See How Conservative Your Rep/Senator Is: Dan Nagasaki

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Conservative Review has a rating system for all Senators and Representatives. Just select the state and party (press “all”).

Which Country Supplies U.S. With The Most Oil? Dan Nagasaki

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Most Americans get this question wrong. The first chart shows where Americans believe we get our oil and in a later chart, the correct answer.

College Majors With the Highest Lifetime Earnings: Dan Nagasaki

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“Major Decisions: What Graduates Earn Over Their Lifetimes” — tracks data from the Census Bureau to determine which college majors yield the largest financial rewards over a graduate’s lifetime.

10 Interesting Videos & Pics For The Weekend – Dan Nagasaki

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Click On All 10 Links! Video –
My Breasts Are Saggy, Do I Need Implants?
History Video – The Roman Holocaust Of Carthage (How the most powerful & prosperous civilization gradually lost out & was exterminated completely by the Romans):
Video – A Sad Story Of A Little Girl….
Pictures – The Best Ways To Improve Your Odds Of Surviving A Plane Crash:
Video – Dick Morris – Obama’s True Motives:
A Map Of Sales Taxes In Each State:
Pictures – How To Make Shadow Puppets:
Video – The Story Of Paul Lynde, A Very Sad Comedian:
Video – The Story Of Vivian Vance Of I Love Lucy Fame:
7 Stocks To Buy & Hold – James Glassman:

24 “True” Hollywood Stories Are Not: Dan Nagasaki

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Hollywood loves to spin a good yarn and tell us it’s real. For the benefit of the viewing public, Cracked picked out the worst offenders in cinema history.

10 Interesting Videos & Pics For The Weekend: Dan Nagasaki

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Click on all 10 Links!
History Video – Exactly Why Napoleon Lost At Waterloo:
Video – Elvis Singing Unchained Melody:
Video Documentary – Child Of Rage:
Picture – Country Singer Lynn Anderson, Then & Now (She’s had substance abuse problems for years):
Video – Andrew Klavan On A New Threat To College Students – Micro-aggression:
Documentary Video – The True Story of Bonnie & Clyde:
Video – Hidden Gun Cabinet:
Video Biography – Yvonne De Carlo Of The TV Show, “The Munsters.”
Video Biography – Barbara Eden of I Dream Of Jeannie Fame:
Test – Do-It-Yourself Palm Reading:

Video – A Modern Love Story For Our Tolerant Times, NSFW: Dan Nagasaki

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As Liberals would say if they were consistent – The three of them should marry if they love each other.

16 Interesting Videos & Pics For the Weekend: Dan Nagasaki

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Click on all 16 links! Video –
Most People Will Politely Applaud Almost Any Performer:
Over-The-Counter Pills Which Supposedly Will Make You Smarter!
Video – Debunking The Myths About MSG:
Picture – How To Find Your Lost Dog:
Video – Legal Theft By Police Departments:
Picture – A Designer Of Women’s Bras Does Too Good Of A Job:
Video – The Lone Survivor Tells How He Became The Lone Survivor Of An Isis Massacre:
Test – Take This Jung/Myers Personality Test:
Quiz – Are These Women Sex Dolls Or Real Women?
Video – Listen To These Influential Educators & Activists Telling Of Desires To Push Their Personal Agenda On The Rest Of Us, e.g. designing cities so traffic is slowed down to encourage walking):
Video – Why The Benghazi Security Contractors Harassed By Reps & Dems On The House Intel Committee:
Video – Walid Shoebat On How To Destroy ISIS:
Videos – Celebs Read Mean Tweets About Themselves ( Actually there are several others shown just above the first video, part 1, part 2, etc.):
Video Biography – Linda Darnell & Her Tragic Death:
Video Biography – Sophia Loren – Finally, A Biography Of A Legendary Beauty Who’s Not Messed Up With Booze, Pills, or Psychological Problems:

Video – The Most Awkward Political Interview Ever! Dan Nagasaki

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Rhode Island Democrat candidate for mayor, Christopher Young – bombs big time in this 3 minute TV interview!

