Everybody Harry Reid’s Attacked Is Getting Ready for 2016

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They’re coming to get Harry Reid. Harry Reid’s reelection is more than two years off, but the Koch brothers’ political machine is already methodically laying the groundwork that will be used to try to take him out.

Gov. Palin Weighs in on Lawfare

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Remember Barack Obama telling his followers to always “bring a gun to a knife fight”? Like good subjects do, his supporters in Texas obeyed. Friday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry was indicted on two counts of abuse of power.

Who Are “Texans For Public Justice”?

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During the eons of time during which Democrats have owned that office, they have launched at least two malicious political prosecutions.

Ferguson Walmart Prepares for Looters

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I’ve never lived in a city where looting took place, so this was new to me.

Now to find out if they had any trouble last night…

In Ferguson, Jesse Jackson Booed

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Epic! The day we’ve been waiting for has arrived. Jesse Jackson was booed by the crowd in Ferguson after asking for donations. Read till the end — they’ve had it with Sharpton, too!

Artwork That Bites

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The sculptures on these teeth, however, are nothing short of awesome. I never thought I’d see the Colosseum carved into a molar, but even if someone were to have told me it exists, I wouldn’t have believed how impressive it looks until I had seen it.

DUI D.A. Bought 23 Gallons of Vodka In 15 months

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Rosemary Lehmberg says she doesn’t have a drinking problem. Her credit card receipts tell a different story.

When going through filings he found receipts from seven different Twin Liquors stores. They show Lehmberg’s credit card was used to buy more than $3,000 in vodka. The 72 bottles purchased Total more than 23 gallons.

What’s the Matter With the NRSC? (Lots)

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From the Red State Gathering, recently held in TX, here are some nuggets you won’t hear anywhere else. It’s kind of long but goes fast. (You won’t believe the “Ebola” comment…)

Let’s Hear It For the 2nd Amendment!

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The MSM claimed that ever since the state troopers took over, everything is okey doke in Ferguson, MO. Apparently, not.

Breaking: O Admin Told Ferguson Police NOT to Release Video

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Goldie Taylor is an MSNBC contributor who’s followed this case closely. She tries to spin it as evidence that the Ferguson police were acting rashly in releasing the video, but doesn’t it show that the Obama administration is trying to keep information away from the public?

Detecting Cancer in a Vial of Blood

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He watched his brother die from a cancer that no drug could cure. Now one of the world’s most renowned cancer researchers says it’s time for Plan B.

McD’s Replacing Workers With Machines?

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McDonald’s employees who picketed for a better living wage (whatever that means) may come to regret that decision. According to a Redditor, a McDonald’s in Illinois replaced their cashiers with machines.

31 New Inventions

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You’ve never heard of these 31 inventions before, but you’re going to want them all. Seriously. Some of these are pure genius, with the potential to change your life. Others, well… I’ll let you decide for yourself.

Get Off Of My Lawn

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People are getting more and more ridiculous with their lawn decorations. While a lot of them are light hearted and funny, majority of them make me want to scream, “GET OFF MY LAWN!” Here are some of the weirdest things on people’s lawns I’ve seen.

Obama Humanitarian Aid Termed “Useless”

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Even when it comes to humanitarian airdrops, Obama can’t even do that right. The so called ‘aid’ sent to the stranded Yaridis turned out to be useless because not only did the airdrops not contain parachutes, but being dropped from 15,000 free, they exploded on impact. Yet another Obama success story.

Regurgitating the Apple: How Modern Libs Think

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This is a few years old but was a real eye opener. I saw it a few days ago and am still thinking about it and recognizing it in action now that I have the theory.

Yellowstone NOT about to erupt

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Yellowstone National Park and the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory posted a brief article online Friday titled “A Short Statement Regarding Recent Rumors” to help dispel rumors that have begun circulating — again — about a possible eruption of the Yellowstone super-volcano, reports of mass evacuations, and other such issues.

Meet the 25 Laziest People in the World

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To be honest, some of them are geniuses, especially the tethered lawn mower! Others just seem to have made their goals harder (long straws).