Video – Family Feud’s “Man” Question – Dan Nagasaki

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I would “…” for sex. This funny clip illustrates the differences in men vs. women.

12 Interesting Videos & Pics For The Weekend! Dan Nagsaki

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Picture – Yao Ming’s Little Brother Shaq:
50 Perfect Songs For Your Wedding Day Dance:
Video – The Odds Of Having A Baby Boy Or Girl:
Peng Shuilin – Half A Man:
Video – Herbert Meyer On Our Recent Intelligence Failures:
39 Classic Books Every Gentleman Needs To Read:
Video – How To Take Care Of Abnormal Toenails:
Video – Making Very Realistic Looking Plastic Vegetables:
Shocking Video – Ray Buckley, 2nd In Line At DNC:
Statistics Showing The Probability Of Divorce Based On How Long You Dated, Whether You Attend Church, etc.:
Technology Video – The Air Umbrella:
The Wonder Years – Nice Interviews With The Show’s Actors:

8 Interesting Videos & Pics For The Weekend: Dan Nagasaki

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Titanic Hypocrisy:
42 Stocks Which Will Thrive Even If The Economy Gets Worse:
Conspiracy Video From Former FBI Head (sounds sincere?):
Documentary Video – Eating Dogs In Vietnam:
Chart – Percentage Of Male U.S. Workers By Profession (click on chart to expand):
Video Of A Pickpocket, Amazingly Fast & Smooth:
Documentary Video – How Stalin Rose & Stayed In Power:
Documentary Video – Chairman Mao Declassified:

Video – Obama Doesn’t Know What An OB-GYN Is! Dan Nagasaki

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Simply Amazing! The man in charge of the total transformation of our nation’s healthcare system, and according to the MSM, the “world’s most intelligent president,” … gee, I wonder what would happen if a GOP politician had said this?

11 Interesting Videos & Pics For The Weekend: Dan Nagasaki

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Chart – The Best Time To Buy Everything On Your List:
Video – David Horowitz On His Book, “The Battle Plan For Defeating The Left.” (1 hour):
Health Video – Pelvic Floor Exercises (Kegel), With A Twist – Watch this if you or a family member has leakage problems after childbirth or a prostate operation – Ordinary Kegels aren’t enough for some people:
Darwin Award Winner Highlights:
Video – Trey Gowdy School the Secret Service Head (just in case you haven’t already seen this):
Video – Are Silent Farts Worse Than Loud Ones?
Pictures – 17 Embarrassing Questions Answered By Science:
Picture – I Was Spanked As A Child And….
Video – The Difference Between Chinese & German Weapons-Grade Bearings:
Video – Why Muslim Dr. Nabeel Qureshi Converted To Christianity:
Video – The Banned Discovery Channel Documentary – Sad:

See How Conservative Your Rep/Senator Is: Dan Nagasaki

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Conservative Review has a rating system for all Senators and Representatives. Just select the state and party (press “all”).

Which Country Supplies U.S. With The Most Oil? Dan Nagasaki

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Most Americans get this question wrong. The first chart shows where Americans believe we get our oil and in a later chart, the correct answer.

College Majors With the Highest Lifetime Earnings: Dan Nagasaki

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“Major Decisions: What Graduates Earn Over Their Lifetimes” — tracks data from the Census Bureau to determine which college majors yield the largest financial rewards over a graduate’s lifetime.

10 Interesting Videos & Pics For The Weekend – Dan Nagasaki

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Click On All 10 Links! Video –
My Breasts Are Saggy, Do I Need Implants?
History Video – The Roman Holocaust Of Carthage (How the most powerful & prosperous civilization gradually lost out & was exterminated completely by the Romans):
Video – A Sad Story Of A Little Girl….
Pictures – The Best Ways To Improve Your Odds Of Surviving A Plane Crash:
Video – Dick Morris – Obama’s True Motives:
A Map Of Sales Taxes In Each State:
Pictures – How To Make Shadow Puppets:
Video – The Story Of Paul Lynde, A Very Sad Comedian:
Video – The Story Of Vivian Vance Of I Love Lucy Fame:
7 Stocks To Buy & Hold – James Glassman:

24 “True” Hollywood Stories Are Not: Dan Nagasaki

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Hollywood loves to spin a good yarn and tell us it’s real. For the benefit of the viewing public, Cracked picked out the worst offenders in cinema history.

