Video-Mom Develops App For Kids Who Ignore Parents Calls- DanNagasaki

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Frustrated that her son was purposely ignoring her phone calls, a mom created an app that lets parents shut their children’s phones off when they were intentionally not responding.

Obama Released This Terrorist 5 Years Ago – Dan Nagasaki

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President Obama Released This Islamic Terrorist 5 Years Ago. See What He’s Up To Now…

Chart – Income Inequality Under Obama: Dan Nagasaki

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One of the greatest rallying points for President Obama — and the Democratic party — is the fight against income inequality and the uneven distribution of wealth. The President has gone as far as calling income inequality “the defining challenge of our time.”

16 Interesting Videos & Pics For The Weekend Dan Nagasaki

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Video – Tiger Woods Cursing On The Golf Course:
Nature Video – Persistence:
Lists – Which Colleges Have Students With The Highest Average SAT Scores?
Video – James Brown In Concert, 1964 (from
Video – Do Crosswalk Buttons Really Work?
Video – Ken Robinson – How Schools Squash Creativity:
Video – Some Bad Customer Service Caught On Tape:
Pictures – The Priciest Female Escorts:
Video – Charles Manson Follower Patricia Krenwinkel, Age 67, Reflects (bottom of page):
Video – Just In Case You Haven’t Already Seen This Viral Video, A Russian Man Shows Off His Well-Trained Flock Of Ducks:
Video – If You Haven’t Already Seen This – Bill Whittle: The Murderer In The Kremlin –
Video – Now THIS Is How You Blow Smoke Rings:
Video – Great Physics Demonstration For Students:
Video – Normally Law Abiding Mom Buys Gun For Protection & Now Faces 3 Years In Prison!
29 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Movie, “The Parent Trap,” one of my favorites!
Documentary Video – John Gotti’s Children:

Video – Clinton Lied About Bin Laden Missed Opportunity: Dan Nagsaki

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Bill Clinton is a “monumental liar” for saying he refused to take out Osama bin Laden because of collateral damage, said Michael Scheuer, who headed the CIA’s Bin Laden unit at the time.
Scheuer is probably right, but he would actually be more effective if he was Less passionate on the subject.

12 Interesting Pic & Videos For the Weekend – Dan Nagasaki

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Picture – This Poor Woman Just Married A Man With BillClintonitis:
Pictures – These Famous People Prove You Should Never Give Up:
Video – 6 Misconceptions About Contraception:
Video – Megyn Kelly Vs. Professor Who Believes Convicted Cop Killer Mumia Should Be Celebrated Like MLK In Our Schools:
Video – Police Humiliate An Innocent Man While Looking For Illegal Drugs:
Chart – Job Interview Questions & How To Answer Them:
Video – Smart Trick You Can Use To Kill Mosquito Larvae Quickly & Organically:
7 Conservative Alternatives To The Internet’s Most Popular Sites:
Video – Neil DeGrasse Tyson On GMO Food Safety:
Video – GOP Candidate Spends One Week As A homeless man:
Video – History Of The Federal Reserve:
Video Documetary – Musician Harry Nilsson (Everybody’s Talkin from the movie Midnight Cowboy):

Wall Streets Most Important Econ Charts! Dan Nagasaki

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If there is a finance or economics major out there, can you tell us which of these charts is Most relevant?

Video – Police Watch As Anti-Abortion Signs Are Stolen: Dan Nagasaki

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JACKSON, Miss. – Police in Mississippi watched idly as a business owner stole pro-life signs that were displayed on the public sidewalk during an awareness outreach, according to video footage. What should the protesters have done if the police obviously took the side of the anti-abortionists?

14 Interesting Videos & Pics For The Weekend: Dan Nagasaki

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Picture – Woman Arrested For Calling Her Ex-Boyfriend 77,000 Times In One Week and……
Documentary Video – Mel Blanc, The Voice of Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, etc. (sounds like he was a Wonderful man!):
Alexander Hamilton Lost His Duel With Aaron Burr – But Did Hamilton’s Plan To Cheat Cost Him His Life?
Video – A Look Back On The Real “Free Willy”
Picture – Some Guys Are Very Good Multi-Taskers:
Video – Conservatives & Compassion (Watch The 1st Video):
Video – Father’s Day, A Nice, But Sad Commercial:
Videos – A Few Clips Of Funnyman Jon Lovitz – Watch “The Devil” :
Video – Fake Meat So Good It Fooled Customers For 3 Days:
16 Examples Of Steve Jobs Being A Jerk!
Basketball Video – Jason Williams Shows Off His Passing Ability:
Video – How To Mimic Various Apes:
Video – A 1000 Pound Woman Is Accused Of Murder By Crushing Her Nephew:
Video – What Happens To Porn Stars After They Leave The Business:

If UR Compassionate, You WON’T Laugh At This Scammer:DanNagasaki

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This insurance scammer picks on the wrong victim. I couldn’t help it – I laughed.

