Beyond the Gathering Storm – Dr. Tar

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I was fooling around yesterday looking for a Billy Graham sermon from 1962 and found this gem. You can listen to a whole archive of his radio messages from 1949-2006 at this link

One of Franklin Expedition Ships Found – Dr. Tar

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Franklin means something different to Canadians. Sir John Franklin lead a British expedition in 1845 to find the Northwest Passage. What happened to them is still a mystery, but one of the vessels used in the expedition has been found. Cue the Stan Rogers

Tammy Bruce to Do Play by Play of Obama’s Speech Tonight

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8:00-10:00 ET tonight. If you’ve never heard her comment live while O blathers, then you’re in for a treat. If you’ve listened in the past I’m sure you’ll want to listen tonight.

Miracle On Ice Player Deceased – Dr. Tar

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Only 57 years old, he was a defensiveman in Lake Placid and was a key player to the Miracle on Ice.

The Chekist – Dr. Tar

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A Russian movie (with English sub-titles) on the Terror that Lenin instituted during the Russian Civil War (1917-1922).

If you haven’t seen it, the movie is about mass murder by the state in the same league as the Grey Zone or Schindler’s List.


Mo’ne vs. Nevada’s Murder’s Row -Dr. Tar

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They are expecting 35,000 to 40,000 to attend tonight’s Little League World Series game where the pitching Phenom from Philly (Mo’ne Davis) is going to face the Vegas Hitting Machine (the last two games ended early due to mercy rule). The experts don’t think Philly will make it past these awesome sluggers. It should be a game to watch. Start time 7:30 eastern on ESPN.

Taxidermy Gone Bad

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Its a little creepy laughing at poorly done stuffed animals, but some of these are ridiculously hilarious.

The Day Finally Came – Dr. Tar

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Those that remember the story posted here on the friendship between 89-year old Erling and 3-year old Emmett will want to know that both of them have moved on to the next chapter in their lives. I’m tearing up even writing this. You’ll have to read it for yourself.


All to Be Forgiven Brett – Dr. Tar

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At Noon Monday, the Green Bay Packers are expected to announce Brett Farve’s Admission to the Packer Hall of Fame and retirement of his number.


FTC – Dr. Tar

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Its an old story I found on reddit/r/merica, but enjoyable nonetheless. Back when there was a USSR they complained that the license plate letter designation had been leaked by the press and they demanded a new two letter code. So folks in the Reagan Administration obliged them with the new designation “FC” then told them not to ever expect another change.

One Week Wonder at EAA – Dr. Tar

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The Experimental Aircraft Association is going on this week in Oshkosh, WI. Among the many events is a one week challenge to build a kit aircraft and fly it out away at the close of EAA on Sunday.

A.J. Better Hope Obama Doesn’t See This- Dr. Tar

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A.J. Hawk decides to grant a guys wish to know what it feels like to be tackled by the 8 year veteran linebacker for the Green Bay Packers.

Post 4th American Freedom Awsomeness

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As much as I find Buzzfeed to be an enflamed carbuncle on the backside of the internet, there are rare occasions were they come up with something worth pursuing. A number of these American Comeback lines should make you smile


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This looks more interesting that the typical slock being served up this summer.

Here is the trailer

Smaller, Faster, Lighter, Denser, Cheaper

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Robert Bryce of the Manhattan Institute was on BookTV this weekend attacking anti-development neo-Malthusian liberals and predicting we are entering the 2nd American Century.

Indefensibility of The White Privilege Conference

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The MacIver Institute was able to identify a number of Wisconsin State and Local entities that paid their employees to attend this year’s White Privilege conference. The most egregious example being $16,511 from UW-Eau Claire and $13,111 from the Monona Grove School District.

I also got into a one sided argument with a liberal troll over the legitimacy of using tax payer money to send state or local employees to this exercise in grievance politics.

They’re Not So GREAT!

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You know all those healthy cereals just choked full of vitamins, well they may be over dosing children.

Animal Crackers I.D.’ed

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Ever wonder exactly what animal was being represented by those sweet little crackers. Stauffer’s comes lends a hand.