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We Didn’t STEAL IT! We BOUGHT It! … Dan Ryan Galt

- by - February 28, 2013 - 09:05 America/New_York - 4 Comments

“To say that the US stole the land that now comprises the southwestern United States is a bald-faced lie!” A great history lesson for out Lib friend…and us too.

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  1. Dan Ryan Galt

    February 28th, 2013

    history lesson for our lib friend….and us too.

    Post in haste, correct at leisure I guess.

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  2. Diann

    February 28th, 2013

    I didn’t rate it a minus!!! I rated a PLUS and it read that I rated a MINUS and now the rating is ZERO?! Oh, dear. Stupid thing.

    I clicked the plus! I clicked the plus!!!

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  3. Unruly Refugee

    February 28th, 2013

    Diann, I put one there for you. I’ll just leave an IOU for mine.

    La Raza will “take back” Mexifornia if the people who live there don’t wise up and start fighting back against them. Right now it looks like most people would prefer to move out of the Leftmost state and just let the S.A.’s have it.

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  4. Billary Klinton

    February 28th, 2013

    Link above doesn’t go to article but to conservative blogs central. Here’s direct link


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