Emergency Items: What Will Disappear First

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The times draws closer, so here’s an oldie but goodie handy checklist to have before TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it). Hint: two words — toilet paper.

In Case You Missed It

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Ann Barnhardt revisits the scorcher about the Bernardin-Alinsky-Obama-nexus. Brace yourself.

Groomsmen Take a Shot At Wedding Photos

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These people obviously know how to have fun and take things lightly. Not only that, but their creativity is off of the charts.

Bizarre Photos of Natural Phenomena

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These photos might look like they come from an alien planet, but it turns out our own little Earth is capable of some truly weird stuff.

It’s Big Fur Hat’s Hat!

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Watch the guy who walks through the EvanAl Orchestra’s cover of “Through the Fire.”

AL Gov Gets Twitchy Over Pushback On Illegals

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Stand up, don’t be fearful: if you oppose them – they will not come. The entire regime knows they are on the wrong side of the majority on this issue, regardless of what the media tell you.

The Average Jewish Band

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Along with advances in medicine and science, our Jewish friends showcase their musical talent in this cover of “Pick Up the Pieces.” (It’s even better than the original.)

Corpse Bride?

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Check the hands.

In the middle of Chihuahua, Mexico, there is a bridal shop that is quite famous. However, it’s not famous because of the dresses. It’s the store mannequins that keep them on the map.

Black & White Is the New Orange (Prison Jumpsuits, that is!)

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The jail’s all-orange jumpsuits increasingly are viewed as “cool,” Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel says, prompting him to begin purchasing jumpsuits with horizontal black-and-white stripes for use inside the jail instead.

Tens of Thousands of Israelis Turn Out for Americans’ Funerals

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Los Angeles native Max Steinberg, 24, and Texan Sean Carmeli, 21, both joined the Israel Defense Forces as one of the thousands of “lone soldiers,” foreign volunteers who volunteer to serve Israel despite having no family in the country.

Brotherly Love (Finally, some decent news!)

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When this 6-year-old boy was allowed to hold his newborn baby brother for the very first time, he did the most adorable and sweetest thing. Maybe he didn’t know he was being watched… but either way, he didn’t care.

29 Office Products to Make Your Work Life Easier

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Working 9-to-5 can be a draining way to make a living. The best thing you can do is pour yourself a cup of tea, breathe, and let these amazing office products do all the heavy lifting. Otherwise, you’ll be drowning in fluorescent lights and paper-jams.

12 Terrifying Creatures That Live in the Ocean

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The ocean, like with many beautiful things, is hiding something much more troubling deep down below the surface. The following terrifying creatures live in much deeper waters than what you’d be scuba diving in, but you never know what might come up during a vacation.

Forever Alone – 21 Hilariously Sad Examples

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Mathematically speaking, the odds just aren’t in favor of everyone finding their perfect soul mate. It’s not really surprising. No matter how many dating sites you join or apps you download, it really never seems to work out, does it? Well, I’m sorry to say, you might as well face it: you’re forever alone

Delegates to AIDS Summit on Board Doomed MH17

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First we have the WHO declaring AIDS at epidemic status again. Now we learn more than 100 AIDS activists, researchers and health workers bound for a major conference in Melbourne were on the Malaysia Airlines flight downed in the Ukraine.

John McCain: Most Hated Senator in US

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A new poll was just released by Public Policy Polling that indicated that McCain is the most unpopular senator in America. His popularity is even less than Obama’s…

On Jamie Dimon, Sewage and Other Variety

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Um, yeah, so why EXACTLY did I have a Mass said for Jamie Dimon yesterday again?? Seems odd, no? There are multiple reasons.

Holy Toast

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Come, Lord Jesus, come. After seeing this (Vermont) company’s latest foray into the marketplace, it’s time to go.