10 Interesting Videos & Pics For The Weekend: Dan Nagasaki

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History Video – Exactly Why Napoleon Lost At Waterloo:
Video – Elvis Singing Unchained Melody:
Video Documentary – Child Of Rage:
Picture – Country Singer Lynn Anderson, Then & Now (She’s had substance abuse problems for years):
Video – Andrew Klavan On A New Threat To College Students – Micro-aggression:
Documentary Video – The True Story of Bonnie & Clyde:
Video – Hidden Gun Cabinet:
Video Biography – Yvonne De Carlo Of The TV Show, “The Munsters.”
Video Biography – Barbara Eden of I Dream Of Jeannie Fame:
Test – Do-It-Yourself Palm Reading:

Video – A Modern Love Story For Our Tolerant Times, NSFW: Dan Nagasaki

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As Liberals would say if they were consistent – The three of them should marry if they love each other.

16 Interesting Videos & Pics For the Weekend: Dan Nagasaki

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Click on all 16 links! Video –
Most People Will Politely Applaud Almost Any Performer:
Over-The-Counter Pills Which Supposedly Will Make You Smarter!
Video – Debunking The Myths About MSG:
Picture – How To Find Your Lost Dog:
Video – Legal Theft By Police Departments:
Picture – A Designer Of Women’s Bras Does Too Good Of A Job:
Video – The Lone Survivor Tells How He Became The Lone Survivor Of An Isis Massacre:
Test – Take This Jung/Myers Personality Test:
Quiz – Are These Women Sex Dolls Or Real Women?
Video – Listen To These Influential Educators & Activists Telling Of Desires To Push Their Personal Agenda On The Rest Of Us, e.g. designing cities so traffic is slowed down to encourage walking):
Video – Why The Benghazi Security Contractors Harassed By Reps & Dems On The House Intel Committee:
Video – Walid Shoebat On How To Destroy ISIS:
Videos – Celebs Read Mean Tweets About Themselves ( Actually there are several others shown just above the first video, part 1, part 2, etc.):
Video Biography – Linda Darnell & Her Tragic Death:
Video Biography – Sophia Loren – Finally, A Biography Of A Legendary Beauty Who’s Not Messed Up With Booze, Pills, or Psychological Problems:

Video – The Most Awkward Political Interview Ever! Dan Nagasaki

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Rhode Island Democrat candidate for mayor, Christopher Young – bombs big time in this 3 minute TV interview!

Video – Should You Buy The Apple I-Watch? Dan Nagasaki

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I wasn’t going to get an Apple I-Watch anyway, but this humorous video nails it.

The 50 US State Economies Ranked: Dan Nagasaki

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Besides Texas, see if you can name the top 10 state economies doing the best right now. Fro m Business Insider.

15 Interesting Videos & Pics For The Weekend – Dan Nagasaki

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Video Documentary – Psychiatrists Evaluated Hitler & Used Their Insight To Predict His Future Actions:
Video – This Company Has A Coating That Makes Things Unbreakable!
Video – A New, Cheap Way For Thieves To Obtain Your PIN Number:
Video – The Different Results From 2 Similar Earthquakes In China Vs. U.S. (Sometimes We Need The Bureaucrats):
Video – The Way Some Cops Like This Treat Normally Law-Abiding Citizens, Makes Even Law-Abiding Citizens, Who Would Normally Support The Police, Withdraw Their Support. The fact that this cop knows he’s on camera makes his abusive behavior even more incredible:
Pictures – 33 Unexpected Accomplishments Of Famous People:
Video – Female Cop Tasers An Incapacitated Man 20 Times In A Row:
Video – Here’s Why Car Drivers Hate Cyclists:
Video – Cheater Exposed On Air – Too Cruel?
Video – Why It’s OK To Pee In The Ocean:
Video – MMA Fight – 159 lbs vs. 600 lbs!
Video – I Hope I Can Do This If I Make It To 90 Years Old!
Videos – Some Short Clips of Joan Rivers Being Outrageous:
Video – How The Famous Betty Grable Pinup Pose Came About (At the 11 minute mark):
Video – The Sad Story Of Alfalfa Of The Little Rascals:

Video – You Can Lose Your Property Even If Innocent – Dan Nagasaki

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Under civil forfeiture, property owners do not have to be convicted of a crime, or even charged with one, to permanently lose their property….