for fame to his loyal readers. There was much rejoicing over Mr. Hat’s decision to make the blog more inclusive. It’s a win win situation for the blog as it will draw in more hits and a new giddiness for it’s readers.