One Week Wonder at EAA – Dr. Tar

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The Experimental Aircraft Association is going on this week in Oshkosh, WI. Among the many events is a one week challenge to build a kit aircraft and fly it out away at the close of EAA on Sunday.

A.J. Better Hope Obama Doesn’t See This- Dr. Tar

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A.J. Hawk decides to grant a guys wish to know what it feels like to be tackled by the 8 year veteran linebacker for the Green Bay Packers.

Post 4th American Freedom Awsomeness

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As much as I find Buzzfeed to be an enflamed carbuncle on the backside of the internet, there are rare occasions were they come up with something worth pursuing. A number of these American Comeback lines should make you smile


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This looks more interesting that the typical slock being served up this summer.

Here is the trailer

Smaller, Faster, Lighter, Denser, Cheaper

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Robert Bryce of the Manhattan Institute was on BookTV this weekend attacking anti-development neo-Malthusian liberals and predicting we are entering the 2nd American Century.

Indefensibility of The White Privilege Conference

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The MacIver Institute was able to identify a number of Wisconsin State and Local entities that paid their employees to attend this year’s White Privilege conference. The most egregious example being $16,511 from UW-Eau Claire and $13,111 from the Monona Grove School District.

I also got into a one sided argument with a liberal troll over the legitimacy of using tax payer money to send state or local employees to this exercise in grievance politics.

They’re Not So GREAT!

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You know all those healthy cereals just choked full of vitamins, well they may be over dosing children.

Animal Crackers I.D.’ed

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Ever wonder exactly what animal was being represented by those sweet little crackers. Stauffer’s comes lends a hand.

Scott Walker Will Stand With Friends

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On Friday Scott Walker (R-WI) stated that he won’t be cutting a deal with the John Doe prosecutors to sacrifice conservative organizations they were investigating.

Moives Made Better With Godzilla

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h/t Jonah Goldberg
My favorite is adding Godzilla to Thelma and Louise. Some of these I don’t get but most are pretty creative.

Science and Tech Quiz

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13 questions you should be able to answer these in 10 minutes. I missed one (drat).

Meteor Shower Tonight

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Called the Camelpardalids, this is a new meteor shower from the remnants of Comet 209P/LINEAR. Look to the North starting at 10:30 with a peak from 2:00 to 4:00 am.

John Doe Prosecutors Get Stay

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The prosecutors subject to a federal judges ruling on Tuesday to halt their secret sweeping investigation of conservative groups in Wisconsin managed yesterday to get an appeals court to stay that ruling.

It ain’t over yet, but it could be very soon.

Possible Northern Lights Tonights

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The article linked provides a map indicating a chance of seeing the Aurora late tonight early Friday morning.

Milwaukee Paper Blames Walker for Obamacare Fiasco – Dr. Tar

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If only Walker would of had the state set up its own health care exchange. Then we could of avoid this huge mess. Talk about your lap dog media.

Florida Orphan Follow Up – Dr. Tar

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With 10,000 inquires and counting I think Davion is going to find a family after all. There are still an awful lot of good people out there.

I Do Like Chinese Food – Dr. Tar

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Brought to you by the same people that created the Rebecca Black’s, Friday video. Here’s Alison Gold, Chinese Food. At 8.5 million views its a YouTube sensation. And besides its Friday….

Make that 9 million views.  Half a million over night alone.  Maybe we can do a music video about how to field dress and prepare liberals. - Dr. Tar

Hitler Learns About O-Care Exchanges – Dr. Tar

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This looks familiar. And I took garbage for having Hitler speak as Obama. I did like the golf references though.