Use This Flowchart To Show Your Date-ability! Dan Nagasaki

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You and your friends can use this easy to use, handy flow chart to show your “date-ability.”

Video – Kids Having Fun In The Middle East : Dan Nagsaki

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I remember playing Cowboys & Indians, as a kid. I guess things are different in the middle east.

Video – A Look Back At Dems Talking On Border Was Secure: Dan Nagasaki

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The Washington Free Beacon has put together a greatest hits compilation of the Democrats’ border security quotes.

16 Interesting or Funny Vids & Pics For The Weekend: Dan Nagasaki

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PJ Media’s Top 10 Films Of The 2000’s (also the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s) (View as a single page):
7 Body Language Tricks To Make People Instantly Like You – Forget the video, read the article:
Video – Does The CIA Have A “Heart Attack” Gun For Assassinations?
For The Women – Some Helpful Pickup Lines:
Documentary – The Deliberate Attack On The USS Liberty By Israel & The Subsequent Cover-up By The Johnson Administration:
Video & Article – Charles Manson Marries A 26 Year-Old Who Believes He’s Innocent:
19 Illegal Immigration Facts You Don’t Often See:
Video – Why So Many Young Men Are Afraid To Get Married (Tom Leykis Show):
Video – Ultra Pure Water Can Kill You!
Video – Morgan Freeman In One Of His Earlier Roles:
Video – This Is Supposed To Be A Serious Heartwarming Commercial, But It’s Depressing & Sort-of Funny:
Pictures – Why These Women Are Rejecting The Feminist Movement:
Picture – How To Tell Which Side Of The Freeway The Exit Ramp Is On (I never knew this!):
Dance Video – Keone & Mariel Madrid – “Happy”
36 Interesting Science GIFs:
Instructional Video – How To Properly Bench Press:
Instructional Video – How To Properly Perform An Overhead Press:

17 Interesting Videos & Pics For The Weekend : Dan Nagasaki

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Video – How To Peel A Mango:
Video – This Man’s Imitation Of A Girl Voice Is Awesome!
Pictures – Asuper-Lucky Driver & His Passengers:
Video – Democrat Congressman’s Analogy For Obama Refusing To Visit The Border:
Video – Unsung Hero:
Video – Anti Radar Detection For Your Car:
Video – Mark Levin – Why The 14th Amendment Doesn’t Apply To Illegals:
List – 13 Great Pieces Of Career Advice (especially # 1,6,7,12):
Video – Mark Levin Explains Why Boehner’s Lawsuit Against The President Is Irresponsible:
Video – Watch What Happens When This Slow Speaker’s Speech Is Sped Up At The 3 Minute Mark:
Video – Prior To The Recent Border Problems, Here Is Obama Bragging About His Record:
12 George Patton Motivational Posters:
Video – Yes, Afterwards Reagan Came Into Office, But Here’s What A Soviet KGB Defector Said About A Soviet Takeover of Americas Using Leftist Fools (still applicable today): See the full interview here (he has much disdain for the useful idiots on the left):
Instructional Video – How To Properly Deadlift:
Instructional Video – How To Properly Squat:

Video – Candidate Obama In 2008 (I’m Gagging): Dan Nagasaki

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Candidate Barack Obama in a one minute clip on the abuse of executive power —- by George W. Bush.

Quiz – Are You Smart Enough To Pass This Test For KIds? Dan Nagasaki

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I missed the first two questions. I don’t see the pattern. Could somebody explain to me, how to figure the first 2 questions? I’m embarrassed.DN.

The Video Clip Megyn Kelly Should Have Asked Bill Ayers! Dan Nagasaki

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Larry Grathwohl On Bill Ayers Plans For Mass Re-education Camps & The Death Of About 25 Million Americans.