Video – Should You Buy The Apple I-Watch? Dan Nagasaki

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I wasn’t going to get an Apple I-Watch anyway, but this humorous video nails it.

The 50 US State Economies Ranked: Dan Nagasaki

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Besides Texas, see if you can name the top 10 state economies doing the best right now. Fro m Business Insider.

Video – You Can Lose Your Property Even If Innocent – Dan Nagasaki

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Under civil forfeiture, property owners do not have to be convicted of a crime, or even charged with one, to permanently lose their property….

15 Interesting Videos & Pics For The Weekend – Dan Nagasaki

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Click On All 15 Links:
Video Documentary – Psychiatrists Evaluated Hitler & Used Their Insight To Predict His Future Actions:
Video – This Company Has A Coating That Makes Things Unbreakable!
Video – A New, Cheap Way For Thieves To Obtain Your PIN Number:
Video – The Different Results From 2 Similar Earthquakes In China Vs. U.S. (Sometimes We Need The Bureaucrats):
Video – The Way Some Cops Like This Treat Normally Law-Abiding Citizens, Makes Even Law-Abiding Citizens, Who Would Normally Support The Police, Withdraw Their Support. The fact that this cop knows he’s on camera makes his abusive behavior even more incredible:
Pictures – 33 Unexpected Accomplishments Of Famous People:
Video – Female Cop Tasers An Incapacitated Man 20 Times In A Row:
Video – Here’s Why Car Drivers Hate Cyclists:
Video – Cheater Exposed On Air – Too Cruel?
Video – Why It’s OK To Pee In The Ocean:
Video – MMA Fight – 159 lbs vs. 600 lbs!
Video – I Hope I Can Do This If I Make It To 90 Years Old!
Videos – Some Short Clips of Joan Rivers Being Outrageous:
Video – How The Famous Betty Grable Pinup Pose Came About (At the 11 minute mark):
Video – The Sad Story Of Alfalfa Of The Little Rascals:

Video-Mom Develops App For Kids Who Ignore Parents Calls- DanNagasaki

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Frustrated that her son was purposely ignoring her phone calls, a mom created an app that lets parents shut their children’s phones off when they were intentionally not responding.

Obama Released This Terrorist 5 Years Ago – Dan Nagasaki

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President Obama Released This Islamic Terrorist 5 Years Ago. See What He’s Up To Now…

Chart – Income Inequality Under Obama: Dan Nagasaki

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One of the greatest rallying points for President Obama — and the Democratic party — is the fight against income inequality and the uneven distribution of wealth. The President has gone as far as calling income inequality “the defining challenge of our time.”

16 Interesting Videos & Pics For The Weekend Dan Nagasaki

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Click on all 16 Links!
Video – Tiger Woods Cursing On The Golf Course:
Nature Video – Persistence:
Lists – Which Colleges Have Students With The Highest Average SAT Scores?
Video – James Brown In Concert, 1964 (from
Video – Do Crosswalk Buttons Really Work?
Video – Ken Robinson – How Schools Squash Creativity:
Video – Some Bad Customer Service Caught On Tape:
Pictures – The Priciest Female Escorts:
Video – Charles Manson Follower Patricia Krenwinkel, Age 67, Reflects (bottom of page):
Video – Just In Case You Haven’t Already Seen This Viral Video, A Russian Man Shows Off His Well-Trained Flock Of Ducks:
Video – If You Haven’t Already Seen This – Bill Whittle: The Murderer In The Kremlin –
Video – Now THIS Is How You Blow Smoke Rings:
Video – Great Physics Demonstration For Students:
Video – Normally Law Abiding Mom Buys Gun For Protection & Now Faces 3 Years In Prison!
29 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Movie, “The Parent Trap,” one of my favorites!
Documentary Video – John Gotti’s Children:

Video – Clinton Lied About Bin Laden Missed Opportunity: Dan Nagsaki

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Bill Clinton is a “monumental liar” for saying he refused to take out Osama bin Laden because of collateral damage, said Michael Scheuer, who headed the CIA’s Bin Laden unit at the time.
Scheuer is probably right, but he would actually be more effective if he was Less passionate on the subject.