Please Share These Photos

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Please Share These Photos – They have made it to page one Google image for a “Mark Pryor” search. Believe me, it will make a HUGE difference in the Arkansas senate race.

In defence of the Gateway Pundit – BC

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A few days ago Jim Hoft posted that the arresting officer’s eye socket was fractured in the disputed struggle with “Big Mike” before the Ferguson shooting.

Epic Fail: Perry’s Indictment Could Make Him Unbeatable In 2016 – BC

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Believe me folks; this is not a win for the liberals trying to ruin Perry’s chances of becoming president. This is a win for Rick Perry. How do I know?

BC At I’m 41 Interrogates Trey Gowdy On The IRS Investigation

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BC – Mr. Gowdy, we notice that you have called on Eric Holder to appoint a special prosecutor for the IRS investigation. Is that true?

Gowdy – Yes that is correct.

BC – Can you tell me why?


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I was cautiously optimistic as I sipped coffee from my stand, waiting for daylight and then BOOM! ANOTHER HEAD FOR THE RINO TROPHY ROOM HALL OF SHAME!

Putin: Jet’s Hard-Drive Black-Box Crashed, Then We Recycled It – BC

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Wow! Watching CNN and they immediately, accurately this time, made a jump in logic to the blatantly obvious – to anyone with an IQ over room temperature. They cut through the crap and right straight to blaming Putin. As they should. But why is it that the obvious is not so, well, obvious when it comes to Obama’s IRS cover-up? Amazing!

The Washington Post Went Too Far With Pro-Hamas Video – BC

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This is probably the most disgusting, most telling video that you likely to see. It exposes and then confirms the left’s support of radical Islam. – See more at:

The Establishment RINO’S Cold War On Right Wing Blogs

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This got me deleted off a few blogrolls – but it is the straight-up truth…


Right now the huge establishment bloggers are in stealth mode. They are mingling with the rest, bashing Obama and buying ads (Karl Rove??) on the social sites to bring in and gain the trust of as many fed up folks as they can. They are linking and blog rolling grassroots blogs that have become popular and somewhat influential. Making them feel important; shooting them emails and giving them a boost in their hit counts. They are like cold war KGB –working angles, incognito, behind our lines…

Could you hook a brother up? – Just Take A Sec – BC

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I have been working on a message board forum over at RINO Blogs Watch, but I can’t tell if the blog resister plug-in is working.

I need someone to try to register for the blog and post to the forum — so I can work the bugs out of plugins before I start promoting it.

If you have any problems, please let me know in the comment box after the link…

Taking Rino Bashing To The Next Level – BC

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To take RINO Blogger bashing to the next level, this place needed a forum so that other people could hammer them as well…….

Ace of Spades BUSTED – Rinos Run In Herds!

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About a week ago, before I promoted RINO Blog Watch from an I’m 41 category and moved it here, an I’m 41 reader exposed Noah Rothman at Hot Air when he used a highly edited MSNBC propaganda piece to attack Dave Brat after he defeated Canter. It was a disgusting, dishonest, sour grapes Rino attack. And it has never been retracted.

Now, thanks to help of, palintologist and Drunk_by_Noon, we are starting to better understand the Rino pecking order. Birds of a feather, they were right to include Ace of Spades in the Rino blog list.

Ace has just earned himself a spot on the RINO Wall Of Shame.

Needing Help With List Of Rino Bloggers – BC

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Right now we are compiling a list of Rino blogs. We plan on turning over every rock until we expose ever single one of them, but we need help.

Please drop by “Rino Blog Watch” and leave a comment if you know of a Rino blog that needs busted…

Texas Hog Farmer vs. Mosque Building Muslim Neighbors

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Obama got it wrong; the Muslim call to prayer is NOT “the most beautiful sound in the world.”

The most beautiful sound in the world is a good old redneck hog race next to a Mosque in Texas USA during Adhan.

I did my best to recreate it here…

Hillary Clinton’s Latest Benghazi Lie Is The Biggest Whopper Yet – BC

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Hillary is no stranger to deceit and deception; some of her lies almost plausible, some not, but if you believe her most recent Benghazi whopper I have blue dress I’m sure you would be interested in. – See more at:

Clueless ALLAHPUNDIT at Hot Air Says Ted Cruz Can’t Beat Jeb Bush – BC

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This is what RINO blogs like Hot Air do. They try to plant the idea that the Teaparty is fading, and the the establishment (read Jeb Bush) is some juggernaut that can’t be stopped…

Help A Nigga Out

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Give good old BC a hand — Click link and past this and then this

Thank you

Levin – Hillary Is Doing Something Very Intelligent And Very Clever

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Hillary will move right of the establishment RINOS and then she and the liberal media will start attacking Obama

Gay Illegal Aliens Causing The Expansion Of Polar Ice-Caps

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A Puerto Rican study headquartered in El Segundo showed that the influx of homosexual Mexican illegals is responsible for the unexpected expansion of the Antarctic ice caps.

The usual warming effect of the darker skin Mexican illegals soaking up and trapping excessive amounts of radiant heat…